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Online Lottery in India: Play LottoLand, Powerball & Euromillions

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Lottery games started a trend among Indian punters as they started to be more and more present online. This important step for lottery companies has given many private operators a chance to evolve. Also, this gave players a much more varied selection for these services. Internationally, the online lottery is one of the most popular types of real money games. Despite the differences in legislation for each country, most have one or more lotteries. The most important aspect, however, is how much it can pay. With each edition, the grand prize increases until the sequence of numbers are guessed.

In India, games based on luck might be a part of local history. Some of the games found on real money gambling sites today actually have Indian origin (eg. Andar Bahar, Indian Rummy, Teen Patti and some lotteries). So, it is not difficult to understand how the Indian lottery has reached this level of success. From the best online lottery platforms to the registration methods and lottery types, you can find below all this info you need.

Best Online Lottery Sites in India 

To enter the fascinating world of the online Indian lottery, players should know which platforms offer it. Although the lottery is pretty old in India, its transition online has happened recently. At this point, the process of buying a lottery ticket in India can take only a few seconds. However, each player needs to know which platform can offer the most advantages before choosing where to play. To make the selection process of the platforms much easier, our experts have compiled an in-depth list. It contains the most important information about the best online lottery sites in India.


Certainly, the name Lottoland is no stranger to old players. But for the new ones, it is important to know that this platform is one of the best that can be found in the country. At Lottoland, players need to remember the most important aspects of the platform:

  • Lots of lottery games. Being the most important name in this segment in India, it was normal for Lottoland to bring a generous number of online lottery games. Thus, the platform contains 28 different games that users can try.
  • Special Indian online lottery jackpots. Being a site dedicated to the Indian audience, Lottoland brings interesting titles for its audience. The first title in this series is Jeeto Lotto. This is an Indian lottery creation from Lottoland. The draws happen every 4 minutes. The other special India lottery games offered by Lottoland are Cricket Lotto and Sambad Plus. You can purchase an online lottery ticket at small prices. 
  • Other types of online gambling platforms. Lottoland is a huge platform, and it does not lack casino games. The site also has special categories for Bingo and sports betting.


Lotto247 is another popular internet platform in India. See what advantages are brought for each customer that chooses them.

  • Many games on an Indian lottery platform. This comes for Indian players with titles like MegaMillions, SuperEnamax, and even Powerball.
  • International lottery ticket games in India. For the online lottery games category, Lotto247 brings a number of 16 titles.
  • Multiple language platforms. Being an internationally known site, Lotto247 was expected to have support for many languages. Regardless of the change of language, the platform retains its original design. Thus, no player will be confused when moving to his native language valid on the platform.

Online Lottery Apps

As mentioned above, online lotteries are going through an important stage in their evolution. The fact that it is only moving in the online environment is not enough today to enjoy this popularity. Some online lottery platforms in India also allow separate mobile device applications. Most Indians who play an online lottery ticket do not have time to do this process from the computer. For this reason, they use dedicated applications to play on the go at the desired Indian lottery. To make it easier for fans of these games, our experts have compiled a list of the most popular online lottery apps. These are of course valid not only on Android, but also on iOS:

  • The Lotter. This app has more than 50 lotteries that are available for players.
  • Lotto 247. Lotto 247 has a great jackpot at the Super Enamex Lottery of 285 million euros.
  • Betwinner. This app grants a free lottery ticket online for every bought Powerball ticket.
  • Play Huge. Play Huge has a promotion with free online lottery tickets in India.
  • Lottery World. This application is especially popular for the best jackpots for its users.
  • Lottoland. This application is the only online lottery application, available on both Android and iOS.

How to Play Online Lottery

Many fans of the Indian lottery are attracted to the fabulous prizes. These have huge jackpots that impress all users and motivate them to participate and put their luck to the test.


Among the most attractive such India lottery, online games are definitely Powerball, Euro Million and Mega Millions.

