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The Lotter India Review – Safe & Secure Platform Legal in India 2024

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The lottery has been a favorite activity in India from its beginning. Each player had to pick numbers that might bring them an epic win. Although there have been many laws throughout history to regulate or ban these games, they are part of the national tradition. Thus, Indians can enjoy them even today in many states. All are available online, from lottery to traditional games such as Andar Bahar or Teen Patti. In addition, the technological evolution of lottery platforms has led to quality platforms such as the Lotter.

The Lotter India is one of the largest and most secure platforms for lottery enthusiasts. It is also an international platform that allows its players to try their luck at numerous lotteries worldwide. Thus, the Lotter comes with over 50 international lotteries and more, where Indians can play. The Lotter also has incredible jackpots and many games where its members can have fun. In this article, new players will find all the necessary information about this platform and its benefits.

The Lotter is a platform created in 2002, based in Birkirkara, Malta, allowing Indians access to major international lotteries. Although at that time, the Internet was not what it is today, the number of members on the platform gradually increased. Thus, the number of active members on The Lotter com has reached an all-time high. 

What The Lotter offers

Historically, The Lotter is one of the first Indian and international lottery platforms. Thus, this aspect was already quite crucial for the Indian players. The platform is highly accessible, and the site does not impose difficulties for new users. But certainly, an essential aspect of this platform is the lottery category. First of all, in this section, players can choose from 45 international lotteries, which offer incredibly high prizes. The first and most famous lottery is US Powerball, an international lottery. Other popular lottery titles on The Lotter are SuperEnalotto, MegaMillions, or EuroMillions.

Over 45 International lotteries
Safe & Secure platform legal in India
Over 100 million dollars paid in 20 years activity
Scratch cards and raffles available


Players who want to try other features of The Lotter India platform can opt for the famous scratch cards. Some of the most popular scratch cards on the forum are Christmas Cashcade. It consists of a Christmas-themed scratch card, which gives players the chance to win special prizes with great value. The Lotter offers its players all these aspects, benefits, and games. The platform’s facilities are numerous and will be explained in the following chapters.

Lottery games

Popular lottery games are certainly the most sought-after things on these platforms. The Indians are looking for a safe platform with a generous offer of games so that they do not get bored on its platform. Thus, The Lotter has brought in its portfolio many lottery games. Although the platform does not yet have games in other categories and is aimed primarily at lottery fans, this aspect has not stopped its popularity. Many players are looking for an operator that offers a multitude and diversity.

In the case of games, the Lotter India has a special section of scratch cards, which members can access. This section contains scratch cards that players can choose and try their luck with. The most popular are:

  • EuroJackpot Scratch. As it is already known, EuroJackpot is a lottery with fantastic prizes, but it also offers many other alternatives to win prizes. EuroJackpot Scratch provides players with a ticket that they can scratch. Later, if the numbers on the ticket are the winners, they may have a chance at the grand prize. In the case of RTP, EuroJackpot Scratch has a percentage of 66.6%.
  • Powerball Scratch. Powerball is another international lottery that offers scratch cards where players can try their luck. It is also important to note that Powerball delivers numerous side prizes for those who have not won the grand prize. In Powerball Scratch, the RTP has a value of 60%.


Of course, the most popular category on the Lotter com remains the main one, with the international lotteries. Indian players can choose from 50 overseas titles in this category, famous worldwide. Because Lotter India is a platform dedicated exclusively to lotteries, it also has a variety of Lottery Syndicates. These syndicates are groups of people who buy many tickets together. Thus, all members of the union group have a higher chance of winning together. For those who want to be part of a union, it is essential that their application also contains the number of tickets they can purchase. Thus, depending on this number, each participant’s percentage can be calculated at the end in case of a win.

Players who do not wish to participate in the union lottery have to purchase a lottery bundle. This bundle involves combining personal tickets with parts of a union. In this way, the chances of winning increase more and more. As mentioned above, there are lotteries from many countries in this category. But the most popular ones remain the following:

  • US MegaMillions. This is one of the largest lotteries played outside the United States. At this point, the jackpot is over $ 12 million and may increase further. Draws for this lottery are every Tuesday and Friday.
  • US Powerball. Powerball is a name already known by lottery fans, being a lottery held in over 30 countries worldwide. It has jackpots that exceed $ 100 million.
  • Italy SuperEnalotto. This lottery has its origins in Italy and is also the most popular. Draws also take place three times a week. The first draw is Tuesday, then Thursday, the last being Saturday. To participate, players must choose 6 numbers between 1 and 90, plus a number called a SuperStar.


