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Lottery games are a tradition in India. Although this activity brings a lot of fun and joy among Indian players, the legislation on them has changed countless times. Fortunately, however, the legislation has received many changes, and today, there are many states in India where players can have fun online with various national and international lotteries. One of these operators, which offers a range of quality services and is placed at the top of the preferences by Indian players is lotto247.

The Indian lottery is a perfect leisure activity and gives them the chance to win fabulous prizes. The lotto247 India platform is an international one, on which Indian lottery fans can enjoy over 15 successful international lottery titles. They also have many categories with games or raffles, which players can try. This article is a guide for players interested in this platform who want to know the features and benefits of this famous operator.

What Lotto247 Offers

This operator has over 15 years of experience in the Indian market, being a company founded in 2004. lotto247 is part of an international company called Lucky Enterprise B.V. It has, of course, a license to operate and operate offered by Curacao Antillephone. Being a company that has been in the Indian market for a long time, the operator has processed its lottery game offerings to satisfy all Indian players. The company also operates in India without any problems and in perfect legality, with its headquarters in Cyprus.

Although there are many lottery platforms in India, lotto247 com has remained a top service provider over the years. For passionate Indian players, the consistency and evolution of a lottery game operator are very important. For this reason, lotto247 has always innovated and modernized its range of services to provide quality and satisfaction. Today, players can have unlimited fun in special sections of the site, such as Powerball, SuperEna Max, and Euromillions. Of course, for users who want to try other lottery titles from around the world, there is the All Lotteries category.

This operator is mainly based on a great diversity in the range of services offered. Thus, only for the lottery, players have a choice of popular lotteries on the platform, the selection of raffles, and even Scratchcards or Instant wins. Another newly introduced category is casino games, which offer players an incredible selection of games such as roulette, baccarat, golden wheel, and many more.

What does lotto247 com offer?
An extremely varied selection of lottery games, both national and international
Increased security and data security
A generous range of bonuses and promotions for all players
A modern platform and a clean design
Multiple payment methods for its users’

Lottery Games

On an online platform like lotto247 in India, the quality and diversity of pottery games is extremely important. However, operators have always been able to listen to customer requirements. And today, delivers some of the most varied and professional lottery games on the market. Currently, on the official website of the operator, Indian players can choose from the categories with the most popular lotteries and many others such as

  • Raffles. The raffle category is ideal for players waiting for the results of international lotteries. One of the most popular is the Spanish version, El Nino. In this category, players only need to purchase one or more tickets from the dedicated section. Later, they can put their trust in the lucky numbers on the ticket.
  • Keno. Another version of the lottery, which Indian fans can try, is Keno, a game offered by this operator. This game can bring instant winnings, with draws taking place every 3 minutes. This alternative to the big lottery games is a lot of fun. Each Keno game can come in several variants, from Keno 9 to Keno 12. But all variants have 80 numbers from which you can choose the lucky ones.
  • Casino games from lotto247. For players who need more entertainment and more adrenaline, the operator has also prepared a casino games section. It contains an addition to Instant Win and Scratch Cards games and a selection of classic casino games. In India, table casino games are extremely popular, so this operator has brought not only games but also their live versions, provided by Evolution Gaming.


The most accessed category on this platform remains the lottery. And for her, the developers have created separate sections of the site, with the most popular titles. Today, on lotto247, Indian players can choose from over 15 interesting titles where they can try their luck. Thus, all residents of Indian states where lottery games are allowed can choose between famous titles such as EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, and many more. The most exciting titles on the platform remain the following:

  • US Powerball. This title is already a very popular one among Indian players, being the most prestigious lottery in the world. To help novice players, the platform provides a step-by-step guide on how to place Powerball tickets. The jackpot of this game has incredible values ​​and can quickly reach over 1 million dollars. In this lottery, players must choose 5 numbers from 1 to 68 in the first set. The second set is Powerball, and players are asked to choose a number from 1-26. For such a grand lottery, players have a good chance of winning a generous prize. If all 6 numbers have been guessed, the highest jackpot is won.
  • EuroMillions. Another lottery that is loved by lotto247 users is EuroMillions. It has been available on the platform since the beginning, since the 2000s. Of course, when it comes to jackpots, EuroMillions is no exception. In this case, it can reach over 17 million euros for each edition. In this game, players also select 5 numbers, from 1 to 50. Subsequently, they must select 2 Lucky Stars from a range of 1-12 numbers.
  • Eurojackpot. This lottery originated in 2012 and quickly became one of the most popular lottery games, due to the fun it offered. As in the other categories, players have 2 sets of selections to make. The first selection involves choosing 5 numbers from the range 1-50, and the second requires 2 numbers, from 1 to 1-10. In this lottery, players have countless payuts that they can win, in addition to the big jackpot. In this game, the biggest jackpot reached was an incredible value of over 90 million euros.


