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Rizk Casino App: Main Advantages & How to Use It

By Anthony

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There is no secret that we live in a highly technological era, due to our continuous desire to evolve. The mobile phone and tablet are an integral part of our lives, helping to complete all kinds of tasks. With the help of these devices, we remember special days, we capture eternal moments and we enjoy life more. Furthermore, one of the most delightful things that we can do by using our smartphone is to play and gamble. If you are passionate about it, we invite you to discover the Rizk Casino App; an application made especially for “superheroes”. Easy to download, intuitive and storage-friendly, the app will fascinate you right from the beginning.

Are you curious already? Read the article below carefully and find out everything you need to know about Rizk mobile casino.

What are your advantages if you download Rizk Casino App?

If you have decided to download the application for iOS or Android, Captain Rizk is willing to give you so many advantages. Here are some of them!

You play the same way you do on your PC / laptop

The application created by Rizk is high-performance and manages to bring you closer to an outstanding experience. You can easily gamble on slots, place sports bets or get SUPER bonuses, just like you do on your PC. Also, the graphics and the soundtracks are as consistent as they are on the desktop.

Choose from a large spectrum of games!

From the over 400 games that you can find in the desktop version, a large part of them are available on Rizk casino mobile app. Popular themes such as SF, modern, classic, retro, as well as those inspired by supernatural beings, ancient civilizations, TV shows, or movies, can be chosen from the wide range of providers like NetEnt or Microgaming. You can also choose to play live on your mobile! Place your bet with other players, and fancy a realistic experience. And, YES, you can do all of this with your smart device.

You have chances to receive special offers!

If you follow very carefully the bonuses provided by Rizk, there is the possibility to attain free rounds, extra money or other Rizk promotions that can be claimed DIRECTLY from your mobile/tablet.

You can spin Captain Rizk’s Wheel and take part in SUPER races! As in the desktop version, you can upgrade your level, spin the wheel, and participate at the races that are set up by Captain Rizk.

Quick support

Even if you play from your desktop or mobile phone, there is one thing that can bother you a lot. The fear that the game may be interrupted is common among gamblers. Taking into consideration that anything can happen, Captain Rizk also offers you the option to get in direct contact with operators. You can talk to them via live chat or e-mail. Note that the waiting time for an answer depends on the chosen contact method, respectively e-mail (up to 15 minutes) or live chat (up to 2 – 10 minutes). To avoid these inconveniences, please make sure that your internet connection is stable and that you stay in an area with a signal. Also, check if your phone is charged so that you can gamble without interruptions.

Stay up to date with everything new!

Receive live notifications with every new race, game or bonus on Rizk. You can always be one step ahead if you choose to sign up for the newsletter directly from the mobile casino.

Rizk Casino App for Android

To play quickly and safely from your Android phone, you need to download the Rizk casino mobile app. Then, all you have to do is to log into your Rizk account, make a deposit and have fun with Captain Rizk games and bonuses. Here are the instructions you need to know if you decide to use the application.

  • The application can be found on the official casino website and can be downloaded directly from there. The application is as secure as possible, so you can trust it! Captain Rizk makes sure you have the best mobile experience!
  • All you have to do is click on the install button. In just a few seconds, the application will be installed on your smartphone.
  • If you did not have problems downloading, then you are ready to use the application.
  • What do you do if you have problems installing the application?
  • If you tried to download the application but, the installation did not start automatically as it should, locate the file in your phone! If you do not find the file, then you have to try and download the app again.
  • Please enable the function to allow downloading applications from unknown sources.

Rizk Casino App iOS version

If the application is not found in the Play Store for Android phones, for those of you who use a phone with the iOS operating system, we have good news! The application can be downloaded directly from the App Store since 2016! The procedure is much simpler and much faster! Here’s what you have to do:

  • Make sure that your version of iOS is above 8.0 to download the app
  • Find the Rizk Casino mobile app on the App Store
  • Get it! Simply press the install button, and let the magic happen. It should not take more than a few seconds for the app to download
  • Login to the player account, deposit, play! It’s that easy!

Note that Rizk Casino is also user-friendly for those that want to play and gamble directly from the browser.

Play responsibly even if you do it on mobile!

Be careful when you start gambling and never exceed your initial budget. This is the greatest prevention that can keep you away from gambling dependence.

If you consider that you have started to be addicted, we advise you to ask for specialist help, or to exclude yourself from the platform or to set certain betting limits.

Note that on Rizk you can take into account the amounts of money played, lost, won, which will make you pay more attention to your betting sessions.


A pleasant gambling session is soothing and fun, especially if you go through it by using your mobile phone. Think about how many benefits you will have by downloading the app! You can gamble even when you are on a lunch break or when you are waiting for your turn in line. The Rizk app for iOS and Android is one of the best mobile applications on the market. In other words, you won’t feel the difference between the desktop and the mobile version.

Why so? You can play hundreds of slots, take great bonuses, place sports bets on your favourite events, and play live just like you do on your laptop or PC. So…why are you waiting? Download the Rizk application depending on your phone type, login, deposit, and don’t forget to play responsibly and intelligently.

September 17, 2020