Today, they are available with just a few clicks on the internet. But in order to play these exciting games, each person must choose their favourite platform and create an account on it. To make sure that every interested player chooses the best platform, our experts have prepared a step-by-step guide. This guide contains separate details for each step to make the selection process easier. Also, the rest of the article will describe the procedure for creating an account on an Indian lottery online site.

Pick the Best Online Lottery Site

The online lottery platform market in India is constantly growing. That is why more and more platforms appear on the internet, and many users do not know what selection criteria to make. But our experts analyzed the current market offer and created a set of criteria for all players to follow. Thus, they are:

  • Number of lotteries available on the platform. Mainly, a platform that covers a wide range of online lottery India games is a reliable one. This is due to the fact that the operators collaborate and organize a multitude of lotteries, which are already known on the market. Also, accessing a lottery in India with many games on the internet offers a great chance. This consists of several online lottery purchases to increase the chances of winning.
  • Safety and presence of licenses. For such an online lottery platform, it is important that it offers the best security methods. Also, in order to operate in perfect legality, these sites must have a license on the main page. These licenses are usually from Malta or Curacao. Also, these Indian lottery online platforms provide not only security, but perfectly legal methods of payment and withdrawal.
  • Available promotions and bonuses. On the platforms in this niche, it is important for operators to offer various promotional packages. Thus, players can have fun with a free online lottery in India, which gives them the chance to test their luck for free.

Create your Account

The fun on these online lottery sites is guaranteed from the start. And another important step for all players to enjoy is to create an account. Our experts have put together a step-by-step guide to help all users through this process. 

Step 1

Access the favorite online lottery platform. Following the selection criteria for an online lottery India site, players can access their favorite site.

Step 2

Click on the register button on the chosen site. Once accessed the platform, the registration button can be found on the main page. It is usually contrasted with the other elements so that it can be easily seen.

Step 3

Filling in the fields with personal data. This process is the most important because it requires increased attention. At this stage, the online lottery asks future members for personal data such as name, surname, phone number and more. This data is required to validate your account 100% legally.

Step 4

Account validation. At this stage, India lottery online platforms will require user confirmation, via a link sent by email or SMS to the phone number.

Step 5

Choosing a welcome bonus and starting the fun. After all the above steps have been completed, users can start playing. Of course, each new user also receives a welcome bonus that they can use for one of the online lottery games available on the site. Thus, players can start purchasing lottery tickets online on their favorite platform.

Make a Deposit

Like the registration process, the submission process has a set of steps that can be followed. Unlike registration, this process is much faster. Next, follow these steps:

  1. Accessing the newly created account on the chosen online lottery platform.
  2. Log in to your personal account and click on the deposit option, to make the first deposit.
  3. Select the preferred payment method.
  4. Enter the amount that each user wants to deposit.
  5. Payment completion.

In the case of online lottery ticket deposits, users have several payment methods available. The most popular methods are through UPI, Indian Netbanking, Mastercard or Visa card, e-wallet, AstroPay Card and many other options. UPI stands for the Unified Payments Interface and is one of the most popular payment methods for players in India. This method is accepted nationally and deposits by this method can be made directly from your personal bank account. Another popular payment method is through Indian Net Banking, which transfers from personal account to online lottery.

For the Visa or Mastercard card payment method, it is quick and easy. One of the advantages of using this method is that payments are made securely using One Time Password connected to your phone. The latest methods used by Indian players are electronic wallets. The most popular applications of this type are definitely Skrill and Neteller. Although they charge a certain fee for each transaction, they are preferred for keeping their identity secret on online lottery platforms.

