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When we have a betting service or a gaming service so close and easy to access, it is normal to always want more. Online casinos know this and offer more opportunities and ways to bet. One of the most popular services from Jungle Raja is Jungle Raja Live and we are going to talk about it in this article.

What is Jungle Raja Live?

Jungle Raja Live is a section of the main jungleraja.com website where you will be able to play casino games in the most revolutionary way. Being able to gamble online is the revolution of the industry. It’s incredible that we also have access to live online games. This section containing the live games from Jungle Raja can be accessed from the main menu of the website, by pressing the button with the text “LIVE CASINO”. In order to play all games in this category, you will need to register for Jungle Raja with a player account.

To register a new account at Jungle Raja Live, you will need to fill out the registration form. You can open it by pressing the red button with the text “REGISTER”.

⬇️ This registration will bring you several benefits, including a welcome bonus, but we will give you more details about it in the following paragraphs. ⬇️

What to know if it’s your first time playing Live

Registering a new account and claiming a Welcome bonus at Jungle Raja are just two of the steps you need to follow. Jungle Raja Live games are much more intense, the rounds are much faster, and the chances of losing money are much higher. Before you start betting on Jungle Raja, you need to be fully prepared. You have to know the games very well, know the rules and have very strict financial limits.

The games in the Jungle Raja live category come from several providers, have several rules and you will surely interact with other players that will affect your mood in one way or another. Blackjack tables are places where players can socialize, where dealers are real people who assist you at the table and where you will be able to test your betting skills. Here are some important aspects of the Jungle Raja Live games section:


At Jungle Raja, you will be able to play over 170 live casino games.

The games available at Jungle Raja Live can be of several types. Starting with the classic live roulette games, Blackjack, Monopoly, Craps or Dragon Tiger, the section can also offer you Andar Bahar, Poker or Cash or Crash.

If this is your first time betting on Jungle Raja, you will need to be careful. Bet using low stakes and never risk your money based solely on luck.

The most profitable games in the Jungle Raja Live section are Blackjack Live or Poker Live because the winnings are influenced by the strategies and not just by luck.

Best Jungle Raja Games for Indians

Jungle Raja is the most famous casino in India because it offers players in this region everything they need to bet safely. Moreover, the Jungle Raja game collection also contains the most loved and popular games for Indians. Here are some examples of the best games for Indians that can be played at Jungle Raja:

Jungle Raja Live – Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is one of the most popular games among Indian players. It has not been easy to find a casino that offers this game live, but it seems that Jungle Raja is offering a full-service experience. If you haven’t tried Andar Bahar before, the rules are very simple. Andar Bahar can be played by hundreds of players at the same time because the dealer does not have to focus on each player.

Before the round begins, each player chooses whether the winning round will end in Andar or Bahar. The round begins when the dealer puts a card down. Then deal cards to Andar and Bahar until a similar card appears on the table. If you bet that Andar is where a similar card is placed, you will be the winner.


At Jungle Raja live, players from India will have access to dozens of live Blackjack rooms where they can enter at any time of the day or night. Live Blackjack is popular both in India and on all continents. The popularity of this game stems from the fact that it is among the most profitable casino games and players want to make money.

The rules are quite simple, and with a good strategy, you will be able to increase your chances of long-term gain to almost 99.99%. At the Blackjack table, you will find yourself, the other players and the dealer. Each player tries to beat the dealer in a points race. Whoever gets the closest to the number of 21 points without exceeding this value will win.

Jungle Raja Live – Find the live games you love!

The live section of Jungle Raja has a game filtering system that can help you find your favourite games much faster. It’s not easy to search the game every time through a collection of over 170 other different games. Therefore, if you use the “Search game” field and write the name of the game you want to play live, the platform will offer you all the games according to your search.

Another criteria that you can use to filter the games in the live section is the provider. At Jungle Raja you can find games belonging to SAGaming, AsiaGaming, BetGames, Evolution Gaming or LuckyStreak. Selecting one of these names will show you only the games that come from these operators.


The Jungle Raja live section can satisfy any gambler in the world. Collections of games, slots, live casino games and betting services are more than you could ever ask for from an online casino. It is practically impossible to get bored at Jungle Raja.

November 23, 2021