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Rizk Casino VIP – Win Through the Wheel of Rizk

By Anthony

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VIP Rizk Casino brings to market a new and attractive concept. The casino offers players a program for active users, also called Wheel of Rizk. Through this, depending on your ranking, you will be rewarded with free spins and excellent bonus prizes.

The lack of a classic VIP program is not considered a disadvantage because the Spin of the Wheel of Rizk option grants cash and free spins. In addition, the prizes won have no wagering requirements. In this article, we will learn how you can benefit from this wheel’s features and how you can activate it.

Rizk Casino VIP Club and Privileges for Active Players

In general, VIP online casino programs have been created to allow active users to enjoy exclusive benefits and bonuses. Depending on the casino, VIP players have the chance to access new games and to have bigger welcome bonuses. Also, you can participate in special events, and enter various contests which have prizes, money or valuables. In the case of VIP Rizk Casino, things are a little different.

VIP Rizk Casino has a unique way of presenting its loyalty program. It’s about the interesting feature of The Wheel of Rizk that brings you points at every turn.


The online operator has decided to reward all loyal players with this surprise item. Even if there is no special loyalty program, everyone who spends a lot of time at this casino will be rewarded with attractive bonuses.

VIP Program – The Wheel of Rizk

The Wheel of Rizk is specially designed for loyal players and it offers endless rewards. VIP Rizk Casino offers benefits to those who choose to have fun at the casino through this wheel. Each time you spin it, you unlock more and more consistent rewards.

Briefly, through the Wheel of Rizk, players will receive points, which are collected in Captain Rizk’s Power Bar. The progress of these points can be viewed in the player console. When the bar is complete, the player can access a spin and will receive real money, jackpots, or free spins. In addition, a feature called Double Speed ​​Chip is available that doubles the points accumulated for a certain period.

Wheel of Rizk is a really interesting and innovative part of an online casino that we don’t see very often. The casino believes that today’s players want and appreciate instant winnings more than the rest of their loyalty rewards. The advantage is that this wheel of luck can be activated by any type of player, whether beginner or experienced.

How does The Wheel of Rizk work?

VIP Rizk Casino offers a unique gaming experience because Wheel of Rizk works at the same time as a loyalty program, but also as a VIP program. The more points you collect, the more levels you unlock and the more chances you have to win consistent prizes.

In addition, you can also access a “Super Wheel” and an “Extra Wheel” that are activated for every 10 levels and the higher level you will go through. Here’s a brief overview of how the Rizk Wheel works:

  • Create a new player account – the registration process is classic and takes a few minutes;
  • Enjoy your favourite games – all the games you access can fill your Power Bar;
  • The more you play, the faster the bar fills up – have fun with your favourite games in any category and the Power Bar will fill up. When complete, Wheel of Rizk will be activated;
  • Spin Wheel of Rizk – once the Power Bar is complete, you can access the rewards section where you will find a spin for the Wheel of Rizk;
  • Increase your level – with each turn, you will automatically increase your level. The more levels you activate, the higher the rewards;
  • Super Wheel – once you have completed 10 levels, you will also unlock Super Wheel which will give you doubled prizes.

Benefits of Wheel of Rizk

Active players will earn points when playing or participating in tournaments to activate a spin at VIP Rizk Casino. The level of the player in the VIP program will depend on the number of points accumulated. The rewards are generous and satisfy the pleasures of every type of existing player. That being said, with the help of Wheel of Rizk you have the chance to get:

  • Real money bonuses – which will be automatically available in your player account;
  • Turbo amplifier – offers you the opportunity to double the power of the game, but also to fill the power bar faster;
  • Free spins – offered at the most popular slots at Rizk Casino;
  • Super Spins – you receive free spins worth EUR 1 per spin;
  • Mega Spins – you receive free spins worth EUR 3 per spin;
  • Different bonuses and personalized promotions.

As soon as you create a new account, you will be able to spin the Rizk Wheel for free. The best news and one of the most important advantages are that the bonuses have no wagering requirements. New players will receive 10 free spins when accessing the Wheel of Rizk for the first time without the need for a deposit.

What Rizk Casino VIP Games are Available?

Leaving aside the feature for active players, which is considered a Rizk Casino VIP program, we must also talk about real VIP games. As in any other famous casino, there are tables specially designed for VIP players. These are available in the live casino section and are suitable for players who want to bet higher amounts.

Rizk’s live casino games offer is vast and impressive in design and professionalism. At VIP live tables the limits are higher compared to classic live game tables, but the winnings will be commensurate. Rizk Casino VIP games include the following:

  • Auto Roulette VIP;
  • Blackjack VIP A;
  • Blackjack VIP B;
  • Blackjack Platinum VIP.

Before joining one of these live tables, don’t forget to check the required limits first. Certainly, participating in the VIP area at one of the VIP roulette or blackjack tables, you will have a perfect experience.


The atmosphere at the VIP tables at the live casino is usually very friendly and professional.


As we have noticed throughout this article, no special Rizk Casino VIP program is available. However, players do not miss this separate program, thanks to The Wheel of Rizk feature that compensates with the bonuses offered. Substantial rewards and promotions for active players. These are just some of the reasons why Rizk Casino is the right choice. The Rizk Casino VIP program differs from other loyalty programs at regular casinos through this wheel. This is a very innovative offer that stands out. Wheel of Rizk is interactive and advantageous for all players.

December 9, 2021