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Mobile Online Lottery Apps in India

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If you want to get into the lottery industry, one of the most important things you need is a lottery website. But what are the best online lottery apps in India? How does an online lottery app help you win more? And why are lottery apps better than vendor websites?

Almost every online lottery provider has an app. Because, like almost all online casinos or any sports betting casino, lottery providers want more and more use of smartphones by players. Learn how to take advantage of the best lottery app in India bidding to your advantage and how to get even more from the online lottery.

Top 5 Best online lottery apps in India

If you want to play with your lottery provider on the go, you need mobile access. If you want to gain comfort and time, you can choose an online lottery app and play on your mobile. Now, let’s take a look at what providers are currently using a lottery app and whether they stand a chance of getting the title of the best lottery app in India.

Lottery appKey features
LottolandOne of the best lottery apps in India
Various exclusive games that you have to try
Attractive Offers and Promotions
The LotterAmazing jackpots
There are available the most popular lotteries
An intuitive and easy to use interface
Lotto 247One of the best online lottery apps available
A variety of payment methods available
Fast lottery ticket processing
LottoSmileThe extremely easy ticket placement process
Wide range of international lotteries
Excellent bonus plans for using the online lottery app
MultilottoYou can quickly navigate between menus
A simple and clean design
A lot of international lotteries

1. Lottoland

Lottoland Limited is a Gibraltar-based company. One of its main areas of activity is online betting on the results of over 30 lotteries. It is also one of the most popular Indian online lottery apps.

Lottoland with his online lottery app India has earned an impeccable reputation among players due to accurate and timely payments of money won on lottery tickets. The app allows you to play different products, although, as already clarified, lotteries are the centerpiece of the platform.

2. The Lotter

The most comprehensive and reliable online lottery app offers a complete service that buys tickets on your behalf. The installation takes just a few seconds and opens up a world of over 60 games, plus scratch cards and raffles on your phone. You can get The Lotter app for Android, via the APK on the site, and iOS in the App Store.

TheLotter has a mobile lottery application that has all the features present in the web version. It has a long tradition and offers a wide range of lotteries that players can try. The online lottery app welcomes users from all over the world and offers a simple registration process and an easy-to-use interface.

3. Lotto 247

Lotto247 will surprise you with a multitude of international lotteries that it makes available to players in the mobile version. Lotto247 is an online lottery app that allows you to buy online lottery tickets from any device connected to the internet. The good news is that you’ll find that the lottery selection contains all the popular games.

These include US Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions, and other games with a guaranteed jackpot. One of the reasons Lotto247 makes the online lottery so good is concentration. The whole experience of the Indian online lottery app revolves around the lottery.

4. LottoSmile

LottoSmile is one of the longest-running online lottery apps on the market. It is also one of the most popular lottery sites in India as it offers a diverse range of international lottery.

You can participate in the biggest lottery games or the lower level games and it all depends on your preferences. The appearance of the online lottery app is clean and simple. The website also offers to check the latest results and read more details about the different lottery.

5. Multilotto

Multilotto is an online lottery ticket provider that was first founded in 2010. Multilotto has made sure that its platform is easy to understand.

On Multilotto, players can find more than 60 different lotteries to play. But, of course, everyone has their formats and payments, so you have the freedom to choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. Multilotto has an excellent online reputation in the top of best lottery apps in India.

Online Lottery Apps in India – Are they Legal?

If you are wondering how legal and safe it is to play a lottery application in India, you should know that they are licensed. However, the legal situation surrounding Indian online lotteries is quite complex.

That being said, the server of the lottery site must be located outside India and the lotteries offered must be international. Also, only people who are 18 years old are allowed to participate. This is available for the lottery mobile apps too. Authorized lottery providers in India, always play with the highest level of security on an online lottery app India.

The operator must have a lottery license and must have a safety certificate. A vendor’s licenses can usually be seen in the footer of their site. However, don’t forget to check terms and conditions, and data protection. Check the content and information for any discrepancies. The best lottery app in India is willing to provide information when it comes to security.

Learn How to Choose the Best Online Lottery App in India – Tips

The lottery game is interesting, but with the advantage of smartphone technology, you can push this intensity to the limit at any time of the day. There are a large number of lotteries that you can play using an online lottery app.

However, they differ in certain aspects, such as the offer of international lotteries, the intuition of the application, the size of the jackpot, and the reliability. Here are some criteria you should consider when choosing the best lottery applications:

  • Available lottery offer – an online lottery app must provide the most popular lottery games. Of course, they must also be available on mobile;
  • Access on iOS and Android – a good mobile application is necessary to be able to be accessed both on devices with iOS and Android operating systems;
  • Intuitive – mobile lottery applications in India must create intuitive platforms so that they can be easily accessed by novice players;
  • Jackpots – lotteries differ greatly in the size of the jackpot. The size of the jackpot at an online lottery app India is what makes a lottery attractive or not;

Reliability – Some lottery operators are not transparent about how they draw numbers.

