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Age of Troy

The legends are true, Troy is waiting for a true hero to end the Trojan war once and for all! For an epic adventure of mythical wingspan, EGT Interactive has created Age of Troy especially for you.
Take a leap of faith and join the pulsating historic escapade now!

Age of Troy Slot – Graphics & Play Screen

This popular game publisher brings to life the famous military conflict of Antiquity for all Indian players across the world. As a noble hero, you must take Trojans’ side and protect the star-crossed lovers in an animated game of chance. Paris and Helen of Troy must be kept safe from the fearsome Spartan Armada.

EGT has meticulously shaped a golden video slot with ancient-themed graphics. Its purpose was to embody the Trojan War seen through Homer’s eye in the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Through the Ancient Greek artefacts and characters, along with the meander symbol carefully placed on the reels, you can explore the game through exemplified through icons such as:

  • The Trojan Gold.
  • The Helmet of Achilles.
  • The Spartan Armada.
  • Helen of Troy.
  • Paris, prince of Troy.

The Trojan Horse

Be on the lookout for the Sacred Temple of the Gods, which is the ultimate target of the Spartan army! Once you succeed in protecting this Scattered Symbol, you have more time on your hands to elaborate a strategic plan to defeat the Spartans.

The Trojan Horse will go Wild once in contact with enemies, keeping alive the mythical experience.

Don’t overlook the three-card icons– Q, K and A, as EGT has personalised them to suit the Greek style.

Buttons are visible, the soundtrack reflects the harmonious Greek music and the play experience is unproblematic in terms of functionality.

Age of Troy Slot – RTP and Paylines

Age of Troy has an RTP of 96%, implying you get to be awarded for your battle strategies and efforts with optimal amounts.

Functioning on a structure of 5 reels and 20 pay lines, the play option is ideal for forming lucky combinations. There are 5 wager sizes to choose from, with values between 20 and 400 coins.

How to Play Age of Troy Slot for Free?

Since the game will instantly throw you into the heart of the grand battle, you may consider using demo mode funds to cover the expenses of your virtual triumph.

By visiting our website, you will find the desired play choice available for exploration with no required cash-in. To lend a helping hand, we have carefully inspected the play screen and narrowed it down to four essential elements:

  • Autoplay function: You can spin the reels several times in a row with no interruption.
  • Turbo Gamble: Enter the gamble round and play your lucky hand in a faster pace session.
  • The earnings section: Collect your winnings and visualise them in a special rubric of the game.
  • Bet value banner: You will see the available sums you can put into battle, namely 20, 40, 100, 200 or 400 coins.

Since you are playing on a free website with no deposit, you may be curious about the available balance offered by Age of Troy. There are no more than 5000 coins you can use to test out this video slot.

Extra Features of Age of Troy

In this type of online slot, your impenetrable armour is game knowledge. Items of variable worth will be dispersed around the map of Troy and you must trigger as many as possible:

The Trojan Gold – When you activate it, the value of this symbol is as high as 4000 coins. You can double this amount after defeating the Spartan leader and taking the helmet of Achilles, the Spartan leader, as proof of victory.

  • The Spartan Armada – On the horizon, you will spot the red sails of the Spartan Armada whose passengers have a thirst for blood, but if you manage to outsmart them you will win 8000 coins in return.
  • Helen of Troy – The wife stolen from Menelaus, is worth 10.000, provided she was protected at all times.
  • Paris – In case you offer sage passage for the Trojan prince, Paris, he will reward your favour with 20.000 units of gold.

If an Indian punter lands on 3 Sacred Temple of Gods symbols, 12 free spins will be offered to him/her with stacked wild symbols. After the automatic rounds, if additional spins are retriggered, you will get another 12 as a bonus.

The Trojan Horse is so powerful that it can replace all game icons for prizes beyond imagination.

There is also the chance you find Mystery Jackpot Cards, conveyed by a card suit of clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. In the event that you pick 3 matching card suits symbols out of 12 face-down cards, the value of that respective Mystery Card shall be granted.


You are the hero of this virtual battlefield and you have to use all your weapons to restore peace and protect the legendary city. Age of Troy is summoning you to discover its colourful historic characters and traditional items, in a world of golden treasures and high-quality graphics!

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