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How to Play Indian Rummy? Don’t Play it until Reading This Guide!

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Many gamblers describe Indian Rummy as an easy and entertaining card game, known for generations by its simple rules. It’s a game which gathers all of your favourite persons in one place; a game that’s worth trying even for newbies. If you are asking how to play Indian Rummy or to remember the principles of it, read carefully the following guide. But…before starting to dig into this subject, there are few more things to know. 

Besides being 100% thrilling, the Indian Rummy game offers it’s players the opportunity to earn some money – or other treats – competing against their family and friends. There are even strategies that can be applied to increase the chances of winning or small tricks. Moreover, the game is available online and it can be played from multiple devices, including smartphones or tablets. So…what are you waiting for?! Learn now how to play Indian Rummy right now!

History of Indian Rummy

Every game got an interesting history, including Rummy. It is said that everything started from Conquain, 400 years ago. Other sources state that this game developed in North America, Asia or other parts of Europe. Even if the ancestors of the game aren’t 100% known today, the Indian Rummy game is yet popular and well ranked around the world. 

To learn how to play Indian Rummy 2024 or other types of skill games, you got to know the origin of it. Some people say that various rummy game variations are somewhat linked to an old poker game, called Whiskey Poker. It was similar to the classic Rummy games, known as Rum Poker. Over time, the game evolved in what we know today as Rummy. Therefore, the game variations were developed differently, depending on the country they arrived at. For instance, India is known for the Indian Rummy/ 13 cards Rummy, while Americans boast with Gin Rummy. Interesting isn’t it?!

What is Indian Rummy

There is some basic information to know when you want to start and understand how to play Indian Rummy. It is a classic card game, played with 2 complete card decks, including the jokers. The main objective of the game is to compute as many suits & sequences as possible. They can be lower/higher in rank. During the game, players can discard and pick other cards from the deck to form suits easier. If you are able & lucky enough to create many sequences in the game, you’re more likely to win and beat the other players. Keep in mind that this game is played with minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6.

Nowadays, there are a lot of Indian Rummy games to play. You can play them online, on specialized sites, or at top online casinos in India. Doing that, you can win money or other prizes such as shopping vouchers, bonuses, special tournament tickets and so on. And, that’s not it! If you aren’t near your PC/laptop, play it on your mobile phone/tablet. Log in to your gambler account and try the game in the demo version if you want to learn how to play Indian Rummy like a real PRO.

How to Play Indian Rummy

Do you want to understand how to play Indian Rummy? For starters, the Indian Rummy game demands valid/pure sequences or winning sets. The main objective of it is to place several 13 cards invalid/pure sequences. Lastly, each gambler has to calculate their score and see who is the winner. 

How does the game begin? The two decks of cards are all mixed up. Then, the player who sits in the right part of the dealer has to pick up a card. That card is known in all Indian Rummy games as the WILD. After this, the dealer has to give each player 13 cards, placing the remaining deck on the wild card. Then, the upper card of the deck is dealt with and placed on the table. In the meantime, players analyze their cards and try to construct valid/pure sequences. And here they are, the most important things to know when you want to master how to play Indian Rummy online.

Indian Rummy Rules 2024

You got the main point of how to play Indian Rummy and how the game starts, but…what about the rules? Easy and fast to understand, they start with the forming of the sequences. In Indian Rummy, there are 2 possible sequences to make – pure, impure – and sets. Remember that any sequence/set is formed with at least 3 cards!

  • Pure sequence – you can form a sequence with consecutive cards of the same symbol. For example, you say that you got a sequence when you got these cards: 4,5,6 of hearts. To form a pure sequence you CAN’T use jackpot cards!
  • Impure sequence – is formed with a joker that substitute a card, to form a consecutive sequence
  • Sets  – you can say you got a set only when you got the same card but with different suits. An example, in this case, can be 4 of cups, 4 of spades, 4 of hearts and 4 of clubs. You can also form a set with the help of the joker card

Other Important Rules

  • The player that is on the left side of the dealer has to pick the first card of the game to start. The card can be kept or discarded if not needed
  • The game continues, and the other players can pick the next card of the pile. If they need it, they take it but have to discard another one from the 13 cards dealt at the beginning
  • If you play for money, you also got the option to take a hand out if the dealt cards are bad. This is also known as packing. If you pack on your first round, your cards are placed under the pile. But..if you pack later, your cards are automatically discarded

Indian Rummy Strategy 2024

What’s your objective in Indian Rummy if not winning it? Because it’s a game of skill, it requires focus and of course, a little bit of luck. If the dealt cards are good from the beginning, the odds for you to win are higher. But, what do you do when the odds are against you, and you start the game with bad cards? You can pack them and start over, but you don’t have any certainty that your situation is now better. So, you have to apply strategies. Here are some of them.