Although sport betting is an activity that has existed among large operators for many years, it has never lost its popularity. Furthermore, players around the world place bets on their favorite players in national and international competitions. Also, the betting range has greatly increased. In addition to the classic sports such as football, tennis, baton, and many more, a new category has appeared in the section. This is esports, which contains various championships in extremely popular multiplayer games.

Although lotto247 does not currently have a sports betting section, it will definitely make its appearance as soon as possible. Sports are a favorite activity of many Indians, and through betting, they can achieve interesting winnings.

Benefits of the Lotto247

The lotto247 com platform is definitely one that will not disappoint any new user. But in order to be able to select it as the preferred platform in India, it is important for the players to be informed. Thus, when a new player wants to register on the platform, it is important that he knows the pros and cons of the website.

In the first category with advantages, lotto 247 has a whole series from which new customers can benefit:

  • An extremely intuitive and easy to use platform. This operator’s website has been organized so that new or less experienced players don’t get lost in it. For this reason, the main categories are extremely easily accessible, and the menu with the user’s account contains all the necessary information.
  • An experienced operator. Although at first glance it would not matter, market experience in these platforms is extremely important. The company that deals with lotto247 in India is an internationally renowned company that knows how to create the best conditions for players. Also, in India, it is important for players to have content with their theme. In this case, the platform offers its users special lotteries to play.
  • An extremely varied range of games. For an operator like lotto247, this chapter is not a problem. On the contrary, this platform offers an incredible range of games, lotteries and much more, specially prepared for Indian players. Of course, all of these games have fabulous prizes and jackpots that players can win with the help of luck.

However, there are some parts of this operator, which some players consider cons, such as:

  • Lack of sports betting. Although it does not seem to be such a negative part, there are a large number of Indian sports fans. And with the implementation of a special category of sports betting, the site would become the top of the preferences of Indian players.

Lotto247 Offers

Certainly, using lotto247 com, players have access primarily to quality services. In addition to these great services, players also benefit from numerous prizes that they can use on the site. These consist of bonuses and promotions specifically dedicated to users of the platform. These are different, depending on the player’s seniority and the time invested on the platform by him.

One of the most interesting bonuses that new players opt for is the welcome bonus. With it, new users can experience the benefits of the platform and play the various games that are made available. The compatibility of players with a lottery platform is extremely important, and for this reason it is recommended that it be tried beforehand.

Is Lotto247 Legal in India?

The laws of the lottery have undergone various changes from the past to the present. However, at present there are 13 states that allow these activities to take place within India. This legislation is used to prevent fake companies or scammers from taking advantage of Indians who want to spend quality time on such a platform.

In the case of the lotto247 platform, it is perfectly legal and works without any problems. Thus, players registered on www lotto247 com will be able to easily access this platform. In order to comply with Indian law, the platform is headquartered abroad and is an international company. Also, with an internationally recognized operating license, Indians will be able to access the site without any difficulty.

How Does Lotto247 India Work?

Although lotto247 has an easy-to-use site, it is important for new players to have a lotto247 how to play guide. In the following lines, the method of playing a ticket on the platform of this operator will be explained. 

The most important process is the successful registration and confirmation. Once the account is created, the player will have access to all its facilities. In order to place a lottery ticket of your choice, it is important that the player go through the following steps:

Step 1

Make a first deposit on the platform. In order to make a deposit, the user must choose the preferred payment method. Fortunately, the operator has many payment methods to choose from, from bank transfer to electronic wallet.

Step 2

Choosing a favorite lottery. This site has many national and international lotteries for players to choose from. The most popular lotteries are arranged at the top of the site, along with the section with the results of each lottery.

Step 3

Choosing lucky numbers. Depending on the player’s choice, the numbers must be chosen according to the rules. Usually, each lottery has 2 sections, one with 5 or 6 numbers to be chosen from a range, and the second section, where 1 or 2 numbers must be chosen.

