How to Play Andar Bahar? Win Big, Have Fun And Learn Some SPICY Tricks

By Anthony

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A traditional game that soothes all of your nerves, that’s the way gamblers describe Andar Bahar. Classic and quite fascinating, it’s super easy to learn how to play Andar Bahar and even make real money with it. The game will take place against the dealer, and it can be tried out for fun or with real money in an online casino.

After becoming popular in North and South India, Andar Bahar gained worldwide popularity. For those Indian players who play it rigorously it is also known as Mangatha or Ullae Veliyae and it uses just one deck of cards. If you know other card games like baccarat or blackjack, it will be easy to understand how to play Andar Bahar. However, if you open it for the first time, feel free to learn the gameplay, the rules, tips & tricks and other important info below.

History of Andar Bahar

Learn more about the history of Andar Bahar

Have you ever played Rummy or even Teen Patti? If so, did you know that they were a real wonder for centuries in India along with Andar Bahar? Truth be told, many sources claimed that the first two games got their origin in South Asia. Same applies to Andar Bahar which spread its wings for the first time in Bangalore.

The game was a real hit. Even today, there is no knowledge of who invented the game and maybe we will never find out. Being present on the market for over two centuries, Andar Bahar evolved and spread in India fast. Because it was so simple and entertaining, this card game evolved in time along with the technology, and it is now available online too. To learn more about the game, how to play Andar Bahar or how to win Andar Bahar 2021 using some tricks, read our guide below.

What is Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar 2021 is a simple card game, played from centuries in India. If we were to translate the meaning of the game, Andar means in and Bahar means out. The game name refers to the sides that you will have to choose from: the player – Andar or the dealer – Bahar.

As it was mentioned at the beginning of the article, other game name variations were Mangatha or Ullae Veliyae (used by people from Tamil). The game uses no more than one deck of cards that has to be dealt by the dealer or by a friend. Therefore, no matter what’s your choice, you should learn how to play Andar Bahar if you have never tried it. Spoiler alert: the steps and rules are super simple!

How to Play Andar Bahar?

Wanna try out the Andar Bahar card game at home? Then, purchase a deck of cards and invite one friend in. You or your friend can be the dealer or the player. The one that chooses to be the player has to compete against the other one, respectively the dealer. How? By picking on which side the dealt card will lend. Here, you got two options:

  • Andar – meaning that the card that will be taken out from the deck by the dealer will land on the player side. Andar is known by players as IN
  • Bahar – meaning that, at one point, the card that will be taken out from the deck will land on the dealer side. This bet is also known as OUT


If you play for fun with family or friends, you can spice up the game by gambling with money or other objects.

If you want to take the fun on another level, go play online Andar Bahar 2021 on a licensed casino. You will compete against a dealer just like you would do it if you’ll play with a friend. The catch is that you have to play with real money. The possibility of winning is 50/50. Note that the casino version of this game uses one deck of cards, dealt by the dealer through the game. If you are still learning how to play Andar Bahar, check out the demo version and practice until you are confident enough to place bets with real money.

Andar Bahar Rules 2021

Now that you know the basic stuff about the Andar Bahar casino game, let’s move further! The key point in learning how to play Andar Bahar is to clearly understand the rules of the game. As we mentioned in the article, they aren’t complicated. So…even if you are a newbie it should be a piece of cake.

  1. Online Andar Bahar real cash game/ the version played for fun with friends or family is played ONLY with a deck of 52 card
  2. The Andar Bahar online betting game starts with your stake. Place your money on Andar or Bahar and then press the “DEAL” button if you play the classic versions against the RNG or wait for the live dealer to do this action
  3. After placing the bet, the dealer will take out from the deck the first card placed upside down and put it in the middle of the table. That will be the index card in any Andar Bahar game
  4. If the card is black, the dealer will deal starting with Andar. If it’s red, the card dealing will start with Bahar
  5. Now you choose on which side will land the index card. Pick Andar or Bahar
  6. The cards are drawn from the deck one by one until the index card will be on one side – Andar or Bahar
  7. If you guess the right side of the Andar Bahar game, you’ll win money. On contrary, you will lose the money
  8. When the index card is drawn and land on one of the two sides, the game ends

Andar Bahar Bets & Payouts

How much money can you win by playing Andar Bahar? That depends on your stake of course. The payout is the same for every game. If you win, the bet will be multiplied with the fixed payout of the game. Check out the following list.

