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Take a Glimpse into the Famous Indian Casinos in Goa

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We are currently dreaming of being able to visit the best Indian casinos again, but we need to wait a bit more. We have the amazing option of playing online casino during these times, so we are very grateful to this, but still… Wouldn’t you want to explore the exciting, thrilling, and heart-pumping world of brick-and-mortar casinos? The top casinos in Goa await their clients with amazing games, professional dealers, delicious food and decadent drinks. We will be the first to book a table as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we thought about a way to enjoy the experience of a real casino from home. We dove deep into the world of casino vlogging and picked the best content creators who documented and shared their experience playing in the top casinos in Goa. From Big Daddy and Deltin Royale to Casino Pride, the most popular Goa casinos have been explored and presented in detail. Below you take a glimpse into the world of Indian casinos through the 12 best videos from local creators who were generous enough to share their adventure with us!

✨Suman Kothari – Inside the Biggest Casino in Goa

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  • Channel: LifeStyleDiary
  • Type: travel
  • Creator: Suman Kothari

Suman Kothari’s lifestyle, travel and fashion channel is the place to be if you want to go deeper than glamour and insta-worthy content. She and her friends (some of which you may see further down our list 😉 ) spent an unforgettable night in the biggest casino in Goa. Their experience in the famous Big Daddy Casino offers you a glimpse into the exclusive world of Indian casinos! Apart from the ability to take a peek inside such a famous casino, Suman’s video also offers the chance to see how the casino works during Covid-19 times. The video was published in January 2021, so it shows us that casinos can be enjoyed safely even in these trying times!

Check out the amazing food, incredible view from the floating casino, the exciting Roulette table, and the fun adventure they had while gambling in lakhs. Suman’s first experience at the casino looks like a Bollywood film, and we wish we could join her and her cool friends. Maybe next time!

?Richa & Sumeet – Casino in Goa after Lockdown

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  • Channel: FeedFit
  • Type: health & lifestyle
  • Creator: Richa & Sumeet

Richa and Sumeet are a popular couple dedicated to a fit, healthy and happy lifestyle. Their channel, FeedFit, is dedicated to fitness, with their main purpose being to encourage Indians to return to an authentic, natural, and nourishing style of eating, backed by hard science.

We had an amazing experience at big Daddy. Although Goa has many casinos, Big Daddy is the best among them. The staff was very cooperative and the performances were great. Food and ambience were both great.

Sumeet, on his casino experience

This vlog is an adorable take on a healthy relationship we all aspire to have. Back in November 2020, they published their vlog from inside the Big Daddy Casino in Goa. Their video includes the experience of being in a brick-and-mortar casino after lockdown. It is reassuring to know that we can safely return to gambling and that the most reputed casinos take the health and security of their guests seriously. Take a look at the vlog exploring all the five floors offered by the most popular Goa casino and you will be impressed by the elegance of the outfits and the excitement of the casino games.

⛰️Xtreme Roads – Inside Deltin Casino Royale

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  • Channel: Xtreme Roads
  • Type: travel
  • Creator: Vaishali Seta

Xtreme Roads needs no introduction, but we will try to do it anyway. This amazing travel channel is the creation of Vaishali Seta, a passionate vlogger who has turned travelling into a career. Her adventures all around the world make us long for our next trip to the mountains, to the ocean, or the eldest temples in India. Luckily, Vaishali spent a night gambling at the Deltin Casino Royale, a very popular stop for tourists and locals alike.

Her night included Roulette tables, Teen Patti or slot games, as well as an exciting live show. You can’t miss the opportunity of taking a peek into this exclusive world. Please enjoy Xtreme Roads’ amazing vlog about her casino experience below!

?Simply Inder – Explore Big Daddy Casino

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  • Channel: Simply Inder
  • Type: travel & lifestyle
  • Creator: Inder

It was my first trip to Goa and going to Casino is a must in Goa. Everyone knows Dan Bilzerian, he was at Big Daddy Casino and we wanted to check the best Casino of Goa so we decided to go there. Trust me it was a great experience from their office to the cruise. You can eat as much you want as it’s included in the package and food was really amazing. Enjoyed all the games and services we were given while playing. Snacks and drinks were offered all the time.

Simply Inder, on his casino experience

♠️ Rishabh Rana – Competing in a Poker Championship

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  • Channel: Rishabh Rana
  • Type: travel
  • Creator: Rishabh Rana

Rishabh is another young YouTuber who creates unique and exciting content, focusing on fun, entertaining and positive vlogs. His casino vlog is a bit different than the others on our list since it shows his experience as a poker player inside the Big Daddy Casino. Back in 2019, Rishabh participated in the Poker Championship by Spartan, and he shared his experience with us.

He is a talented poker player (he met Dan Bilzerian after all), so his unique experience is certainly a very interesting watch. Take a look below to see what the guys did in Goa and how Rishabh did in the prestigious poker tournament.

?Mere Saath – Price List of Major Casinos

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  • Channel: Mere Saath
  • Type: lifestyle, travel & fashion
  • Creator: Seema Jha

Mere Saath is a channel dedicated to lifestyle, travel, cooking, and fashion. The channel belongs to Seema Jha who travels to both popular and less known destinations in India and shares amazing vlogs. If you browse through her channel, you will discover exotic beaches, lakes, and hidden places to explore yourself. We can’t wait to start travelling again and check out the locations discovered on the Mere Saath channel.

