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JeetWin Withdrawal Methods

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JeetWin is considered the best online Indian casino because it is dedicated exclusively to Indian players that can choose from both Indian and international casino games. With thousands of players all over India, it’s time for a clear JeetWin withdrawal guide that explains all the withdrawal methods.

JeetWin Withdrawal Methods

Many players hesitate to transact over online gambling sites due to increasing online frauds and lack of security, but JeetWin Casino assures you of your security to the fullest.

It is safe to withdraw funds with Jeetwin because the casino uses only one secure and certified method: online banking.

The processing time for online banking withdrawal might be between 4 and 24 hours. If your money is still not deposited into the given time frame, it’s recommended to seek advice from JeetWin’s customer support team.

How to Make a JeetWin Withdrawal Request?

To make a JeetWin withdrawal you need to:

Step 1

Log into your account.

Step 2

Go to the Account page and click the “Withdraw” tab.

Step 3

First you need to register your bank account details. Go to “Add Bank Account”.

Step 4

Fill all the information requested in the “Fill Withdrawal Form” section. Then click “Submit”.

Step 5

After this step, Jeetwin will process your request as soon as possible.

Step 6

Only after you receive the verification confirmation will you be able to go further with the withdrawal.

Once you register your withdrawal bank account details, the site won’t ask you again for future withdrawal and save it for future use.

All withdrawals must be made to the original debit, credit card, bank account used to make the payment to your JeetWin account. The casino may allow you to withdraw using a different payment method than your initial deposit method. But it will always be subject to additional security checks.

Acceptable JeetWin Withdrawal Methods & Timeframes

Jeetwin offers numerous deposit options to its members, and it’s notably one of the only online casinos that accepts Indian Rupees (INR)—in fact, Indian rupees are the sole currency that it accepts.

Nevertheless, it falls short regarding the number of withdrawal methods that it makes available, compared with the industry’s best casinos. Although you can use e-wallets, debit/credit cards, and online banking to deposit your account, you can only withdraw via online bank withdrawal.

The minimum amount for online withdrawal is ₹20,000 while the maximum can be ₹1,000,000. In case you change your mind after you finished the withdrawal request, and it’s still waiting for approval, you can cancel it by contacting Jeetwin’s Customer Support.


JeetWin Casino allows you to withdraw your earnings free of charge two times daily. If you are in the winning flow and you want and can claim your earnings more often, you will be charged a ₹250 processing fee.

Documents Required for JeetWin Withdrawals

Usually, JeetWin can automatically verify your identity using the personal information that you provide. Usually, the verification process is very fast, no more than a few minutes. But, if JeetWin can’t prove your address, age, or identity, you will probably need to send more identification documents such as:

  • Passport
  • Photo ID
  • Driving license
  • Utility bill

You probably know that the gambling laws in India are considerably different in every state. If you are wondering if JeetWin is legit in your state, we recommend checking with your local authorities.

Cancelled JeetWin Withdrawal

Your withdrawal could be cancelled due to several reasons. Before starting the withdrawal process, we recommend you be sure you avoid the following:

  • Not meeting the wagering requirements.
  • Not using the correct method for withdrawal.
  • The withdrawal has been filled for a different bank account.
  • The casino has requested identity verification documents. If the casino doesn’t receive the documents within 72 hours, the withdrawal request will be cancelled and the funds returned to your Jeetwin account.
  • The security and identity verification is not completed yet.
  • Need to Prove the Deposits

Unless they suspect criminal activity, you probably won’t be asked to prove your source of wealth. However, if JeetWin thinks that you’ve used unlawfully-obtained funds to top up your account, you may be asked to provide information such as:

  • Your occupation and salary
  • Copies of bank statements and payslips
  • Employer details


You don’t need to worry that even though JeetWin may ask for your employment details, it will never contact your employer directly. Additionally, the casino name “JeetWin” won’t appear on your bank statements when you withdraw your earnings.


JeetWin is a secure and reliable online Indian casino because it’s created by Indians for Indian players. It even has the famous Indian Bollywood actress Sunny Leone as its brand ambassador, making it more trustworthy and appealing for players. But the only downgrade is the restricted JeetWin withdrawal methods minimizing them to only one method. Until Jeetwin will step up its game with the withdrawal methods, it will limit their players.

December 19, 2022