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PayPal Casino: Instant Payment with this Online Method

Most online casinos in India accept PayPal as a method of ? depositing and withdrawing funds?. Signup via PayPal, and you can receive a 100% deposit bonus from the biggest casino sites! ? Pick the best PayPal casinos and sign-up on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.?

If you want to have a good time and win some money, the best way to do it is with online casinos. Technology has improved, online casinos are mobile-optimized and as functional as a casino app. Real money mobile sites are a truly fun experience, and a safe one due to safe payment systems. PayPal casinos are the most prevalent in this business area. We looked around to find out how the PayPal Casino system works. Also, to point out the advantages and disadvantages.

PayPal Payment Available for Online Casinos

PayPal is a digital payment platform that uses 100 currencies, worldwide. It is very convenient for e-commerce payment. It is also available and convenient for depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos. In order to open a PayPal casino wallet, clients have to share their banking and credit card information. What do they get in return? Fast and low-cost payments. PayPal casino India users can access the platform if they can provide proof of residency in one of the three states where gambling is legal.

PayPal has become a trusted guide for online payments. Confidence in an online business increases by 51 per cent if PayPal is accepted. Gamblers want to know their money is safe, even if they use desktops or online devices. With PayPal casino, you can still play and pay safely wherever you are.

Deposits and Withdrawals Options for PayPal Casinos

Real money online casinos use PayPal for deposits and withdrawals. Of course, first, you need to have a verified account on the casino platform. The account will be valid after an ID check out. All top online casinos in India use PayPal for deposits and withdrawals. Why? Because PayPal is safe and easy to use.


You need to know that PayPal uses the Secure Socket Layer system. SSL is digital encryption for all money transfers and it offers double protection. Also, you will receive an email notification every time you process a deposit or a withdrawal.

Let’s follow a scenario:

You feel lucky and you want to gamble real money on Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette, so you go online and choose a table. You cannot play if you don’t have a minimum deposit. For the deposit choose PayPal. The payment is instant, you don’t have to wait for a bank transfer. PayPal auto-withdrawal India is also faster than many other methods. Your winnings will be in your account in about 24 hours.

What You Need to Know About PayPal Casino Deposits

PayPal is a safe e-wallet because it only accepts deposits from online casinos with valid gambling licenses in India. You will never deposit your money on a doubtful casino platform.

How to make a deposit with PayPal? Follow these steps:

Step 1

To make a deposit for a bet, click on the casino’s deposit options list and pick PayPal from the menu.

Step 2

Enter your PayPal account information and type in the amount you want to deposit. PayPal will automatically make your transfer.

Step 3

Make sure you meet the minimum amount, since most casinos have a set minimum sum you need to deposit.


Big plus, PayPal can make any necessary conversions! PayPal can also take the rupees from your linked bank account, if you prefer.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount India PayPal

Most casinos impose certain limits for the withdrawal process, as well as for maximum and minimum amounts. The limits depend on which withdrawal method you choose. There are different withdrawal limits: daily, weekly or monthly. Online casinos reserve the right to limit the withdrawal sum. You can find all the information you need on the casino’s Terms and Conditions page.

We looked around and as most casinos require a minimum of ₹360 to ₹750 deposit sum. Also, there is a minimum average withdrawal amount of ₹1460.

Be careful, live dealer casinos may have higher limits on deposits and withdrawals compared to slot sites.

Top 10 PayPal Casino Sites In India

You can be sure, online PayPal casinos are the safest, due to the Secure Socket Layer system. We looked around and found the top 10 online PayPal casinos that you can join. When you look for a safe casino to place your bets in, keep in mind that there are some issues you need to check first. A safe casino needs to have a license available for India, also full encryption algorithms across the site. Before making an account, check the number and the quality of the games and the bonuses. Verify the transaction fees. With PayPal there are no fees, the transaction is free.

