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Punjab Lottery Review 2024 – Are Lotteries Legal in Punjab?

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It is very common for an Indian resident to participate in a lottery draw. The government has allowed each state authority to choose its legislation and legality. Thus, in Punjab, a northern India state, you have at your disposal not only the online platforms of the international lotteries but also the state ones. Punjab Lottery has been providing a legal and transparent state service to all citizens of its territory since 1968.
In the article, you will find a comprehensive guide to this state lottery. To be able to place tickets for it, it is important not only to know the rules and the draws prizes. You will also find a dedicated chapter on how to claim a win in the Punjab State Lottery. Let’s dive in!

Top Online Punjab Lottery Sites

In the case of lotteries, it is important first of all to know whether or not your state allows them. Fortunately for the state of Punjab, they are legal, having a state lottery that has been operating for over 50 years. This aspect makes it one of the oldest state lotteries for players today. Of course, with such a long history, millions and millions of Indians have played in the Punjab Lottery, hoping to win the biggest prizes. The method by which it could be placed and which you can use even today is by obtaining a lottery ticket from any Punjab Lottery agency. However, in the last 10-15 years, technology has advanced more and more, and the Punjab State Lottery did not want to lag.

At the moment, lottery players no longer have only the state lottery at their disposal. Through the internet, you can now access many international lotteries, on platforms such as Lottofy or Lottoland. In the case of these non-state platforms, they must comply with certain legislative rules imposed by the state in which they operate. Fortunately, the top platforms in this industry strictly follow these rules, also giving players incredible experiences. To provide high-quality services, the Punjab State Lottery will also offer you the opportunity to submit tickets online. Through these international platforms, players can choose to play in the section specially created for the state lottery.


One of the platforms that allow you to use this service is Lottofy. This is a platform specialized in an online lottery, which offers you a wide range of services. With headquarters in Gibraltar, this is perfectly legal and you can use their platform safely. Although it is a newer platform for Indian players, it comes with many promotions that you can claim. Also, their site is geared towards the Indian public, which makes it even more attractive. On their website, you can find the section dedicated to the Punjab Lottery, with the draws for that period.


Another site you can use for its lottery services is Lottoland. The Lottoland platform is one of the oldest and most professional online lottery platforms you can find in India. It offers not only an extremely intuitive and clean interface but also an impressive portfolio of national and international lotteries to choose from. Since 2013, Lottoland has always strived to provide high-quality services. Also headquartered outside of India, this platform operates legally in India and Punjab, respectively. Lottoland offers a wide range of payment options, which you can check in your account. Also, to access the Punjab Lottery through their platform, the operator has created a special section for this state lottery.

Pros of using online international platforms for Punjab State LotteryCons of using online international platforms for Punjab State Lottery
Quick and easy process for purchasing lottery ticketsSome platforms do not show the results of the draws
Access to all Punjab Lottery drawers
Fast payment with support on any device

Is Online Lottery Legal in Punjab?

Although many states do not currently support lotteries and do not allow them to be marketed, Punjab State has regulated and regularized the market so that players feel safe. Thus, in 1968, on the territory of Punjab, the lotteries were re-established, under the Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries. This Directorate is still part of the financial sector, which is constantly monitored by the state. Thus, the Punjab State Lottery operates in perfect legality, without exposing players to scams.

However, it is important for you as a lottery player to know what regulations exist for lottery operators. Currently, the only physical lottery on the market is the Punjab Lottery. If you want to submit an online ticket for this lottery, you have a number of platforms that operate legally in India. For these operators to have the right to operate in the Indian market, they must follow a number of rules. The first and most important rule for them is not to have their headquarters in India. They must also have an operating license that is valid internationally, including in India.

How to Play Online Lottery in Punjab

If you want to buy a lottery ticket from a Punjab Lottery agency, it is important to know that they are printed in a special scheme. Thus, the process is monitored by the Office of the Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries. Also, the number of physical tickets allowed is decided by this authority. These are subsequently printed by the Security Printing Press in the Reserve Bank of India.

This whole process is extremely important, because, at the end of it, not only the numbers are announced publicly, but also their value and the prizes that can be won. Thus, it is important not to purchase Punjab State Lottery tickets from unauthorized sellers. To play the Punjab lottery online, you can follow the steps presented below.

