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JungleRaja VIP – Great Loyalty Program for Indians

By Anthony

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The JungleRaja VIP loyalty program is designed to suit every player and brings advantageous rewards. The casino has a loyalty program, known as the Jungle Raja VIP Program. Players can enjoy the many benefits involved in the program.


The more deposits made in the account, the greater the rewards.

JungleRaja online casino is very generous, with many bonuses and promotions that help players to easily increase their winnings. Next, we will see how the VIP program at this casino works, what we need to consider, and what the main benefits are.

About JungleRaja VIP Program

JungleRaja is one of the casinos that take into account the loyalty of its players and, to show its gratitude to the loyal players, it created the VIP Program. This program consists of several levels that you activate as you continue to play for real money.

Various privileges, such as welcome bonuses or cashback promotions come with the JungleRaja VIP, depending on the player’s level. As previously mentioned, the JungleRaja VIP loyalty program consists of three levels, as follows:

  • Lion VIP Level 1 – you receive a cashback of up to 10%;
  • Leopard VIP Level 2 – you receive a cashback of up to 7%;
  • Puma VIP Level 3 – you receive a cashback of up to 5%.

All users must read the JungleRaja VIP Terms and Conditions. Keep in mind that all rewards received in this program also have wagering requirements. You must wager the amounts once before you can make withdrawals. In addition, we must mention that a player will move to the next level when he meets the minimum deposit requirement for each separate level.

How to Become a VIP Member?

We have heard many times about online VIP casino players, but do we really know what a VIP player is and how you can reach that status? Players who want to be part of the JungleRaja VIP program must, first of all, create a new player account. To do this you need to register with your data and be at least 18 years old. Also, any player who has multiple accounts registered at the online casino will be excluded.

The process of enrolling in the JungleRaja VIP program is simple and does not require any other special action. That being said, the registration is done once the deposits are made. Also, the transition to another level is influenced by the amount you choose to deposit within 30 days. Here’s how levels are enabled based on the value of deposits:

  • Deposit of ₹8,00,000 or more – activate Puma level;
  • Deposit of ₹16.00,000 or more – activate Leopard level;
  • Make a deposit of ₹40.00,000 or more – activate Lion level.


Any deposit can be made through any payment method available at JungleRaja Casino. Another aspect worth noting is that JungleRaja reserves the right to demote any player when the qualifying conditions for a certain level disappear. On the other hand, JungleRaja can also upgrade players at its discretion.

VIP Games JungleRaja

Players who want to truly feel the experience of a VIP game can go through this by participating in one of the live casino tables. JungleRaja offers in the live casino section several VIP blackjacks and roulette tables. Here, you will notice that the betting limits are much higher than in the case of regular gaming tables. Among the most popular VIP tables at JungleRaja are:

  • VIP Blackjack;
  • VIP Auto Roulette;
  • Speed ​​VIP Blackjack;
  • Blackjack Platinum VIP;
  • Blackjack Fortune VIP;
  • Grand VIP Blackjack;
  • Blackjack Diamond VIP.


For VIP online casino players, a beneficial program has been created that offers extraordinary game conditions. Exclusive tournaments are one of the most important moments of these VIP clubs with their casino players.

Excellent Benefits with JungleRaja VIP

The rewards program is profitable, and the additional benefits are helpful for any type of player. In addition to VIP status, players who are part of the JungleRaja VIP program can experience several benefits. These include:

  • Periodic bonuses;
  • Weekly cashback by level;
  • Withdrawal processing in a much shorter time;
  • Personal account manager for VIP players;
  • Limits for increased deposits and withdrawals.

The advantages mentioned above will increase with the player’s level of loyalty. The Lion level will also benefit from the higher deposit and withdrawal limits, as well as gifts, events, and VIP parties available only with invitations. Once you are part of the VIP program, you will have a dedicated account manager to contact you directly via registered email or WhatsApp.


The JungleRaja VIP program is a lucrative opportunity for the casino to reward the best players in India on their website. The fact that you can receive rewards when you spend time at an online casino is satisfying. As you progress from Puma to Leopard and finally to Lion, you can enjoy more and more attractive promotional offers.

Every player appreciates the fact that the casino offers him recognition for loyalty. The VIP program is an interesting one that challenges you to choose which of the three cats you would like to be. The percentage of cashback, as well as the variety of other bonuses, varies depending on the level you are at. Becoming a JungleRaja VIP is an advantageous and fun choice through which you can increase your earnings.

December 25, 2021