  • Observe your opponent if you play offline. Look at their reactions, facial expressions to predict the outcome of the game. 
  • Throw your highest point cards. Why? You have to wait a long time until gluing other cards to them to make a sequence. Keeping an A, J, Q, or K for too much, can stop you from making the right moves at the right time. Throw them away as fast as you can and center your attention on making pure sequences!
  • Don’t wait too long for the right card! You got a 4 and a 6, and you wait too long for a 5 to make a pure sequence? But in the end, you draw a 3? In this case, it is recommended to discard the 6 and take the 3. That’s because you increase your winning chances in Indian Rummy games. There is a high possibility to draw a 3 or a 5 and make your combo faster
  • Use the joker carefully and only when needed! A good gambler that learned how to play Indian Rummy will use the joker card to replace high-value cards or to make an impure sequence faster


If you are willing to learn or remember how to play Indian Rummy 2024, you got to understand the game vocabulary. There are some terms each player has to know. Check them below!

  • The Rummy Table. Is where the action begins! You can play against another player or 6 players. 
  • Draw. Means to take from the pile another card if you are not pleased with your current hand
  • Discard. Take out a bad card and replace it with the one that you draw
  • Drop. It happens when someone wants to leave the Rummy table. Depending on when he/she does it, points will be lost. For instance, if you leave at the beginning, you get minus 20 points. When you leave in the middle of the game you got – 40 points and…when you leave in the end you got -80 points
  • Shuffle. Means to mix the 2 pack of cards very well
  • Deadwood. The term refers to the cards that aren’t good for any use
  • Count. Is the moment when you got to make your score and sum up your total points. Each card got a different value. The face cards (J, Q, K) and A sums up 10 points and the other ones got the same points as their face value
  • Valid Declaration. You got a valid declaration when you got 2 complete sequences in a game. This term is VERY important when you start and learn how to play Indian Rummy
  • Wrong Declaration. This happens when you press the declaration button, but your cards are placed in invalid sequences like Q of hearts, Q of Hearts or Q of clubs 
  • Deal. Is the action of dealing the cards to the player
  • Dealer. Is the person that will deal the cards
  • Buy in. It refers to the sum of money you got to gamble when participating in a Rummy tournament

How to Withdraw Winnings

After learning how to play Indian Rummy you may start to play it with real money online. And…if you manage to win some money, it’s time for you to withdraw them! The process is fast and easy and it won’t take longer than 2 minutes! If you never withdraw, check the steps below.

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to the banking section and choose to withdraw
  • Complete the required fields with the sum of money that you got to withdraw
  • Complete the transfer and wait for the cash to flow in your account
  • If you got any problem, try to get in touch with the customer support


According to the chosen withdrawal method (credit/debit card, e-wallets), the processing time varies from a few hours to 2-3 working days. Also, commissions may apply.

What are Indian Rummy Tournaments

Now that you know how to play Indian Rummy, you may be interested in how you can make real money out of it. Participate in tournaments. What are they? Special competitions that give the best of the players with money, online vouchers or other special prizes. 

To enter in these types of competitions, mind that you may/may not pay an entry fee. Another important thing that you have to know is that Indian Rummy games tournaments vary. They can be freerolls, cash or even exclusive.

  • Freeroll Indian Rummy tournament. Did you choose to compete after learning how to play Indian Rummy on a freeroll? Great! Freerolls are recommended for newbies because they don’t have to pay any entry fee.

