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Jackpot City VIP: Join the Exclusive VIP Program

By Anthony

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Jackpot City is one of the most popular online casinos in India, with a generous welcome bonus. Globally, the provider has over 3 million active players, and some of them benefit from certain advantages because they are part of the Jackpot City VIP programme. To find out all the information on how to join the VIP programme and what benefits you have, read the full article.

How to Become a Jackpot City VIP Member?

Some online casinos award VIP grades depending on the amount you deposit or the activity of the casino. Jackpot City VIP is a programme that works differently. We say this because, as soon as you finish the registration process, you will be rewarded with 2500 loyalty points that will help you climb directly to the first level of VIP. So, at Jackpot City Live, you will be included directly in the category of players with certain benefits.

Jackpot City VIP has 6 different VIP levels, and with 2500 points, you will reach the Bronze level. The only benefit of this degree is that you are included in the VIP programme. The financial benefits only start at level two, for which you will only need one point of loyalty.


To earn VIP loyalty points, you must be active in any casino game. For every Rs 85, you will receive a loyalty point. If your first bet is worth Rs 85, you have already reached the silver rank.

What are the Jackpot City VIP Benefits?

Jackpot City VIP benefits start with the Silver grade. The grades are consecutive, and to get to the last one, you will have to go through each one. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Prive. From Silver to Prive, every player who qualifies for the VIP programme will have a VIP host staff available. The staff is available at any time of the day or night to assist you with any requirements or issues you may have regarding the betting platform.


There are several benefits that players receive depending on the level of VIP they have reached. They can benefit from free spins, exclusive cashback bonuses, or even daily events dedicated to those with high degrees of loyalty.

For example, for the Silver degree, the cashback bonus is 3%. It will continue to increase until the Prive degree when it reaches 15%. If you are Gold, you will receive 6%, and if you are Diamond, the percentage will be 12%. Players who are eligible for the Jackpot City VIP programme receive a monthly loyalty bonus. It starts with the Gold level, and at Prive, it can reach a value of 150,000.

Jackpot City VIP – Prive Level

The Prive level in the VIP programme is the highest level you can reach. At this level, you will not need points to be eligible. Here is the table for the score that grants you access to each VIP category:

  • Bronze – 0 – 2,499 Loyalty Points
  • Silver – 2,500 – 11,999 Points
  • Gold – 12,000 – 49,999 Points
  • Platinum – 50,000 – 124,999 Points
  • Diamond – From 125,000 Points
  • Prive – Only with Invitation

To switch from Diamond to Prive, you will not need points, but you will have to stand out, especially because this level is only available by invitation, and not every player has access to this category. In the Jackpot City VIP Prive category, players have a Monthly Loyalty Bonus of 150,000, a Daily Special Loyalty of 120% extra, 24/7 access to a VIP Host, and a 15% cash back bonus on all bets placed.


To maintain your VIP player status, you will need to accumulate the number of points required for the VIP category you deserve each month.

It is not easy to stay VIP, and if you fail to keep the required number of points, you will be moved to the category for which you are eligible, until the point at which you will be completely excluded from the VIP club.


It’s very easy to become the most popular player at Jackpot City Casino. As you have fun in the casino, you will become more and more of a VIP. And once you reach Diamond, it’s just a step away from receiving an invitation to join the Prive select category.

January 6, 2022