Choose an Authorized Punjab Lottery Platform 

Although there are many platforms available in the online space of India, it is important to choose only the ones that are authorized. Thus, one can choose among the top operators in the State of Punjab who hold a license to operate in India.

Create an Online Account on the Chosen Platform 

The most important step in this process is to register a new account. However, the process is not a complex one, so if you pay attention, you will complete everything in just a few minutes. These professional online lottery platforms have an easy-to-understand interface, so you will immediately notice the registration button. Once accessed, the platform will open the main registration page. The first data that will be requested will be the ones for logging in. Thus, you will have a field to fill in with your username, a frequently used email address, and a password. 

To ensure that your account is secure, we recommend choosing a complex or generated password. This way, you will be sure that your account will not be accessed by strangers. Once this data has been completed, the operator will request a series of personal data, which will be crucial for the confirmation of your identity as a player. In the case of this section of the record, it is important that all completed data is correct. In this case, we recommend that you check all the data after entering it. These are very important, especially if you are lucky and win a lottery prize.

Account Confirmation Created

Once the entire process on the operator’s website has been completed, you will receive an account confirmation code. This code can be sent to the email provided or by text message to the phone number. Once it is entered, the registration process is complete. Now, all the benefits and features of the online lottery platform are at the player’s disposal.

How to Win at Punjab Lottery Online?

At the Punjab State Lottery there are several types of draws. This state lottery is extremely varied, so you can choose from daily draws with lower prizes to monthly draws or special Dear Lottery Punjab bumpers for major Indian holidays. Of course, in the case of each type of lottery, regardless of the cost of the ticket, in order to win, the method remains the same. The player must guess all the numbers exactly as in the final draw.

If you deposit a ticket for the monthly draw, the winning method is simple. In case of winning the highest prize of 55 Lakh, the player must hit all 5 digits at the draw. If you have checked the Punjab Lottery result and found that you have won the grand prize, you need to know the steps of how to claim the winnings.

Winnings Claiming Procedure

Depending on the value of the prize, there are several ways to get it. For less than INR 10K, the process is easy. The winner can go directly to a Punjab Lottery agency with the winning ticket and an identity card. Thus, the staff will offer the prize won by the Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries.

If the prize has a higher value, the process is more complicated, because the amount is much higher. The first step is for the original winning ticket to reach the Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries, located in Chandigarh. It can also be submitted with Claims Form. The entire process must be completed within 30 days of each Punjab State Lottery result being displayed, otherwise, the ticket becomes unusable. 

The form that must be filled in and sent to the authorities together with the ticket has a series of data that must be filled in. These consist of the draw name and date, the date of birth of the winner, the permanent address, a valid telephone number, and the occupation of the winner. Also, the PAN and the lucky ticket number must be filled in, along with the value of the prize and the bank details. In the case of bank details, you will have to specify the name and number of the bank account, IFSC, and the banking operator.


Along with this form, you will need to attach the original winning ticket, a canceled check model with your details, and 3 passport photos of the winner. In addition to these documents, the authorities will also request a copy of the AADHAR and PAN cards. If you exceed the 30-day claim period, there is a solution that can help. To claim it after this period, the winner must attach, in addition to all these documents, an affidavit citing the reason for the delay of the claim. Thus, in an official way and with a well-founded reason, the player can take home the prize after 30 days.

Benefits of the Punjab State Lottery

If you want to deposit one or more tickets for the Punjab Lottery, it is important to know the many benefits that the lottery offers. The first and most important advantage of this is that it is a state-organized lottery. Thus, all players will be assured of a perfectly safe and trouble-free process when it comes to safety. All these draws are closely monitored by all state authorities, from the ticket printing process to the drawing of numbers and the awarding of winners. That way, you won’t have to worry about winning a prize. All draws take place at a certain fixed interval, always at the same time and date, the lottery being a prompt and professional one.

Also, another advantage that players have in the Punjab Lottery is that there is a wide variety of draws. Thus, players can try their luck in many types of draws, which are extremely diverse. Their prices are also an advantage. Being a state lottery, they are more convenient in terms of tariff than private ones organized on an international scale. Punjab State Lottery 2021 allows its players to place lower value tickets at a great price. It also allows the placement of higher value tickets, for players who want to have more chances in the final draws.