Select a Lottery Bonus

As in the online casino games category, the online lottery in India benefits from an impressive set of bonuses. From the moment of registration on the Indian lottery account, the user can choose from a multitude of bonuses, which are presented below:

  • Sign-up bonus. This type of bonus is received and validated upon registration on such a platform.
  • No-deposit bonus. This bonus can be an online lottery ticket, offered free of charge by an online lottery platform India.
  • Deposit bonus. For each online lottery purchase made on such a site, the player can benefit from a promotion on the first deposit.
  • Welcome bonus. This type of bonus can consist of a set of gifts offered by the online lottery platform when registering a new account. The most popular gifts received by users are not only free tickets, but also 100% bonuses on the first deposit.
  • Promotional Discounts. In case of seasons or discount periods, users can receive various vouchers or promotional codes to apply a discount. These online lottery discounts in India range from 10% to 70%.

Withdraw Money

As with deposits, withdrawals have different payment options for them. Depending on the preferred method, players can choose between electronic wallets, credit or debit cards and bank transfer. The fastest and easiest way is with an e-wallet. It also keeps personal data separate from the online lottery platform for anonymous players. In the case of bank transfer, it is important to note that this method can only be used in certain areas. As there are different regulations for each part of India, this is extremely important. Disadvantages of using an e-wallet also include the fact that some platforms do not accept this payment to validate a bonus. However, the accessibility and safety of this method is enviable.

Lottery Games

Of course, all this great experience would not be possible without the famous online lottery games. All the people and players in India are testing their luck in order to reach a great jackpot. Some of the most popular games are:


In India, Powerball has the highest jackpot in the world that online India lottery players can win. This great game has also been on the market for over 30 years. With this special opportunity to give away a prize of over $ 1.6 billion, the last jackpot won was in 2016. That prize was divided into 3 online lottery tickets, each winner having a huge and beautiful win. To play this online lottery in India game, players must select 5 numbers, from 1 to 69 and an extra one from 1 to 26.

Mega Millions

This online lottery India game is another success in the online lottery world. The highest jackpot ever reached in this game was $ 1.5 billion, on October 23, 2018. Also, this jackpot was the biggest single ticket prize, which makes everything even more exciting. Also, being one of the largest lottery games in the world, an online lottery purchase for this game is available on many platforms.

Euro Millions

This game category started as a chance to win big prizes for players from many countries around the world. The first draw for this game took place in 2004, this year celebrating over 18 years of existence. The Euro Millions online lottery game also has a jackpot limit. However, the interesting thing is that once the limit is reached and won, the jackpot increases for the next round.


This game is one of the newest productions, starting the draw rounds in 2012. The most important aspect of this online lottery India game is that the ticket can be purchased from anywhere. Thus, this game can also be tried by international users. The biggest prize offered was 90 million Euros, which coincides with the Eurojackpot limit.

Is online lottery legal in India?

Although the legal lottery situation in India may be complicated at first, it is important to keep in mind some important issues. For players who want to make an online lottery purchase in India, it is important that they are purchased from international online lottery platforms. Fortunately, the international platforms mentioned above are located outside the country, so they do not fall under the jurisdiction of Indian laws. 


Thus, it is not illegal for Indian players to play the lottery online, as long as they come from international services. The current situation in India with online lottery games may seem a bit confusing, as there are many regulations from the state. However, regardless of the area from which a ticket is purchased from an Indian online lottery, everything is perfectly legal if the site is outside the country.

Legal lottery states – government lottery

Many Indian players have wondered what the govt lottery in India law is. And this question is motivated by the fact that every state in India has different legislation. However, the online lottery is somewhat legal, but with some amendments. This legality remains the decision of each state, and in conclusion, there are a number of states where this game is legal. In India, 13 Indian states have legal online lottery games, out of a total of 29 states. Thus, the remaining 16 states have banned the Indian lottery. This legality is still a controversial topic in India, although in recent times the Indian online lottery has gained a lot of popularity. 

By the Public Gambling Act of 1867, these games were unfortunately banned. However, the first state to legalize the lottery was the Kerala State Lottery in 1967. Of course, this decision was extremely beneficial for that state, with business growing. Subsequently, many other states followed the legalization of the online lottery.

