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Jeetwin Owner: Who Is the Owner of Jeetwin?

By George

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Jeetwin owner is a topic, that interests a lot of regular and new players in the casino. Knowing who the owner of the casino you аre considering is an important part of making the decision. No wonder, that a lot of gamblers are already wondering about the Jeetwin ownership. In this article, we will investigate who the parent company and actual Jeetwin owners are.

When Did the Jeetwin Brand Come To Be?

Jeetwin owner and the brand have a long history of giving its users a top-notch gaming experience. The team managed by the Jeetwin owner has created a great online casino experience. And it is not surprising that they have succeeded. The Jeetwin owner and their team have a lengthy history of offering online gambling services to clients all over the world.

JeetWin launched in September 2016 and initially only offered a few games. JeetWin owner and their team have developed into India’s top online casino. Whether you choose a contemporary interactive slot game or a classic card game, JeetWin has it all.

Casino Jeetwin owners have a good reputation among players and game providers alike. The owner Jeetwin strives to provide the best possible service to their clients. The goal is to provide the greatest casino experience in the Indian gambling market.

Where Is Jeetwin Situated?

The headquarters of Jeetwin is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. There is no official office of the owner of Jeetwin. Presumably, the headquarters of Jeetwin owner is in Mumbai as well. It is no surprise that the Jeetwin owners have decided to situate the headquarters there. 

The headquarters of Jeetwin might be in Mumbai, but you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy some of the greatest casino games in India. All you have to do is register online. The casino Jeetwin owners team have been providing the best casino experience online. Therefore you don’t have to visit any particular location to enjoy it.

Which Is the Company Behind the Jeetwin Owner?

Behind every great online casino platform is a great company. This is also true for the owner Jeetwin. The company that is owner of Jeet Win is Sky Infotech Limited. It is a leading online gaming entertainment provider. It also has a few other companies under its belt.

Since 2017, the owner of Jeetwin has maintained the position of the casino as a market leader. They use cutting-edge technology to provide exciting gaming experiences in a secure environment. Customers of the owner of Jeet Win feel secure knowing that they are working with a reliable company.

Owners of the casino Jeetwin have included the safest payment methods on their platforms. A straightforward transaction process helps players to withdraw their winnings fast and securely. Jeetwin owner, Sky Infotech Ltd, promotes the casino for its wide range of exciting games and acceptable JeetWin wagering requirements on every bonus.

Other Businesses Owned by the Jeetwin Owner

The company owner Jeetwin has other businesses under its wing. Some of them might be familiar to you already. The brands of the Jeet Win owner provide multi-level entertainment and online gaming. 

It includes sports betting, betting exchange, sports live scores, and online casino games. All provide the newest innovations through these brands, giving you a unique experience. The other brands in the portfolio of the Jeetwin owners are some of the most important in the market. Here is a short list of the brands under the operation of the owner of Jeet Win: 

  • Sky247 – The brand exist since 2018. It provides slot machines, online casino games, and betting services to its clients. The organisation offers a wide range of sports disciplines on which you may wager. In addition, there is the possibility to wager live.
  • BeTBarter – The gambling website called BetBarter was launched in 2016. It provides both casino games and sports betting. The platform serves players from India and other countries alike.
  • Sky Exchange – A range of sports betting options is available on this platform. Users may wager on tennis, hockey, and horse racing. This is one of the newest providers of online gambling entertainment.
  • Sky Live Casino – Finally, Sky Casino is a modest platform with a condensed Playtech game selection. But everything that it offers is of the highest calibre. Due to the service’s restrictions, the majority of its users are from the United Kingdom.

Who Are the Executive Director and Owner of Jeet Win?

How an online gambling platform performs on the market depends on a lot of things. Management is one of the main things that can make or break a new online casino in a competitive market such as this. The owner Jeetwin is not very well-known but certainly has great management skills. Although the owner of Jeet Win is not famous, the casino is one of the best in India. 

There is not a lot of information about the executive director and the Jeetwin owner. This is normal because Jeetwin is a part of a privately owned company – Sky Infotech Limited. The firm acts as a representative of the brand.

Size of the Team Jeetwin Owner Manages

For the company to offer such great content and customer service, it must have a big team, right? Well, that is not entirely true. The listed employees are thirty-two. Some of them include marketing specialists, game designers, managers and Affiliate Relations managers. 

We have to mention, of course, the great customer support team. They manage first-hand communication with customers and provide swift resolutions to any problem with registration or even Jeetwin login. The Jeetwin owner has invested in a small but highly qualified team ready to answer any query. 

As an Indian company, most of the people working are Indian. As the company grows, it is normal to see people from other countries join the company. So understandably, this is related to the pursuit of highly qualified personnel from the owner of Jeet Win.

Does the Owner of Jeetwin Run Land-Based Casinos Too?

The elusive Jeetwin owner is not very well known, as we already mentioned. This does not mean that they don’t run land-based casinos. What is certain, however, is that Jeet Win does not have any offline, land-based or floating casinos. The only way you can enjoy the experience of playing in Jeet Win is online.

Sponsorships of the Platform During the Management of the Current Jeetwin Owners

A lot of casinos generously support several organisations, especially sports clubs. It is not uncommon for online casinos to give back to the community in various ways. Whether a certain platform chooses to sponsor an organisation depends on a lot of things. Revenue, how well-known it is, etc. are some of them. In the case of the Jeetwin owner, we can say that the casino doesn’t take part in any sponsorship at the moment.

On the other hand, the parent company, known as owner Jeetwin, is involved in community giving. This does not only involve JeetWin responsible gambling programme. Under the belt of the Jeet Win owner are many casino and betting platforms, as you now know.  We can say that each of them has contributed to providing enough revenue for the Jeetwin owner to share.

The owner casino Jeetwin is conscious of their obligation to society as a whole. The corporate social responsibility programmes focus on relationships with business partners and communities. Some of these programmes include numerous initiatives at neighbourhood community schools in Zambia. Others – regional development initiatives coordinated by the President’s office.

Who Else Except the Jeetwin Owners Represents the Casino?

A lot of casinos generously support a number of organisations, especially sports clubs. It is not uncommon for online casinos to give back to the community in various ways. Whether a certain platform chooses to sponsor an organisation depends on a lot of things. For example, revenue, how well-known it is, etc. are just some of them. We can certainly say that the casino is not participating in any sponsorship at the moment.

If you don’t yet know, a brand ambassador is a celebrity, that promotes and advertises a certain business. This role is very important for the online casino platform. This is why the owner casino Jeetwin has put real thought into it. The owner of Jeetwin has considered the image of the casino and how they wish the brand to be perceived. They have naturally chosen Sunny Leone – a famous actress and a model. From the very beginning to this day onwards Sunny proudly represents the platform.

In September 2016 Sunny Leone dealt cards during a live baccarat game as Lady Luck. The results were very satisfying not only for the famous actress but also for the casino. From that point on, Leone was the ideal hostess and representative of Jeetwin.


As the community around Jeetwin grows, so does the interest in knowing who is the owner of Jeetwin. The Jeetwin owner might be an elusive person, but their work is not. The Jeetwin owner has proven that the customer and their security always come first. Luckily, with the help of Sunny and the official owner Jeetwin, you can now enjoy a real casino experience online!

January 24, 2023