Top PayPal Accepted Sites in India:

  • 888casino – Free bonus for you. Best PayPal Casino
  • 777 Casino – Best PayPal Casino Promotions. 88 spins without a deposit
  • Barbados Casino – Best Table Games Casino. 20 spins and 100% bonus upon first deposit
  • PlayOJO – Over 3,000 games from the biggest providers
  • Casino Days- Perfect offer for unlimited games
  • Bollybet – Get 100% matching bonus of up to INR 50,000 credited into your account.
  • Pure Win – Get 100% up to ₹30,000, 1x ₹1500 Live Casino Free Bet, and 1x ₹500 Sports. Free Bet when you make your first deposit
  • 10CRIC – Grab over ₹70,000 & smash our games!
  • Genesis – Best live tables, online Casinos offers

Choose your favourite one and create an account. Make sure you deposit enough so you can profit from each bonus available. Deposits at PayPal casinos are instant, fees-free. The minute you make the deposit you can also place a bet, spin the slots, or get in touch with a live dealer. Your wins are also safe. Withdrawals are faster than other payment methods.

The most popular Indian online casino games are slots. Take a look, you will find out that the best slots have broad betting limits and high winning potential. Deposit using PayPal and have fun!

How to Create a Paypal Account in India?

You can create a PayPal account in a few minutes since it is easy and free of charge. You won’t need to provide financial details to qualify for the PayPal account. This is why PayPal is the most accessible payment system for Indian casino players. Simply follow the steps below!

Step 1

Access India PayPal. This is the website you need to enter for a PayPal account. In the right upper corner, there are 2 buttons (log in and sign up).

Step 2

Press the Sign Up button and you will be redirected to an account setting page. Select between Individual and Business Account.

Step 3

Next, select your country (India) and type in your phone number. You will receive a code on your phone, with the access for the next step.

Step 4

Type in your email address, First and Last Name, Password and Repeat Password. Click the link in your confirmation email link.

Step 5

Provide answers to two security questions; for verification purposes and for account recovery. Proceed to fill in your bank and other financial details.

Step 6

If you just need to receive funds, use the registered email address as the PayPal ID. If you want to withdraw funds, you have to provide bank account details as well as debit or credit card details.

Keep in Mind

The PayPal bank account validation system will be complete in about a day. PayPal will also ask you to provide the PAN card details.

That’s it! Now you have a PayPal India account, completely free for online payments. You can deposit money into your PayPal account via bank transfer, debit card or credit card. Use PayPal for online casinos, make all your deposits and withdrawals. Automatic withdrawals will be made for online casinos deposits if you connect a credit card or a debit card to the PayPal account.

Verify Your PayPal Account

You need to verify your account in order to use all PayPal benefits, including how much you can withdraw or transfer to your account. The procedure is safer for everyone. What does verified mean? It means that you will provide additional information to help confirm your identity. After the verification process, PayPal will lift the limits on your account, so you can withdraw more money.

How to verify your PayPal account step by step!

  1. After you have signed in to PayPal, you can Log In. Use your email and password. Confirm your phone number using the code you received.
  2. Click “Summary” and then hit the “Link your bank” option.
  3. A page with 2 icons card/ bank opens up. Select the one you want. *You don’t find your bank listed? Enter it by tapping “I have a different bank.”
  4. Next step, enter your bank account’s online login information. This step will take a few seconds, be patient.
  5. Final step, you will confirm your identity with another security check. The bank will send you a security code. Enter the code.


Your bank account is successfully linked. You are PayPal verified. There’s no longer a 500 dollars limit on what you can withdraw from the linked account.

Safety & Security with Paypal

PayPal is one of the most popular and secure e-wallets. It has a fraud prevention-based system, that is why you have to go through all those steps in order to be verified. PayPal has solutions to minimise fraud, including online, offline or mobile payments. That means it protects you when you gamble online, offline or on your casino app. Your online gambling is safe with PayPal, no one can get your money. PayPal has world-class anti-fraud detection with 24/7 account monitoring. All transactions are monitored and analyzed to prevent fraud.

PayPal provides the expertise of 2,000 anti-fraud specialists who will stand by your side. Maybe you are not comfortable being verified and linking your credit or debit card details to your PayPal account. But the process has a double security check, from PayPal and from your bank. PayPal uses Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) to encrypt logins and protect transactions. Certificate Pinning on desktop and mobile apps ensure that your TLS connection is established through an authorized PayPal server.