Download Online Lottery Apps – Short Guide for iOS and Android

Want to install an online lottery app on your iPhone or Android smartphone? Then below is a short step-by-step guide for both mobile operating systems. Because sometimes there are differences between Apple iOS and Google Android when you install Lotto.

Install the Lotto app on your iPhone – Instructions and Tips

Only lottery applications from licensed lottery companies can be found in the App Store. However, not all of these providers offer a native iPhone lottery application. Here’s how to install an online lottery app India on your iPhone:

Step 1

First, open the App Store on your iPhone / iPad;

Step 2

Enter the name of the desired online lottery provider with the application in the search field;

Step 3

The application should appear quite high in the results list;

Step 4

Click the “Upload” button. The download will then start and the installation will be performed automatically;

Step 5

You have now successfully installed the Lotto application and can open it directly;

Step 6

After downloading, the appropriate icon for the new Lotto app will appear on the screen.

Instead of manually searching the app store, you’ll find a link to the lottery provider’s homepage to download the online lottery app.

Install the Lotto app for Android – Instructions and Tips

Many lottery apps aren’t listed in the Google Play Store. You often need to download a native and comprehensive Android lottery app differently. This usually starts on the lottery provider’s website. Here’s how to install an online lottery app India on an Android smartphone:

  1. Click the Android Lotto app link on the lottery provider’s homepage. This will start the download for the Indian online lottery app;
  2. Open the downloaded Lotto App file and a dialog box will appear stating that applications from unknown sources cannot be installed;
  3. To install Lotto, you need to enable “Unknown access” in the security settings.
  4. Now select the downloaded file. An installation screen will open, which you must agree to;
  5. After downloading, you should check that the changed security settings are still enabled. If necessary, simply cancel the settings.

The process of installing an online lottery app India on an Android device may vary. This depends on the version of Android you are using or the manufacturer of your smartphone or tablet.

Easy Way to Buy Lottery Tickets Online in India using Your Mobile?

If you are wondering how to buy lottery tickets online in India on your mobile, we must mention that this process is as easy as possible. All you need is an account on a mobile lottery app and choose a preferred payment method.

First, once you’ve decided on your online lottery app, you’ll need to create a free account. It’s a fairly simple process that takes a few minutes. After you finish the registration process for the Indian online lottery app, you have to verify your email address.

After verification, you can browse the active online lottery jackpots and start filling out your first online lottery ticket. Here’s how to quickly place a lottery ticket on your mobile:

  1. As we saw in the previous chapter, it is necessary to download the online lottery app on your mobile;
  2. If you do not have an account, go through the registration process in your Indian online lottery app;
  3. Connect;
  4. Choose a preferred payment method, such as credit cards or electronic wallets, and make the first deposit;
  5. Browse the offer of international lotteries;
  6. Choose the one you like, paying attention to the quotas;
  7. Select your lucky numbers;
  8. Introduce, if necessary, a system;
  9. Set the stakes;
  10. Buy a ticket.

Lottery Apps in India – Pros and Cons

What benefits can you expect from a lottery application or your mobile lottery provider’s mobile offering in general? This is exactly what we are going to present to you now. However, we can also consider some less positive aspects.


  • You can place lottery tickets from anywhere;
  • You will not miss any draws from your favorite lotteries;
  • Checking results is much faster;
  • You have a wide range of offers and bonuses in the mobile version;
  • Ease of placing lottery tickets.


  • There may be fraudulent applications.


Lottery tickets are no longer issued only in the web version, more and more players are using their smartphones or tablets to try their luck at international lotteries. The main reason why online lottery apps have become more and more popular in recent years is the flexibility to buy lottery tickets very quickly.

As we saw in this article, all you have to do to get a lottery ticket is download the application and register. The best applications, such as Lottoland, have an extremely simple download and installation process. This process, as well as the placement of a lottery ticket, can be performed by novice players.

An online lottery app is free to download for Android and iOS? Are lottery apps legal in India?

The situation of lotteries in India is complex: However, foreign operators who have licenses issued by serious organizations can operate in India. Also, mobile lottery applications are free and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

Are online lottery apps safe?

It is recommended to choose popular lottery applications so that there is no risk of fraud. The applications presented in this article are safe and licensed, so you can download them with confidence.

What are some of the best online lottery apps in India?

In our tests and according to player reviews, Lottoland, Multilotto, The Lotter and Lotto 247 have managed to impress with a wide selection of international lotteries. Each of them has a very interesting online lottery app that you can download on your phone.

Which are some of the best lottery tickets to buy?

Depending on the preferences of each player, you can choose from a multitude of available lotteries. The most popular lotteries you will find on mobile are EuroMillions, Mega Millions, WorldMillions, or SuperEnaLotto.

Has anyone won the lottery through an app?

Yes, many players have been lucky and won the lotteries through a mobile application. Using an online lottery app is the same as using a traditional agency, but on your phone, you can be faster and you can be more successful.

April 8, 2022