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West Bengal Lottery Online Review 2024

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India currently has 13 of the 29 states that hold government lotteries on their territory. These are organized by the state authorities so that everything is legal. One of the institutions that manage the West Bengal Lottery is The Directorate of State Lotteries, West Bengal, which is coordinated by the Finance Department. Under their leadership, the state organizes [numerous frequent draws, with extremely diverse prizes.

In this article, we will explain in detail how the West Bengal Lottery works, from the types of draws to the value and quantity of prizes. Readers will also find additional details on how to claim winnings in this lottery.

Top Online West Bengal Lottery Sites

West Bengal is a large Indian state, ranking 4th in size. In this state, there are no less than 103,815,877 inhabitants, many of whom are players in the West Bengal State. The lottery in Bengal has a long history, which still preserves the tradition. Although many international lotteries can be accessed through international platforms, players love the West Bengal State Lottery. Being a state lottery, tickets for this can be purchased from authorized physical agencies. However, thanks to today’s advanced technology, they can also be placed on specialized lottery sites created for Indian players.


One of these lotteries that offers lottery tickets and many other services of this industry is the Lottoland platform. This lottery ticket company is headquartered in Gibraltar, operating perfectly legally in India. Being a company that has existed in the lottery market since 2013, it has evolved and has always managed to offer quality services. Lottoland India offers many benefits, one important being the clean and crisp look of the site and its extremely intuitive interface. For a player who wants to place tickets for the West Bengal State Lottery, he will be able to quickly access the page dedicated to this lottery. There is also a separate section on the platform for the latest West Bengal State Lottery result, plus their history.


Another popular lottery among Indian players in Bengal is Lottofy, an online platform licensed in Malta. This is also an extremely versatile platform, which in addition to offering a variety of international lotteries, also brings special lotteries for Indian players. By presenting an MGA license, it guarantees primarily for its increased security. In the case of West, Bengal Lottery draws, they have a special section that can be easily accessed. From one drawing to another, in order not to get bored on the platform, the operators brought on their site not only casino games, but also the sports betting option. Thus, all users registered on this platform will have an extremely pleasant experience.

Pros of using online lotteries for West Bengal State LotteryCons of using online lotteries for West Bengal State Lottery
A multitude of services in addition to those of the state lotteryPossibility to access a platform that does not have approval for this lottery
Quick access to all types of draws
Multiple payment options

Is Online Lottery Legal in West Bengal?

Games of chance have always had a great significance in the history and traditions of the Indians. From time immemorial, during their holidays, they played various games in which they tested their luck. Throughout history, there have been numerous state directives that have attempted to stop these activities. However, they were not due to the players. Many of those who wanted to have fun and spend quality time ended up in the hands of scammers who cheated on them. Thus, to prevent such incidents from occurring, the Indian State has had numerous laws regulating or prohibiting these activities.

In this case, the players from West Bengal are lucky. This state has always been more tolerant of these activities. So now all West Bengal players can place tickets to the West Bengal Lottery. However, it is important to note that this state has gone through many transitions to reach a balanced market like today. First of all, the first constitutive act that was issued was the West Bengal Gambling & Price Competition Act of 1957. By this act, the first measure that was taken was to exclude activities such as bridge, poker, or rummy from the sphere of gambling games. luck. Thanks to this act, people can organize championships or competitions in the open air or specially arranged halls.


In the case of the legality of the lottery, things may be a little more complicated at the national level. Currently, there are 13 states in which lotteries can operate legally, but with certain conditions. The 13 states, such as West Bengal, allow the existence of online lottery platforms in the state. However, the lottery must have its headquarters outside India. Also, the 13 states allow the organization of an official lottery that has frequent draws. It works with the help of the state and the regulatory authorities, which ensure the safety of the players

How to Play Online Lottery in Bengal

In Bengal, the state lottery operates under the auspices of the Directorate of State Lotteries in West Bengal, known as the DSLWB. It organizes and draws the winning numbers for each type of bumper. With the help of online lottery platforms already on the market, it is much easier for players to deposit a ticket.

Step 1

Thus, the first step in playing West Bengal Lottery online is to choose a platform from which tickets can be purchased. Fortunately, there are top platforms that are already enjoying great popularity in India. But an important criterion in choosing such a platform is that it has an operating license. Also, all online lottery operator platforms will be based in a country other than India, which is an important factor in choosing a legal site.