Step 4

Complete the selection process. Once the numbers are chosen, players can choose for which period the tickets will be chosen. Also, players can deposit a maximum of 3 tickets simultaneously in each lottery. Subsequently, it is possible to pay for the tickets with the selected numbers and the period of applicability.

How to Sign Up at Lotto247 India

The registration process on this operator is quite simple and does not require much time spent by the player. Once done, the user can easily access the lotto247 login for future access. The following guide will guide new users to create an account on this site:

  1. Opening and accessing the main page. On the main page, on the side of the site, the player will find the registration button.
  1. Opening the registration page. Once the registration button is pressed, the player will be directed to the registration page which contains several fields with the login data to be filled in.
  1. Choosing a strong password. This step is important because the player will use this password to log in every time they access the site
  1. Account confirmation. This account confirmation can be done both on the mobile phone and by email.
  1. Making a first deposit on the lotto247 platform. Once the account is confirmed, the player can log on to the platform and make a first deposit process. For this process, it is important that the user chooses a convenient payment method for him.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Of all the processes that take place on this operator’s platform, deposit and withdrawal are the most important. In the case of deposits, lotto247 com offers a wide range of options for all players. The most popular methods that are used by players are generally the transfer with a Visa or Mastercard card. Many players also use their wallets, such as Skrill or Neteller. With the help of this wallet, users can keep their card data anonymous. Also a novelty in deposits on lotto247 India is the possibility of payment with cryptocurrencies.

Players can also use the wire transfer payment method, available on the site. Thus, lotto247 satisfies all the needs of the players in terms of lotto247 payment method for their favorite lotteries. Such an operator that offers variety in terms of deposit options will always be popular with players.

In the case of deposits, the same methods can be used by players. These win-win processes are extremely well secured, so that players’ data is safe. Fortunately, lotto247 com uses new methods of encrypting data in order to make secure transfers.

The Lotto247 India App

Because the age of advanced technology is now here, players are always on the move. For this reason, operators need to know how to adapt to the current times.

In order to meet all these challenges, the operator created the lotto247 app. This application is free software, which can be downloaded from the phone’s application gallery. It is important to note that this application is available not only for Android devices, but also for iOS systems.

This application is extremely powerful and can withstand any challenge. Thus, the application will not consume the phone’s battery power and will allow all transactions that can be performed on the web platform. Thus, players will be able to get closer to win lotto247.

Highest Prizes Won by Users of Lotto247 India

In India, lotto247 is an operator that has become a phenomenon in this industry. Throughout the existence of this platform, there have been numerous Indians who have been named lotto247 winner in India. Just recently, in 2020, an Indian player managed to win an impressive prize in a lottery on this platform. The same player is a veteran on the lotto247 platform, winning multiple prizes and even a jackpot in the MegaMillions lottery cart.

Fortunately, players have many lotteries available on this platform where they can try their luck. They can reach the biggest jackpot both through the website and through a lotto247 app download in the phone.


The lotto247 platform is extremely professional and has proven this from the beginning. This operator has provided players with an incredible platform where they can win fabulous jackpots and have fun for hours on end. Also, the security of this site is quality, making payments easy and fast. The payment methods are numerous, being able to satisfy all the clients, depending on their needs.

From lottery selection to interactive games and casino games, lotto247 offers an interesting and very exciting experience. For these reasons, this operator is a perfect place for Indian players passionate about the international lottery.

Is lotto247 genuine?

Yes, the lotto247 platform is owned by a company with prestige in this industry. The site is professionally organized for all fans of lottery games in India.

Is there any tax on lotto247 winnings?

In case of winnings, lotto247 has no hidden fees or commissions. Thus, the grand prize displayed will be the prize that any player on this platform can win.

Is there any minimum age limit for an online lottery?

For any online lottery operator in India, the minimum age to access it is 18 years.

Can I set a deposit limit in my Lotter account?

For each player and the selected payment method, there is a minimum and maximum limit within which a player can fall. This rule applies in particular to deposit transactions.

Are there any charges for INR deposits?

For INR deposits, there are no charges, as the platform is aimed at the Indian public.

How many lottery games can users find on lotto247?

On this platform, players will find a total of 15 lotteries on which a ticket can be placed.

Does lotto247 have other game categories?

Of course, lotto247 is an operator with various services. For this reason, it offers numerous casino games, scratchcards, and Keno.

Are there any casino games on lotto247

Yes, on lotto247 there are especially casino table games and a special section for live casino.

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