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Vampire Night

Sink into the night with the immortal creation of EGT Interactive, Vampire Night Slot. The vampire-themed online video slot joins an already popular market of the same kind. Still, it differentiates from other fantasy slot machines with its dark design, matching symbols and a few bidder jackpots to hit.

Vampire Night Slot – Graphics & Play Screen

As a horror-themed game, you can expect to see gloomy shades and fantastic creatures and items: two vampire characters, several magic potions, cups of blood, nocturnal wolves, wooden stakes etc.

However, we couldn’t help but notice that the vampire slot does not have a characteristic thriller-style sound effect. Nevertheless, when you hit the big jackpot, your win is animated by the howls of the wolf creature, giving the chilling feeling that horror aficionados are looking for in this kind of game.

With a simple structure of 5-reels, you can open the gates to the eternal virtual realm from any location, due to its optimal performance on portable gadgets.

Entering the game means observing a classic array of buttons and symbols. Bet options are listed in plain sight, accompanied by the gamble button.

Vampire Night Slot – RTP and Paylines

The Return to Player coefficient reveals what chances of winning a specific game has. It features both theoretical and real value. The higher the RTP is, the easier it is for the punter to place a lucky wager.

Vampire Night is a new slot, with a modern design and it is no exception to a high Return to the Player rate since it is listed with a 95.98% RTP. This EGT video slot has 5 fixed pay lines since the software supplier is famous for publishing classic mechanisms, keeping it simple and easy. You can bet a wager value ranging from 5 to 100 coins per spin.

The stacked royal symbols have the lowest pay rate, the jack and queen icons pay between 5 and 20x when you secure 3,4 or 5 of a kind, the K and A acquire you 10-40x line wager and the cups of blood and wooden stakes offer a medium pay of 15-80x.

Additionally, the highest stake in the game is represented by the exciting green potions symbols, with a 200x win, while five spellbook symbols may land you on 500x.

How to Play Vampire Night Slot for Free?

For punters who want to play without using their real money funds, the Vampire Night Slot can be played in demo mode on their favourite online casino. After locating the brand of choice, you can enter its premises and type for the slot title in the search bar.

You have 5000 free money funds at your disposal to test the game out and learn more about its features and pay-out.

For a better understanding of the slot machine, we have listed below all the relevant features:

  • The spin button – You can opt for a wager size of 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 coins per round and press the gamble option whenever you feel ready to play.
  • The info button – Revealing all there is to know about each symbol and the afferent winnings, you are even more prepared to dive into the undead world.
  • Sound display – Muting the sound button is the right choice if you are in a crowded environment, yet that would mean you miss the fantastic sounds emitted by the lycanthrope.

The Vampire Night Slot can bring you sums up to 5000 in real money sums.

Extra Features of Vampire Night Slot

The supernatural world provided by EGT Interactive has a few supernatural tricks in its sleeve that we have unravelled and are ready to share with all gaming enthusiasts!

Thus, you can aim for stacked symbols that are quite productive. For instance, if you strike the royal icons on reels 1,2 and 3, with any other relevant symbols covering reels 4 and 5, you secure a 3 times multiplier.

For even higher profits, you must land on the 4x multiplier, which can be acquired by filling the first 4 reels with corresponding symbols. The most significant win will be recorded when a player lands on a 5x multiplier, meaning all 5 reels with an identical symbol.

There are some wild symbols to keep in your mind when spinning, such as the wolf-like creature. He is situated on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 and is a substitute for all the other basic elements in the slot.


Provided a ‘fang-tastic’ night is what you are looking for, opt for an online game that combines classical structures with state-of-the-art design, supernatural creatures and rich dark colours. Considering that you have the option to play for fun or use your own funds, the game is profitable for all preferences and has a wide variety of symbols that could land you on the right combination.

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