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Jungle Raja Deposit: Payment Methods, Duration & Verification

By Anthony

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India has a very large gambling community and many of these players do not know how to complete a Jungle Raja deposit process. This operator is the first choice they make when they want to have a safe gambling experience from all points of view. For those who need information about this deposit process, we have prepared the following guide.

How do you make a Jungle Raja Deposit?

Being a complete guide about the whole Jungle Raja deposit process, we decided that it would be very useful if we give you step by step guidance. Remember that you will not be able to do this without a Jungle Raja registered account, so before attempting to make a deposit, you will need to create an account.

  • Registration – To register an account at Jungle Raja, you will need to go to the form by pressing the button with the text “Register,” fill in the fields with personal information, choose your bonus, and start playing the games available in the offer.
  • Choose the Deposit option – Go to the cashier section of your player account and choose a method by which you want to make a deposit. Here you will have to fill in the information for the deposit method of your choice. If you don’t know which method to choose, we have a list for you below.

One of the steps you need to take before the deposit is processed is to enter the amount you want to deposit and press the confirm button.


If Jungle Raja deposit is also eligible for a bonus, you should read the deposit rules and conditions. This way, you will know how much to deposit in your first deposit, to receive a substantial bonus.

Jungle Raja Deposit Methods

As you well know, in India, gambling is not very clearly legalized. In some regions, casino games are completely banned, and in other regions, you are only allowed to play them online. Therefore, those who are passionate about such activity need more financial methods to make deposits. Here are the most used methods of Jungle Raja deposit:


PayTM is the most used application for making payments in India. Most Indians who need such an application to pay bills, upload or make paid reservations online use PayTM. The processing time for a deposit is instant, and players must comply with a minimum deposit of ₹1000.


The same deposit conditions and processing times are valid for deposits made through UPI, IMPS, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, or Google Pay. One of the exceptions that do not comply with these conditions is Jungle Raja deposit by Bank Transfer. For this deposit method, players will have to deposit ₹5000.


Jungle Raja is one of the only casinos in the world that accept payments through Bitcoin. For players in India who prefer cryptocurrency payments, Jungle Raja seems to offer the best full payment services.

Jungle Raja Deposit – Welcome Bonus

Jungle Raja offers several bonuses for players who actively participate in gambling activities. Among the most popular bonuses offered in the community, the welcome bonus is the most popular. We say this because it is also the main reason why so many players join this casino. This bonus also has an important connection with the Jungle Raja deposit process and that is why it is important to talk about it.

The welcome bonus offered to those who join the community does not force you to make any deposit. You will receive ₹500 upon registration without any other obligation. Well, Jungle Raja also offers other bonuses, but it also has active offers every week. Many of them are conditioned by the deposit procedure.


A 100% bonus can only be claimed when the player has made a deposit. He is rewarded with 100% of the amount deposited. If you deposit ₹5000, you will receive another bonus of ₹5000. Obviously, if the limit is lower, you will receive less.

What You Should Know about Deposits

In the case of withdrawals, the only problem that may arise is the time wasted with delays. When it comes to Jungle Raja deposit, however, it is good to know a few important things.

Try to choose a deposit method and always use it both to make Jungle Raja deposit, but also to withdraw your winnings. It is mandatory to use the same method for both deposits and withdrawals. Obviously, you can use other methods at any time.

To be clear, if your first deposit was via Neteller, it is mandatory to use Neteller if you wish to withdraw money. The most used method is the credit card because it is much faster and handy for most players.


You should never deposit more money than you can afford, even though Jungle Raja has no deposit limit. Set a betting budget and never bet money you should use for bills or food.

If you encounter problems processing deposits, try contacting the Jungle Raja support team. Most of the time, problems arise when payment processing is delayed.


Finally, the Jungle Raja deposit process is safe, efficient and fast. You have many methods at your disposal by which you can deposit money. If you are from India, you will be able to play Jungle Raja without any problems because the whole platform is specially designed for players from India. Good luck!

November 21, 2021