Another category that Indian players love is sports betting. Now, sports are becoming more and more popular and are expanding even in the gaming area. Thus, it is no wonder that people can place bets on League of Legends or DOTA teams. However, the traditional games have not been outdone either. Although many new games have appeared, Indian bettors continue to support their favorite football, basketball, or tennis players.

At this time, the Lotter com platform does not have a gambling section. However, the operators are thinking of including such a service in the future to satisfy a more significant number of users.

Benefits of the Lotter

Although many players prefer to try a platform first and then decide whether to stick to it, experts recommend a different procedure. The Lotter reviews help the punter get insight into its services. Although there may be reviews with different opinions, they can be divided into 2 categories. These 2 categories will be described below as the pros and cons of the Lotter.

The first category, the one with pros of this operator, is the one with its main characteristics:

  • A site with seniority and experience. Of course, this is the most critical asset of the old platforms. This represents the operator’s experience on the international market. Thus, the Lotter managed to learn and provide its players with everything they needed.
  • A pleasant and easy-to-understand interface. The players’ first contact with the operator is the site with the main page. A design that is as easy to understand will always be appreciated. Here, the Lotter com excels. The site’s design is modern, simple, color friendly and straightforward. Its colors are not tiring, and the menu is well structured. 

However, the Lotter has certain parts of its platform that the operator could improve on. However, the platform is expected to evolve more and more shortly. Until then, these cons are:

  • Hard-to-answer customer support. Although it is not service users use every day, a lottery operator needs to provide fast customer support. At this time, the player will receive an email response within 24 hours.
  • A small variety of games. The Lotter India is an excellent platform for lottery fans in India. However, it does not include casino games or sports betting.

The Lotter offers

There is no doubt that this operator is the best in India in the online lottery category. For all fans of the international lottery, the Lotter India has advantages that no other operator in India has. The language support on this platform includes not only English but also Russian, German, French, Spanish, and many more. Also, another advantage of this platform is the support for various platforms. Now, people are constantly on the move, and an application that can link to your PC account is a standard requirement.

Lotter com also has multiple offers consisting of promotions and bonuses. Naturally, these differ depending on the year, but the Lotter comes with a main category on the site page to make everything more accessible. This way, players can always see which promotions are valid. Subsequently, once the members choose the preferred offer, they must meet all the claim conditions.

Also, another offer that the Lotter makes available to its members is the VIP club. It can also bring various discounts and exclusive offers for club members.

Is the Lotter Legal in India?

In India, there are special laws governing the existence and operation of lotteries. First of all, games like lotteries are not allowed in the country. However, 13 states let international companies exist and operate. Also, another regulation that these operators must comply with is to be based in a country other than India. In this category, the Lotter falls and is 100% legal in India.

Also, to continue to operate legally and to protect players, a casino must present an operating license and its company’s legal data. In the case of Lotter com, it shows at the bottom of the page the license offered by the Malta Gaming Authority, with which it can operate in the territory of several countries, including India.

How does the Lotter India Work?

The Lotter India website has an easy operating system. Thus, once the Lotter login process is completed, the player can start making the first money deposit inside the site. Once this deposit is approved, the player can choose which lottery he wants. This process is detailed below:

  1. Deposit on the Lotter platform. The deposit process is relatively easy. Also, to make everything extremely accessible, this operator allows Indian players many options to make the payment.
  2. They are choosing a lottery. Players can choose from a highly varied range of games. Thus, they can select from lotteries in the USA, United Kingdom, Italy, and Finland.
  3. Choosing numbers. Depending on the type of lottery, players must select their lucky numbers and the number of tickets they want to enter the competition.
  4. Complete the selection process. Once the numbers and tickets are selected, members can also choose the number of dates for entering the ticket into the draws. Subsequently, they complete the payment, and the process is completed.

How to Sign Up at Lotter India

To have access to all the facilities included in the Lotter com platform, players must first go through the registration process and then, they can use the Lotter login data, make a deposit and play. Thus, they will be able to buy tickets to their favorite lotteries. Our experts have prepared the following step-by-step guide to make the process clear and concise:

Step 1

Open the official homepage of the site. The site’s first page contains numerous offers and lotteries that are now popular among users. But at the top right of the site, visitors will find the register button.