  • Madhya Pradesh. The Madhya Pradesh lottery is perfectly legal and has gained more and more popularity lately. It is also important that Indian lottery tickets can be purchased at beautifully colored stalls. One of the reasons the Madhya Pradesh lottery was legalized was to combat the lottery alternatives, which were becoming more frequent. Also, a legalized lottery system is frequently controlled by the state.
  • Maharashtra. After the success of the first state to legalize the Indian lottery, Maharashtra followed. Here, the state has continued the evolution of this law, so that a Mumbai lottery ticket online is accessible throughout its territory.
  • Manipur. Although online lotteries have been legal in Manipur, they have been banned for several decades. Thus, Manipur lottery online ticket could not be purchased for quite a long time.
  • Assam. Because online lottery is legal in this state, Indian players can deposit an online lottery ticket in Assam at the Bodoland lottery which has two daily draws.
  • Pradesh. On the territory of this state, the inhabitants can try their andhra pradesh lottery. They can also have fun on online lottery in India platforms.
  • Sikkim. For every Sikkim resident, they can access a Sikkim online lottery platform at any time. This state currently has the most sales on the Sikkim play lottery online.
  • West Bengal. Bengal is also popular for its lottery games. Here, residents can try various West Bengal lottery online. These online lottery west Bengal jackpots are known throughout the state as big and generous prizes.
  • Kerala. Kerala is the first state in India to legalize Indian Lottery games.Thanks to this decision, residents of over 10 states can also enjoy a free online lottery in Kerala. This decision prevented all illegal lottery sessions taking place in the state of Kerala, such as Matka.

Although there are many states in India that do not allow these fun games, they can still be accessed in all 13 states:

Banned lottery states in India

Although there are a lot of online platforms that allow online lottery, at the moment there are many scam sites that try to fool the world. Thus, our experts recommend to all users and fans of the Indian lottery to use a legal platform in the territory of the 13 states. Online lottery players need to pay close attention to sites that are illegal in India in order to avoid spikes. Our experts also conducted lengthy studies to find illegal sites. They especially have an extreme promotion that can reach any Indian player on legal sites. In conclusion, the following states in India do not yet allow online lottery:

  • Odisha
  • Rajasthan
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Telangana
  • Tripura
  • Uttarakhand
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Chandigarh


Online lottery games are extremely fun and can be a perfect opportunity for all the people of India. The great thing about these online lottery India platforms is that they have fantastic prize games. Unlike other real money games, these online lottery games are extremely valuable. Players also have multiple opportunities to win lottery tickets online at low prices, trying their luck at huge jackpots. For this reason, online lottery in India has become a real trend for fans of these games, and not only.

Which is the best lottery site in India?

The best lottery platform in India is definitely Lottoland. The most important aspect of this site is that it offers a lot of online lottery games and also contains special categories such as casino games, bingo and more.

Are lottery sites legal in India?

In India, lottery sites are legal, but with some exceptions. Most legal lottery sites in India are not based in India. Thus, sites such as LottoLand or Loto 247 that are based in Cyprus or Malta are perfectly legal.

Which is the best online lottery site?

In India, lottery sites are legal, but with some exceptions. Most legal lottery sites in India are not based in India. Thus, sites such as LottoLand or Loto 247 that are based in Cyprus or Malta are perfectly legal.

Which is the most trusted lottery site?

The most trusted lottery site is Lotto 247, which has a highly developed and highly efficient security system. The security of a site with online lottery games is very important, not only for its players, but also for the platform operators.

How to start with an online lottery in India?

The best way to start the fun on an online lottery platform is to make a free account through one of the popular platforms. Popular platforms are the safest online lottery sites that Indian players can access.

Is online lottery legal in india?

The lottery is legal in India, except for a number of 16 states that do not yet allow these games. Fortunately, there are 13 states in India that allow lottery games.

Can I play government lotteries online?

Yes, many states in India allow online lottery games. For these games, the state also allows the purchase of tickets online.

Which lottery game has the biggest jackpot?

The biggest prize of all time in a lottery game is the Powerball prize. This game is known worldwide for its impressive grand prize value.

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