Where can You find Punjab Lottery Results?

If you want to check the results of each Punjab State Lottery draw, there are several ways you can do this. In the following, our experts will detail the most used methods for verifying the results:

  • Tracking draws right from the location. In the case of this state lottery, players can physically participate in the draw. This way, you can show up at a raffle venue where you have placed your tickets. There, the security team will direct you to the respective hall and you will be able to find out the Punjab Lottery result today live.
  • Watch the extraction via live streaming on Youtube. For players who cannot physically reach the locations where the draws take place, they can opt to watch them live on the Youtube platform. The Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries has an official Youtube channel, where it broadcasts the Punjab Lottery result today live. This channel is managed by the authorities, so it is a legitimate one, so every day you can watch the results of your favorite draws.
  • Check out the Punjab Government Lotteries orifice site. After each draw, the official Punjab State Lottery website presents all the results on its website. This way, the site can be accessed quickly to check if you have had the lucky numbers.

Punjab Lottery Schemes, Prize Structures, and Ticket Rates

In the case of the Punjab Lottery, there is a certain methodology by which the draws and types of prizes are chosen. Thus, the Directorate of Punjab Lotteries provides 42 active schemes. They operate on a weekly, monthly, once every 4 months, or annual basis. In their case, there are certain days when draws cannot be made, such as important national holidays.

In the case of the weekly lottery, the draws are batched three times each day of the week. For each type of drawing, there is a specific draw name. Thus, the days of the week are all Dear Lottery Punjab, where the grand prize has a total value of 23 Lakh. For this type of draw, the cost of a single ticket is only 50 rupees.

For monthly lotteries, they have draws according to a certain schedule. These take place only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Thus, they take place on the first, second, fourth, and fifth days of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The cost of a ticket varies from 20 to 2000 rupees per month, and the highest prize for monthly draws is 1.06 crore.

Players wishing to try their luck at the Yearly Bumper Lottery in Punjab Lottery will have the opportunity to do so in October or November, August, February, and January. The ticket for the monthly draws has a fixed cost of 500 rupees, and the grand prize can reach over 5 crores, for 2 complete numbers with digits in the order of the draw.


In Punjab, all players that love the Punjab Lottery offered by the state. This proved from the beginning not only its permanent transparency, but also its dedication to the players. Thus, they have many opportunities to place tickets and win incredible prizes. From daily draws with lower prizes to special Punjab State Lottery 2021 bumpers, players have plenty of chances to win. For this reason, this state lottery is a quality one, which will bring you many moments of fun and adrenaline. In conclusion, we recommend that you try your luck at the Punjab State Lottery.

What is the cost of a Punjab lottery ticket?

The cost of a Punjab Lottery ticket can range from 20 rupees to over 100 rupees.

Can I win more from the Punjab lottery or lotteries online?

In the case of the Punjab State Lottery, there are more chances of winning than in the online lotteries, because it has a lot of draws during a year.

Can Punjab Lottery tickets be found at physical agencies?

Yes, Punjab Lottery tickets are sold through official state-authorized agencies.

Are lotteries legal in Punjab?

Punjab has legalized the organization of lotteries since 1968 and is regulated by state authorities. Thus, you can now place lottery tickets legally.

What are the benefits of the Punjab State Lottery?

Punjab State Lottery has many advantages that you can benefit from. First of all, the cost of the tickets is varied, so you can try your luck in several draws. Also, this lottery is verified and monitored by the state, the whole process is perfectly legal.

How can Punjab State Lottery winnings be claimed?

Depending on the size of the prize, there are 2 methods of claiming it. For smaller prizes, they can be picked up directly from a physical agency. For high-value prizes, a special form must be completed and sent along with other documents to the authorities.

Are There Bumpers in the Punjab Lottery?

Yes, there are many bumpers in the Punjab State Lottery where players can try to place a ticket, such as annuals.

Where can I check the results of the Punjab Lottery?

The results can be verified on the official website of the Punjab State Lottery.

May 16, 2022