Step 2

Open the registration window. A pop-up window will appear on the main page to start the registration process, which will first ask for your login details. Here, users need to enter an email address that they use frequently.

Step 3

Password choice. The password step can be difficult because it must be a strong one, but it can also be retained. For this reason, our experts recommend using a generated password, which is then kept by the browser

Step 4

Account confirmation by email. Once the login details are entered, the new member can confirm the account and start playing.

Step 5

Depositing first. To confirm the account with the user’s data, he must first deposit a sum of money.

Step 6

Completion of personal data. After completing with personal data such as name, surname, date of birth, and address, the user can choose his preferred deposit method. In this step, the user mustn’t misplace his data. If they are wrong, the operator will not be able to approve the withdrawal of future earnings.

Deposits and Withdrawals

A necessary process performed on the Lotter platform is represented by deposits and withdrawals for winnings. In the case of an operator like Lotter India, they must be highly accessible to players. Thus, the developers of this platform have managed to include 14 deposit methods for its users currently.

However, the most used methods at this operator remain the transfers by debit or credit card of Visa or Mastercard type. In addition, many users use their wallets in India, such as Neteller or Skrill. These electronic wallets allow users to keep their cards anonymous, the wallet being just a substitute for them. Indians can also transfer money on this platform through a Paysafecard, which generates a voucher with a code. Then that code can be entered into the Lotter’s account.

In the case of withdrawals, things must also be safe. Thus, the Lotter India allows the use of 6 methods for withdrawing subsequent winnings. In the case of a bank transfer, it may take several days for final processing.

The Lotter India App

As stated above, technology is in the early stages of development. However, more and more people spend their free time on various devices, such as smartphones or tablets. And for this reason, lottery platforms must also adapt to the new requirements.

In the case of the Lotter, they have always wanted to offer the best services, even since the establishment of the platform. Thus, for Android devices users, the Lotter app can be downloaded quickly and easily from the application gallery. The application of the Lotter does not take up much space, so no member will have to worry. It is also important to note that all members can sync their accounts on all their devices.

For iOS devices, the Lotter app will be available in the same place. Also, these 2 applications will have no differences in use and are perfectly optimized to work without interruptions.

Highest prizes won by users of the Lotter India

This lottery in India is over 20 years old, and this can be easily seen in the prizes offered so far. Thus, the Lotter India provided over 100 million dollars, which consisted of over 5 million winning tickets. These winners were also participants in the most famous lotteries, such as EuroMillions.

The first lottery winner of this operator was in 2017. He managed to reach a jackpot of 6.4 million dollars. Another woman also won a fabulous $30 million prize in 2017, a jackpot coveted by many. The Lotter com has always guaranteed winnings and always delivered them. These gains guarantee the site’s legitimacy and demonstrate why there are so many users on this platform.


Since its inception, the Lotter has promoted big lotteries to passionate Indian communities. This operator has brought countless lotteries to its members and diverse jackpots. The Lotter India also provided a secure and severe platform that did not disappoint when it came to benefits and offers or prizes for its members. 

Indian players rank this platform at the top for these reasons, being the ideal destination for lottery fans. Furthermore, although it is an exclusive platform, it provides the best services and many payment options available. All these aspects make Lotter a site that should not be overlooked.

Is the Lotter genuine?

Yes, the Lotter platform is a genuine one dedicated to international lotteries.

Is there any tax on the Lotter winnings?

The Lotter will take a fee, depending on the winning value.

Is there any minimum age limit for an online lottery?

For Indian players, the minimum age for playing on an online lottery is eighteen years old.

Can I set a deposit limit in my Lotter account?

Depending on the method of deposit chosen by the players, the Lotter limits the minimum and maximum amount of money invested into an account.

Are there any charges for INR deposits?

The Lotter platform does not require any charge for deposits made in INR.

How many lottery games can users find on Lotter?

The users of the Lotter India will find on the homepage more than 50 lottery games they can choose from.

Does Lotter have other game categories?

Although the Lotter does not have game categories like casino games or sports bets, the platform has a particular category for Scratch cards and Raffles.

Are there any casino games on the Lotter?

No, the Lotter does not have casino games on its site right now.

April 12, 2022