Step 2

The next step is to create an account. This procedure can be quite simple if done very carefully. In general, the homepages of these platforms have a registration button at the top. It, once clicked, opens a new window that will ask the player for his login details. In those fields, the platform requires a username that will be used at each login, an email address, and a password. In the case of the e-mail address, it must be a frequently used one. Also, in the case of the password, a strong and complex one is preferable to another that is easy to remember. Subsequently, the platform will request a series of personal data, such as a home address, name, and surname from the identity card, telephone number, and personal ID number. These data are extremely important for the confirmation of the identity, especially in the case of claiming a prize.

Step 3

Once the confirmation dates, players can confirm their account on the chosen platform and can start depositing their first West Bengal State Lottery ticket. An additional step that may be handy at first is to make the first deposit into the user account. Fortunately, these platforms offer the player a wide range of payment options. From the well-known bank transfer to the electronic wallet transfer. Some platforms allow the transfer in several types of currency, such as euros or dollars.

After the player has made the first deposit into his account, he can access the special section for the West Bengal Lottery. In it, all the types of lottery for which he puts a ticket are displayed, from the daily ones to the monthly or special ones, in case of holidays. Depending on the user’s preferences, he can opt for any of them, then choose his lucky numbers. In the end, he can make the payment and place the tickets for the draw.

How Can You Claim to Win at the West Bengal Lottery Online and How to Win?

Regardless of the type of lottery, the winning method is the same. Once a player hits all the drawn numbers, he wins the grand prize. Of course, there are many veterans in the West Bengal Lottery who are trying to approximate or calculate the odds of numbers. Unfortunately, these are not safe methods to use. Regardless of the type of draw or the number of chances a player has, everything is based on luck.

Claiming the prize

However, if a player is lucky and guesses all the numbers, it is time for the win-claiming process. This process differs depending on the type of draw, as each operates in certain periods and has different amounts of profit. In general, if it is a win in an online lottery, the lottery will contact the winner for the final confirmation of his data. Subsequently, he will have a maximum of 30 days to claim the grand prize. The West Bengal State Lottery will provide you with a form that must be completed by the winning camp.

This form can also be found on the West Bengal Sambad, a platform that shows all the results of the draws in real-time. The form will have many fields to fill in, such as first and last name, home address, including zip code. There, you must also mention the type of drawing in which the grand prize was won and the total amount of the prize, PAN, ADHAAR number, and bank details. In the case of bank details, not only the account number and IFSC must be specified, but also the name of the bank operator. Also, to this document will be attached a proof of the held bank account and personal documents, accompanied by a passport-type photo. Finally, a proof of the winning ticket must be added, which must be certified by a notary public.


It is also important to note that these West Bengal State Lottery prizes are subject to state fees. Thus, a certain percentage will be deducted from the highest prize won, which will go into state taxes. In case of payment, they will be made by NEFT or by the RTGS method.

Benefits of West Bengal Lottery

When choosing this lottery, multiple advantages are for Indian players. First of all, this lottery is an official one organized by the state, which guarantees its prizes at stake. Thus, no Indian will doubt the veracity of the prizes or the game itself. As it is an extraction that takes place under the direct guidance and coordination of the West Bengal state, all things are strictly organized. In this sense, each extraction takes place at certain times and fixed intervals, without delay. The state provides a very large number and variety from which players can choose, all information being transparent and correct.

Another advantage of the West Bengal State Lottery is that players have the opportunity to place tickets online. India’s top lottery platforms are extremely professional. They put not only the satisfaction but also the safety of their customers in the first place. For this reason, players will receive all types of West Bengal Lottery draws that are normally found at physical agencies. With the help of this national lottery, included in the online environment, players will have the opportunity to deposit a ticket at any time, all from a PC or smartphone.

Although it is a service offered by the state, it is certainly a modernized one that guarantees its services. For players, the price of each lottery ticket is important. For this reason, the West Bengal State Lottery has affordable prices for all its players and is customized for them. Many Indian players in Bengal prefer this lottery because of this aspect. Thus, many of them prefer to place one or more tickets in the state lottery than in an international lottery.

Where Can You Find West Bengal Lottery Results?