Your identity is also protected. PayPal uses anti-phishing, anti-spoofing and two-factor authentication 2FA against Identity theft. The system is based on two-factor authentication (2FA). As a PayPal customer never share your passwords, UPI PIN, OTPs and other credentials!

Use Your E-wallet to Bet Online

After you are all set up with a PayPal account, make sure you have enough money and enter any online PayPal Casino. Go to the deposit or cashier button, and choose PayPal.

Enter the sum you want to deposit. The money will appear instantly in your gambling account. Spend your money, and don’t forget about the bonus funds!

You can use PayPal Casino on mega ways slots, cluster-pay slots, pay lines slots.

Also, use PayPal to have fun at the Roulette table, to bet at Blackjack, Baccarat or Poker. Betting on sports is popular in India, and also safe. You can bet on hundreds of games such as football, cricket, handball, bandy.

PayPal Mobile Cash on Your Phone

If you want to have your PayPal account always on hand, install the PayPal App on your phone. It’s simple and comes in handy anytime you need to send, receive or pay online. The app is compatible with any device on the market. What makes the PayPal App so fun? Whenever you use PayPal for a transaction, the app will confirm it with an instant alert.

The payment is shown in one secure, convenient place. PayPal App is like your personal assistant, it keeps tabs on when your PayPal Credit2 payments are due.

With the PayPal Casino, it’s easy to gamble all over India. PayPal Xoom3 service allows you to send money directly to bank accounts, cash pick-up locations, and more.

Paying with PayPal is easy with QR code scanning. Scan the seller’s PayPal QR code, enter the amount, and send it.

Advantages for Using PayPal Casinos

✅ All major banks that accept card transactions through PayPal: Axis Bank, Kotak, HDFC Bank, CitiBank, SBI Card, Icici Bank
✅ The PayPal method for payment is fast and secured
It is easy to use online or as PayPal Mobile App
✅ You can make deposits and withdrawals in the same account
✅ PayPal is one of the most secure e-wallets available
✅ It is available 24/7

Disadvantages with PayPal Casino

❌It is not universally available, only where online gambling is legal
❌ You have to pay attention if your bank accepts international transactions through PayPal, there may be fees in place
❌ In case of a withdrawal, you have to wait for the money to be transferred from your PayPal wallet into your bank account.


All safe Indian online casinos have PayPal. PayPal only has partnerships with licensed casinos in India. The e-wallet system is one of the most used methods for making deposits as well as withdrawing funds for Indian players. The players can register through a verified account at PayPal and start using this account to gamble on Indian casino websites. The payment in your deposit account is instant, you don’t have to wait for a bank transfer. PayPal auto-withdrawal India is also faster than many other withdrawal methods. Your winnings can be in your account in about 24 hours.

When you use your PayPal account for deposits, the withdrawal from your credit card is instant and safe. PayPal Casino deposits are now easy and fast. You are always notified via email about payments from your account. Please be sure you will pass the verification process for your PayPal account, so you can have unlimited withdraws from your bank account. Find the best games in your favourite casino. Place your bet safely, and have the time of your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paypal available in India?

Yes, it is available in India. If you want to make an account tap in PayPal India. Follow the steps! PayPal Casino India users can access the platform if they prove residency in one of the three states where gambling is legal.

Which Indian banks support Paypal?

All major banks accept card transactions through PayPal: Axis Bank, Kotak, HDFC Bank, CitiBank, SBI Card, Icici Bank.

What is the Paypal minimum withdrawal amount in India?

Limits depend on which withdrawal method you choose. Withdrawal limits are based on daily, weekly or monthly options. Online casinos have the right to limit the withdrawal sum.

Is PayPal safe?

PayPal is one of the most popular and secure e-wallets. It has a fraud prevention-based system, that is why you have to go through all those steps to be verified.

Is it safe to use PayPal for online gambling?

You can be sure! Online PayPal Casinos are the safest ones, due to the Secure Socket Layer system!