  • Cash Indian Rummy online tournament. Are the most hunted Rummy competitions among players. These tournaments offer real money prizes (paid in INR) and are open to every player, no matter if they are/aren’t experienced. Most likely, you’ll find them online 24/7. Also, they are perfect for all type of players that know how to play Indian Rummy

  • Exclusive Indian Rummy game 2024 tournaments. High ranked players can participate in these competitions. These tournaments are made for those who master Rummy and have big prizes.

Variations of Indian Rummy

Did you know that Indian Rummy got popular variations as well as other games? The most loved ones are Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and of course, Pool Rummy. Never heard about them? Don’t worry! Check the following rows.

Points Rummy

Gamblers who learned how to play Indian Rummy should try Points Rummy. The difference is that you play on a pre-decided INR value and win the game if you manage to gain 0 points until the end. How can you do that? With a single valid declaration! The pot is calculated with the sum of the opponent’s point multiplied by the INR value of one point. Players often choose this Indian Rummy game variation because it’s not too long as the classic version 

Pool Rummy 

Just like Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy can be played only by paying an entry fee. The game is available for a maximum number of 6 players and it’s similar to the classic version. We recommend you to know how to play Indian Rummy before trying the version. The player has the opportunity to use Auto-Drop if he wants to leave the table for a while and rejoin it with the “I’m back” function. The main goal of the game is to arrange the 13 cards in sequences and sets. It is compulsory to have one pure sequence and another one (pure/impure). Note that you can play 101 Pool Rummy or 201 Pool Rummy. In 101 Pool Rummy, players are eliminated when they reach up to 101 points, while in 201 Pool Rummy, players are eliminated when they get 202 points.

Deals Rummy

If you are tired of playing the classic game, we recommend trying this. Do it only when you master how to play Indian Rummy to have a good result. This is a multiplayer game in which you have to know how to get chips in Indian Rummy. The number of chips is established and allocated when the game starts for each player. They are given to you for a fixed number of deals. To play this game, you got to pay an entry fee. To win it, you have to make 2 valid sequences and declare them.

Bonus Read

To stay on top of your gaming strategy, we recommend reading our guides dedicated to:

Online vs Offline Indian Rummy 2024

After learning how to play Indian Rummy like a PRO, have you wondered which version fits you better? Is it an online or offline game that works better for you? If you didn’t make your decision yet, we are here to help you! Note that the online version games are easier to access and even faster to play. You don’t need to purchase the cards to play or lose time to prepare a special Rummy night for you or your friends. All you need to know is how to play Indian.

  • Rummy online and compete with other players, including your friends. Besides, there are a lot of advantages.
  • You can win real money if you know how to play Indian Rummy
  • Play and compete with new players in tournaments
  • Develop new tactical skills while playing it
  • Play it on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Besides the classical version of the game, there are other variations to try


Now that you learn how to play Indian Rummy, the guide has come to an end. Even if it’s most likely perceived as a family game, it’s popular online among gamblers. The opportunity to make a lot of money is high, but only when you have mastered the skills and applied the strategies at the right moment, at the right time. The most thrilling way to play it is along with other players in tournaments. Doing so, you’ll feel the adrenaline rush, you can win big and lastly have a lot of fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best strategy to win at Indian Rummy?

A nice way to increase your winning chances while playing Rummy is to calculate the probability of gaining some cards. If you will be able to do that, you’ll be able to predict the outcome of the game. Also, do not forget to use the joker cards carefully!

Can I use my phone to play Indian Rummy?

Of course, you can! There are so many games of Indian Rummy online to choose from. There are even apps that can be downloaded on your phone to play. You can even try apps for free to learn how to play Indian Rummy,

Is Indian Rummy 100% legal?

You can play it for fun with your family and friends or online. When you play online and want to earn real money, keep in mind that you have to choose a licensed website.

What types of Indian Rummy exists?

There are 3 types of Indian Rummy: Pool Rummy, Points Rummy and Deals Rummy! All of them are a great option to start with!

Which are the rules for Indian Rummy 2024?

In Indian Rummy, there are 2 possible sequences to make – pure, impure – and sets.
Pure sequence means you can form a sequence with consecutive cards of the same symbol. For example, you say that you got a sequence when you got these cards: 4,5,6 of hearts. To form a pure sequence you CAN’T use jackpot cards!
The impure sequence is formed with a joker that substitute a card, to form a consecutive sequence

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