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Royal Panda VIP Program

By Anthony

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Become the most pandalicious royalty!

Besides the welcome bonuses given by almost all online casinos in the world, some of the most reputable casinos also offer some goodies to their most loyal players. One of these goodies is the Royal Panda VIP (also called Loyal Panda) that offers gifts and perks to their loyal customers.

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While the welcome bonuses are given out to get new players, the VIP programs are set in place to keep them from leaving to another casino. In other words, the Royal Panda VIP is here to offer you rewards the longer you play.

What’s the Royal Panda VIP?

As we’ve previously mentioned, the Royal Panda VIP is the casino’s way of rewarding you, the loyal player, for your ongoing business. They have their own loyalty programme called Loyal Panda and you’ll be offered different amounts of points for taking even the simplest actions with the casino (such as playing a certain game, logging in for a few days consecutively and so on). When it comes to playing games for points, the Royal Panda VIP programme will award you whether you win or lose so you get the points either way.

The Royal Panda VIP comes with a couple of different tiers (or levels) and the points are awarded based on the game you’re playing and how much you bet on it. Different games have different tiers so if you want to quickly climb up the ladder, you’ll need to do a bit more research on what games payout the most points. Luckily for you, you won’t even have to leave this page because we’ve put together some handy tables that will show you exactly which games are the most profitable.

Royal Panda VIP – Which Games You Should Play

Before we move on to which games are better rewarded by the Royal Panda VIP club, we thought it would be useful for you to know which are the VIP tiers and what are the conditions you’ll have to meet to join them. That being said, let’s have a look at Royal Panda’s VIP levels:

Tier LevelHow to JoinWhat it Means
BronzeCreate and verify your Royal Panda accountYou’re crowned as Royal Panda royalty.
SilverEarn 15.000 LP pointsYou get some next-level rewards.
GoldEarn 45.000 LP pointsGold-standard benefits for the up and coming royalty.
DiamondEarn 120.000 LP pointsThe best rewards.

The best thing about the Royal Panda VIP programme is that it actually works and it will reward you for your time and money spent at the casino. We previously mentioned some games that will award you points and while Royal Panda doesn’t clearly display these on their online casino interface, we did some digging and put together this useful table that will show you how many points you’ll get for different games:

BetGamePoints Earned
₹1000Scratch cards1 LP
₹1000Slots (classic & video)1 LP
₹1000Softgames1 LP
₹1000Sports betting1 LP
₹2500Roulette1 LP
₹2500Table games1 LP
₹2500Video poker1 LP
₹2500Live casino games1 LP

Royal Panda VIP Rewards

As you’ve probably figured out from the numbers above, it will take a while for you to reach the Diamond Panda Royalty (the last level in the Royal Panda VIP hierarchy) but the prizes will definitely be worth it. Why? Because you will be able to trade these points for different prizes at the Royal Panda casino.

You can exchange these points from the Royal Panda VIP programme for amazing prizes offered by the casino, starting from free spins on specific games and free Royal Panda cash bonuses to electronics, merchandise, jewelry and even travel vouchers. For example, in June 2019, one lucky player got a VIP vacation to Thailand, all expenses paid. Sounds good? That’s because it is. We have to admit that the Royal Panda casino knows how to entice their customers.

Why Choose a Casino with a Loyalty Programme

Besides the obvious benefits (the prizes and the promotions), there are some other things that come with a loyalty programme such as the Royal Panda VIP. First and foremost, such a feature goes to prove how much the online casino cares about all its players, offering bonuses and rewards for both new players (welcome bonuses) and existing ones alike.

Second of all, a solid casino loyalty programme such as the Royal Panda VIP offers you the guarantee of an overall professional and customer-oriented experience. Just ask yourself this – if an online casino is willing to put so much time and effort into a relatively small part of their business, can you imagine how much care and time went into everything else as well?


When you choose an online casino that comes with a good loyalty program, you choose a guarantee of quality like no other. The Royal Panda VIP is especially nice because you’re getting pampered like true royalty with prizes so good other casinos will wish they have thought about these themselves. As for the Royal Panda VIP 2020, this pandalicious online casino promises more impressive cash drops, fun and exciting events and some unforgettable casino games.

September 7, 2020