To be up to date with all the results of West Bengal Lottery, players have various platforms at their disposal. First of all, if you participate through an international lottery platform such as Lottoland, it also has a special, results section. They can be accessed depending on each type of extraction or special bumper. These platforms are a real advantage as they post every West Bengal State Lottery Result in real-time.

Another platform that is used by Indian players is West Bengal Lottery Sambad. Lottery Sambad is not, however, an official site governed by the authorities, but, over time it has managed to build trust with players. Thus, Lottery Sambad is a local lottery, which has a daily lottery in Kolkata. It has been operational since 1992 but also deals with the posting of every lottery result.

Another option for players who want to be up to date with the results of the West Bengal State Lottery is by accessing the official Youtube account. Being a large institution, which organizes lottery draws every day, it is still up to date with the latest trends. To be closer to its users, the authorities are organizing the West Bengal Lottery Live on an official Youtube channel.


Thus, players will be able to watch live streaming any West Bengal result that interests them. This method is very practical because it can be tracked from any device. The West Bengal State Lottery is indeed a state lottery with current trends, which provides players with all the tools needed to place a lucky ticket.

West Bengal Lottery Mechanics

The West Bengal State Lottery has different mechanics that work. First of all, there are several categories of prizes that work according to different mechanics. Thus, the players of this lottery need to know how each one works.

Daily Lotteries

The first type of lottery that takes place is the daily lottery. It takes place in April at the New Year Bumper. Other daily lotteries that can be tried by Indian players are Nababarsha Bumper, Rathayatra Bumper, Puja Bumper, and Diwali Bumper.

Weekly Lotteries

Each prize is different and has different mechanics depending on each category. In the case of weekly draws, such as Teesta, Torsha, and Raidak, they offer the prize with the same value. Also, Bangabhumi Super Draw, meaning Bhagirathi and Akay has the same value of the prize as Bangasree Super Draws.

Annual Lotteries

Bumpers that have different values ​​are the annual ones, excluding the Holi, Puja, Diwali, and Rathyatra bumpers. These 4 all have the same maximum prize value, all offering the same maximum prize.

In the case of Banga Lakshmi Teesta, Torsha, and Raidak draw, they have a certain theme that works. To win prizes in these lotteries, the winning positions are from 1 to 8. Thus, the biggest prize has a value of INR5 Lakh. In the case of positions 1-3, the method of winning is to hit all 7 numbers and letters on the personal ticket, all in the correct order. For positions 4 to 6, players must guess the last 5 digits and letters in the correct order. For the last 2 positions, players must guess the last 4 digits and letters. Of course, for the first position, there will be only one winner, as well as for positions 2, 3, and 4. For positions 5 and 6, 10 winners will be selected. For the last 2 positions, 20 players will be awarded.


The West Bengal State Lottery is one of the most beloved lotteries in West Bengal. Although it is a state lottery, it is an extremely safe one with very attractive prizes for its players. From prizes like Banga Lakshmi Teesta, Torsha, and Raidak, to Nababarsha Bumper Draws, all this is ready for Indian players. Unlike an international lottery, all West Bengal Lottery services are specially customized for Indian and local holidays. In conclusion, this lottery is a quality one, which offers great and attractive prizes, with the help of premium services.

Can I play the Online West Bengal Lottery legally?

Yes, The West Bengal State Lottery can be found on India’s top lottery platform. They offer a special section for this state lottery.

What is the price of a West Bengal ticket?

The price of a West Bengal Lottery ticket may differ depending on the type of lottery in which players place the ticket. The cheapest ticket starts at INR 2.

What are the benefits of the West Bengal Lottery?

One of the biggest benefits of this lottery is that it is organized by a state authority. Thus, this aspect ensures the security of the players’ data and the guarantee of the prizes.

Is West Bengal Sambad a state lottery?

West Bengal Lottery Sambad is not a state lottery, but an official lottery in Kolkata

Is West Bengal Lottery legal?

The West Bengal Lottery is perfectly legal, being one of the 13 government lotteries. It is organized by the Directorate of State Lotteries West Bengal.

How can a winning at West Bengal be claimed?

To claim a prize won at the West Bengal Lottery, the winner must complete a special form confirming their details.

Where can you find the lottery results?

The results for West Bengal State Lottery can be found on both lottery sites such as Lottoland and West Bengal Sambad.

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