Simple Bets
Andar – x1.9
Bahar – x 2.0

Card Bets

  • 1-5 – x3.5
  • 6-10 – x4.5
  • 11-15 – x5.5
  • 16-25 – x4.5
  • 26-30 – x15
  • 31-35 – x25
  • 36-40 – x50
  • 41/more – x120

Joker Card Bets

  • <8 – x2
  • 8 – x2
  • 8 – x12
  • Heart – x3.8
  • Diamond – x3.8
  • Spade – x3.8
  • Clubs – x 3.8
  • Red/Black – x1.9

Andar Bahar Odds 2021

Everything about the Andar Bahar odds

Your chances of winning are expressed in odds. Probably you heard that any game got odd and that is showing you what the probabilities to take a prize are. Probably more common games based on odds are poker and baccarat. Don’t worry! We have covered how to play video poker and how to play baccarat to help you with this process.

Odds are expressed in percentage and they are very important if you want to learn how to play Andar Bahar or any other type of casino game. If you want to start and play Andar Bahar please check out the odds list. This shows you which bets are safer or riskier.

Simple Bets
Andar – 51.5%
Bahar – 48.4%

Card Bets

  • 1-5 – 23.8%
  • 6-10 – 21.5%
  • 11-15 – 16.9%
  • 16-25 – 21.8%
  • 26-30 – 6.29%
  • 31-35 – 3.6%
  • 36-40 -1.9%
  • 41/more – 0.8%

Joker Card Bets

  • <8 – 46%
  • 8 – 46%
  • 8 – 7.6%
  • Heart – 25%
  • Diamond – 25%
  • Spade – 25%
  • Clubs – 25%
  • Red/Black – 50%

Variations of Andar Bahar

Online Andar Bahar came in different variations to choose from. When you learn how to play Andar Bahar in the classic version you may want to try out something new. The most popular are:

Speed Andar Bahar

Made for those who are impatient and want to gamble fast and see the result in a few seconds, that’s the speed variation of the game. Besides placing your bet on Andar or Bahar, you can also gamble on the number of cards that will be dealt next, colours or symbols. This betting function may miss some Speed variations.

Live Andar Bahar 2021

After learning how to play Andar Bahar, what is the next step to do? Trying out your luck at a live game, of course! Make a deposit, enter in the live section and compete against the dealer to win. It’s a realistic experience that will bring back the sensation of playing offline, with your friends. Usually, the live game is classic and the main bets are Andar or Bahar.

Andar Bahar Casino Game Classic

If you are not up to play live or too fast, try out this! The game is perfect for new gamblers who want to practice for free and learn how to play Andar Bahar. However, don’t forget that you can gamble on it with real money too! In this version, you’ll compete with the RNG (Random Number Generator) which will play the role of the dealer. Cards will be dealt and winnings made if you will be lucky

Andar Bahar Multiplayer

Sit at the table with more players and bet against the dealer or RNG. Interact with your “rivals”, and send messages if you play live! PRO gamblers don’t recommend to try out this game if you don’t know how to play Andar Bahar the rules or some tricks

Keep in Mind

Some places are gifting you a bonus that you can enjoy. However, this is not mandatory, you can choose not to take it if you want to.

How to Play Andar Bahar Online

It’s super easy to learn how to play Andar Bahar by betting online with real money or even for free. Those who are not that experienced, consider playing this card game. In this case, practice will make a difference, helping to improve your gambler skills. After playing several rounds and finally understanding the principles and rules of the game you’ll master the game. But…how can you do that?

Step 1

Open a casino account for free. Check out our list to shorten your waiting time. Make sure to provide your real data and keep in mind that you have to be 18+

Step 2

Choose the Andar Bahar game 2021 variation – the classic one (if you play & need to understand how to play Andar Bahar), the live one, the speed one, etc

Step 3

Place your bet online, and let the fun begin!

