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Egypt Quest

Walk among the pharaohs thanks to EGT immortal slot creation, Egypt Quest! Are you ready to find the immeasurable riches hidden in the Pyramids? If so, start your exotic Egypt adventure in a land immersed in enigmas and legends with just a few clicks!

Egypt Quest Slot – Graphics & Play Screen

In an oversaturated Egyptian-themed iGaming industry, it is important to know beforehand what makes Egypt Quest stand out.

While it looks relatively plain in comparison to some better known Egyptian-themed video slots such as Book of Ra, the classic design is something to be remembered about the game for nostalgic Indian gamblers.

For the imagery from the centre, the graphics team has focused on a dark theme. You can observe two mighty pyramids, guarded by Anubis, the Egyptian god of death.

The Pyramids of the Pharaohs are surrounded by traditional playing symbols, greeting you with a fruit bonanza and lucky numbers. In that aspect, the Egyptian tiles are filled with melons, oranges, apples, lemons, golden bells, along with the number of fortune, 7.

Indian players will find the excitement of gambling on Egypt Quest even more different than other conventional slots. You are able to select any suitable symbol, thus feeling more in control of your play session.

The playing screen allows you to choose its desired symbol. Once selected, you have to press the ‘start’ option and the light will move around.

Egypt Quest Slot – RTP and Paylines

Players from India need to know what to expect in terms of financial rewards when trying a certain game title.

Regarding Egypt Quest Slot, there is no optimal ‘return to player’ value as it is a classic slot that has been on the market for a while. Still, its RTP of 89.43% may not be the most precise perception, since better winning odds could still emerge.

Rather than sticking to the traditional reels and pay lines, Egypt Quest puts the power in the hands of its gamer. This implies the Indian player must make a move based on their available playing balance. Different play styles are accepted in this slot.

It is up to you to decide how much you want to bet on a specific symbol. Remember that the minimum stake is 1 coin and can go as high as 1000.

How to Play Egypt Quest for Free?

We are here to guide you towards reaching an unproblematic gaming experience. What is more, we have included an option that is free for all Indian users, which means you can test the slot without any deposits on

The vital features you should get accustomed to in fun mode are:

  • Autoplay function: You may sit back and enjoy the game while being away, provided you have chosen how many rounds you wish to spin.
  • The earnings table: Suppose you have triggered the right combination. In that case, all you have earned during your gaming session will be visible in the win paytable.
  • Credits pictogram: In demo mode, you shall acquire 5000 coins to discover all the secrets and real win possibilities without cashing-in unfavourable amounts.
  • Bet button: If you have decided on a certain icon tile, you may begin spinning the wheel of fortune.
  • Wager size: Different bet values may be adopted by either Indian newcomers or high-rollers, including big, small, half double or double wagering.

Extra Features of Egypt Quest

In order to be a successful explorer in your venture across sandy dunes, you must come prepared!
The exotic fun is much more challenging than it seems at first sight. Click the right button that corresponds to the golden pyramid and you will win big. This requires extra attention and focuses on details.

In case you have secured a win, you will be offered the chance to wager again. Select an option that is either doubling your entire stake or just a half double will be your next move. Consequently, you are also able to collect your profits and return to the main game session.

The symbols have different values, from 5 coins for the ripe oranges and up to 60 coins for the delicious apples. If you want to wager across the board, symbols range everywhere from 8 to 8000 units.


To sum everything up, Egypt Quest is going to take you on a journey with Egyptian Gods and bright Pyramids. Classic slot enthusiasts will also get a taste of that retro feeling of fruit and star tiles.

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