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Jacks or Better

Resembling the original Draw Poker game, Jacks or Better made a name for itself by being the first version of video poker ever. If you are interested in an easy to play, simple, and entertaining video poker variant, this EGT creation is all you need for a satisfactory gambling experience!

Jacks or Better Slot – Graphics & Play Screen

In terms of graphics, the illustrations team has made a great job in displaying a plain, yet efficient structure. The online game focuses on a reduced range of colours. Green, yellow, and white stand out the most from the chromatic package.

There are multiple versions of the Jacks or Better on the iGaming market from various software suppliers, such as Microgaming, Playtech, IGT. Yet, the iSoftBet one delivers improved technologies and more cards characters than its other counterparts.

The artwork is solid, featuring the black spade suit symbol, the red heart, the red diamond suit symbol, the black club suit icon and other classic game cards designs. Moreover, the four court cards are also present, unlike the other known versions we have listed above.

When it comes to sound animation, the music is at minimum volume for an unbothered gaming session. However, for the winning poker hand, expect to hear a cheerful gaming sound that will keep you anchored. Regarding the play screen, you can easily access the command bar at the bottom of the display for easier manipulation. If you want to enjoy the portable device experience, you can easily play the game on the move.

Jacks or Better Slot- RTP and Paylines

A Return to Player rate is the amount that you will win back in time after playing a specific slot, preferably one over 95%. In this case, you shall be thrilled to find out that Jacks or Better has a 96.06% RTP, which means the gaming odds are in your favour.

You will not encounter any pay lines in Jacks or Better, since it operates after a different set of rules. The hold feature will appear, giving you the chance to form your lucky hand with each play session. In order to receive a payout, you must secure at least a pair of aces. After landing on the rewarding combo, you have the option to collect your cash or wager some more.

Keep in mind that the starting value of the coin is €0.01 and reaches the top value of €1. This implies that the highest stake you can place is €5.

How to Play Jacks or Better for Free?

Indian punters do not have to make a qualifying deposit to enrol into their favourite slot option, since Jacks or Better offers you the opportunity to play in demo mode for fun at your casino of choice or on any other free gambling portal.
We know how challenging it is to find the best slot option for your needs. This is why we crafted a transparent and authentic review of this play option. You can see the most important features below:

  • The menu bar: Acting as an informational page, the menu provides help in understanding the game operations, in adjusting the sound volume, returning to the lobby or accelerating your pace with turbo mode.
  • The gamble button: After you have the right sum to stake in your mind, click on the ‘deal’ option and wait for a lucky result.
  • Max Bet option: To experience dynamic and adventurous gaming, the highest stake is the right way to go.

Extra Features of Jacks or Better Slot

You can opt for manual gambling or let the software play a certain number of cards in your name with the autoplay choice. Later in the game, players are given the chance to change their minds and return to manually gaming by pressing the stop autoplay button.

The main objective is to land on a 5-card poker hand whose highest possible win is generated by the royal flush. There are 52 cards in the online deck, including 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. What is special about the Ace is that he can perform like 1 in a straight.

After you have dealt the cards, you are free to click on the cards you want to hold. In the end, you must proceed to press the gamble button again to reveal the poker hand.


Jacks or Better remains a staple of the online video game world, with neatly executed features, high RTP, and the switching roles: all the power rests in your hands! If you are skilful enough to outwit the house dealer, you can expect significant wins and a rewarding gaming session with an autoplay button that guarantees your safety.

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