Jackpot City responsible gambling

Jackpot City Responsible Gambling

By Anthony

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As thrilling as gambling is, players should get in control of their expenses and learn how to follow smarter banking management while playing their favourite casino games online. For starters, you should play in safe casinos that provide an excellent policy regarding security and responsible gambling. For instance, Jackpot City responsible gambling is very important for new players who want to join this casino.

With an impressive traditional and live game portfolio, a friendly welcome bonus, and fast customer support, this casino is very appreciated by Indian gamblers. For the moment you sign up, you have plenty of options to control your spendings and play smartly. In the following article, you will learn more about the responsible gambling policy and why it is so important.

Why Read the Jackpot City Responsible Gambling Policy?

Gamblers should be aware that gambling may be addictive. This activity should be seen as entertainment and not as a day-to-day job that can bring you lots of money. Sometimes you can lose track of time and spend without releasing. When you decide to play in an online casino, have in mind the Jackpot City responsible gambling rules. The jackpots, the games, the experience in an online casino is nothing to compare to but, pay attention to your funds and never lose the money you don’t afford.

So, you’ll learn that:

  • It is very important to keep track of all your money and time you spend as part of a responsible gambling style
  • Only punters that are over the age of 18 years old have the right to open and gamble with real money online
  • When things get out of control, you can ask for family or professional help to stay away from gambling addiction. You can feel free to visit Gambling Therapy and the Responsible Gambling Council for more details

Deposit Limits & Self-exclusion

From the moment you choose to be a client of this casino and read the Jackpot City responsible gambling policy, you have the option to fix deposit limits. They are very important as they limit you from spending more money in the casino. If you want to use this option, note that the limits can be set on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

If your gambling behaviour turns out to be bad and you can not stop investing and playing money even if you constantly lose, take into consideration the self-exclusion option. Take a break for 24 hours or even for at least 6 months. According to Jackpot City responsible gambling, you’ll also have the option to exclude yourself permanently from the platform.

Jackpot City provides its players with a self-assessment test that can help them decide if they are or aren’t addicted. If you give 7 positive answers on this test, you may ask for professional help. Some of the most important questions will sound like this:

  • Is gambling everything to you?
  • Do you feel the urge to bet on your favourite games while having a bad time at work?
  • Did you lose all of your money while gambling online?
  • Are there any guilty feelings when you gamble?
  • Is gambling affecting your personal and professional life?
  • Did you argue with your loved ones because of gambling?
  • Do you want to win only by gambling?


If you want to change any deposit limits or to request the self-exclusion you’ll have to get in touch with the customer support team. You may get your response in a few hours up to 2 days via email or live chat.

How to Play Responsibly?

After reading Jackpot City’s responsible gambling policy, there are some tips and tricks to follow if you want to play like a PRO and always have fun in an online casino. Make sure to:

  • Divide your budget and see how much money you can play for your entertainment in an online casino
  • Stop when a slot/table game is not paying you even if you play for a while
  • Don’t consume all your funds by waiting to randomly trigger the jackpot game
  • Be aware that when you play you may win or lose
  • Opting for a bonus is a good idea if you want to play with extra money or with free spins
  • Set a deposit limit according to your budget – it can be daily, weekly or monthly


Make your first deposit, opt for the bonus and read the Jackpot City responsible gambling rules, as well as the info on wagering requirements. Always play with a strict budget and try not to surpass it, as much as appealing a game may look. Also, play just for fun, with no expectation and, if you’ll be lucky enough you can be awarded a huge prize or even the jackpot!

June 24, 2021