Seema Jha’s video is not dedicated to one particular casino instead it covers the major casinos in Goa, with a focus on their price list. Her vlog includes helpful information about how much you can expect to pay if you visit Casino Pride, Deltin Royal, or the now-famous Big Daddy. It’s important to note that the vlog was created during the pandemic while respecting all required health and safety measures.

?Moses J Saldanha – Goa Casino Prices after Lockdown

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  • Channel: Moses J Saldanha
  • Type: travel
  • Creator: Moses & Sharon Saldanha

Moses J Saldanha and his wife, Sharon, are dedicated to exploring the world and sharing their amazing discoveries with their users. He considers himself a Globetrotter, so don’t be surprised when you will come across vlogs dedicated to delicious Indian food, hidden beaches, affordable or deluxe hotels, as well as casino visits. This channel regularly shares high-quality content which will certainly make you dream of your next trip.

It’s a great, completely different experience specially for someone who hasn’t seen a casino before. You almost feel you are in a different country at some point. I would recommend going for a full food and alcohol package as it’s worth the experience. Also go to all the different casinos and check the live entertainment for the day. Some days they have Celebrity performances. Overall a great experience.

Moses J Saldanha, on his casino experience

Moses’ trip to Goa includes a full overview of the prices most popular casinos offer, including the casinos in Goa entry fee. Since it was filmed at the end of 2020, the video includes the updated prices after lockdown, so it offers valuable fresh information. Take a look below and see for yourself.

?Heersaga – Inside Deltin Jaqk Casino in Goa

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  • Channel: Heersaga
  • Type: lifestyle
  • Creator: Heersaga

Heersaga has a channel dedicated to travelling, fashion, style tips and life as a mom. She creates entertaining videos to chronicle her life and to connect with her viewers. Heersaga also documented her experience visiting Deltin Jaqk, a very popular casino in Goa. She shared with her viewer the entire casino experience, her outfit choice, and her favourite casino games.

Take a look below for access into the exclusive world of Deltin Jaqk:

?Sahil Khanna – Best Seafood & Best Casino

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  • Channel: Sahil Khanna
  • Type: travel, comedy & more
  • Creator: Sahil Khanna

Deltin Royale is among the top 5 casinos in Goa, so it makes another appearance on our list. Sahil Khanna, another Indian YouTuber, explores the atmosphere and services in Deltin, focusing on the amazing local food available at Fat Fish.

The mix of the best casino and the best seafood will surely be irresistible for any foodie out there, and we are no exception. We promise that watching Sahil’s vlog will make you want to book your next flight to Goa to enjoy the world-class services presented!

?The Magical Mona

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  • Channel: The Magical Mona
  • Type: fashion, beauty & travel
  • Creator: Mona Roy

The Magical Mona is truly a magical place on YouTube. Mona Roy is the creator of this lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and travel channel and she posts her adventures twice a week. Her bubbly personality and positive attitude will certainly make you fall in love with her. Mona shares videos from her travels, documenting the atmosphere of the most popular resorts and hotels in India, so whenever you are longing for a holiday, her channel is the place to be.

This was my first visit to a casino. It ended up being indeed a night to remember for the rest of my life. 

The Magical Mona, on her casino experience

Her Deltin Royal visit from January 2021 highlights the atmosphere of this casino after Covid-19. We recommend taking a look at her video below to enjoy an immersive experience, complete with a live performance inside the casino.

?‍?Curly Tales – A Stay at the Luxury Deltin Hotel

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  • Channel: Curly tales
  • Type: travel & lifestyle
  • Creator: Kamiya Jani & more

Curly Tales is a food, travel and lifestyle vlog that will allow you to experience amazing adventures. The purpose of this channel is to bring some inspiration into your life and show you that you can pack your bags and travel near or far. Kamiya Jani, the creator of Curly Tales, quit her 9-to-5 to start travelling professionally, and she has never looked back.

Among her many adventures, she took a weekend break at Deltin Hotel, in Daman. Her vlog is a little atypical compared to the rest of the entries on our list since she is not playing the casino, but staying in the location. We think it is very useful to get a full overview of this luxury hotel that offers a top-notch casino. Take a look below and see for yourself!

?I am Paritosh Anand – Spent 10 Lakhs at the Casino

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  • Channel: I am Paritosh Anand
  • Type: travel
  • Creator: Paritosh

Do you remember we mentioned some of Suman Kothari’s friends will pop up in our list? We were referring to Paritosh Anand, a young YouTube sensation. He creates amazing video content for his over 120.000 subscribers and documents his travels across India and Indonesia, as well as fun vlogs with his mother.

Paritosh has a very positive attitude about life and his content delivers entertainment in a very joyful way. His vlog about spending 10 lakhs at the casino in Goa in January 2021 shows you how he and his group of friends enjoyed themselves while gambling. Take a look at their adventures below, and get ready for your own casino experience!


Our top casino adventures from famous Indian YouTubers should offer you a glimpse into the world of real casinos. We appreciate their content and find it really refreshing, especially during these times when travelling may still be restricted. Browsing through their amazing adventures in the most popular Indian casinos in Goa brings us a lot of hope and excitement. Soon we will be able to gamble at real casinos ourselves and maybe join them in their next adventures. Is there a YouTuber you love that we may have overlooked? Let us know! Meanwhile, enjoy the online gambling experience and prepare for the real one by watching the vloggers we’ve included on our list.

February 4, 2021