Andar Bahar Game Providers

When you learn how to play Andar Bahar, you should also know how to choose the best game for you. To do that, you should check the providers! Never skip on this step because a high-end game developer will offer it’s games to a licensed and safe casino.


Andar Bahar game provided by Ezugi and it’s available for both mobile or desktop version. You can place 8 side bets and play it with other gamblers 24/7. It’s an all-time loved game by Indian players who want to gamble live against a real dealer. Make sure to learn how to play Andar Bahar, before gambling! Oh, and….don’t forget to try out the Teen Patti provided by Ezugi

Super Spade Games

This is the best of the best when it comes to live table games. Although Super Spade Games is known for how to play roulette, it couldn’t ignore its Indian players! They offer many variations of Andar Bahar available in Hindi and English. We recommend you try the Speed Andar Bahar if you want to learn how to play Andar Bahar faster version


It is one of the most professional software developers in the gambling market and it’s known for its classic version of this Indian game which can be played without real money, just for fun. Do that if you play the game for the first time if you want to learn how to play Andar Bahar. After practicing it enough try it out with real money, maybe you’ll win!

Andar Bahar Tips

Andar Bahar tips and tricks

Every player that knows how to play Andar Bahar, also knows that some tips & strategies may help them win on this simple card game. If you are looking for them, here are some SPICY Andar Bahar tricks 2021 that may come in handy!

  1. 🥇 Understand the meaning of the odds and their payout and try for starters to bet on those who may guarantee a 50/50 percentage of winning, like Andar or Bahar
  2. 🥇 Use popular strategies like Martingale, Fibonacci or Labouchere to increase the possibility of winning. Please take into account the fact that strategies may or may not work and for most of them, you have to prepare a larger budget. For instance, if you choose to use Martingale, you know that each time you lose you double up the stake and each time you win you should start over with the initial bet
  3. 🥇 Place small bets if you are still learning how to play Andar Bahar. Placing small bets isn’t shameful. This is a safer way to make tiny profits and not losing too much
  4. 🥇 Always follow a budget and never surpass it because you can lose the sense of reality and start gambling excessively

How to Withdraw Your Winnings

It was fun to understand how to play Andar Bahar? You gambled and won?! We’re happy for ya’! Now it will be the time to withdraw your winnings, but how can you complete this process?

  • First of you should be logged in your player account
  • Visit the deposit /banking section
  • Go to the withdrawals
  • Select the wanted payment method and complete the fields with the data required
  • Complete the field with the sum of money that has to be withdrawn
  • Wait for the payment to process


If there are any issues while withdrawing your money, get in touch with the customer care team and ask them for help!


Did you learn how to play Andar Bahar 2021 by reading our guide?! Well, that’s great! Its simplicity is one of the main assets that attract Indian gamblers. Besides that, the bets are budget-friendly and the odds are high. If you are inspired enough, you can win BIG and fast. Don’t forget to apply our tips to increase your winning rate and enjoy the game! So…choose one of our listed casinos that offer Andar Bahar, open an account and you may catch one/more of the multipliers that start from 1.9x to 120x. Then, withdraw your winnings and try out more casino games! Break a leg!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar is a classic Indian card game in which you compete against the dealer. You have to pick up the winning side/number of cards dealt/colour of the card drawn by the dealer. It’s versatile and it can be played among friends and family or in an online casino with real money.

Is it legal to play Andar Bahar in India?

YES! You can play Andar Bahar in India on an online gambling platform ONLY if it’s licensed and authorized

Which are the recommended bets to place on Andar Bahar?

The recommended bets to place on the game are Andar, Bahar or the colour bets (black or red). They will multiply your bet by 1.9 to x2 if you guess them right.

How to play Andar Bahar for free?

Register on a licensed casino and select Andar Bahar in the classic version here you can play for FREE with 0 deposits!

Can I play Andar Bahar live 2021?

Sure thing! If the chosen casino got in its live portfolio Andar Bahar then you can play it. Just check if the game is there, click on it and start your gambling adventure!

January 12, 2021