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Guts Deposits: Methods and Payment

By Anthony

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When it comes to deposits there are specific aspects that cross our mind regarding safeness, and payment methods. Guts deposits are incredibly easy to make and no need to worry about security because they have over 4 methods to verify your identity and payment.

No time to wait! Just sign up for your account, pick the payment method that suits you and the money will come right back at you. You can do this using your computer, or access the Guts casino mobile platform.

Guts Deposits

If you want to start on the right foot you should claim the welcome bonus by signing up for a new account. Careful, the welcome bonus is available only for new players.

All you have to do is create your account, deposit the amount you want, and select the welcome offer reward card or any other bonuses that convenient you.

If you do so you will notice that the amount you initially transferred will double and you will be playing with twice the value, this means the welcome bonus deposit is a 100% bonus.

The minimum amount for the deposit is ₹878, while the maximum is ₹8789, so, for example, if you will deposit ₹8,789, Guts casino will add another ₹8,789 and you will be playing with ₹17,578.

Unfortunately, if you deposit using Neteller, Skrill, or Paysafecard the welcome bonus or any kind of Guts casino deposit bonus will not be available. However, you can still make your payment using other methods like Visa or EcoPayz.

Payment Methods and Conditions

Both the Guts casino deposits and the Guts casino withdrawals are just some clicks away. The deposit function is located on the top right side of the screen, where an “a+” sign is shown.

After you go on the “a+” sign, the deposit methods appear, and you can choose the best for you. Guts casino deposit has a minimum amount of ₹878 and a maximum amount of ₹439,456 you can deposit, without any fee, if you are not using VISA or Mastercard.

Guts deposits are very diverse, they match a lot of criteria. Even though your e-wallet might not work on their website, you can find another payment method just as good.

From cards to e-wallets you can find through Guts deposit methods the perfect match for you from the ones listed below.


The regular day by day card. Classic and easy to use. No matter what type of card it is (credit or debit) your Guts deposits will be safe and sound.


This payment method is similar to Visa, easy to use, and available for those who don’t own a Visa.

The Guts casino deposits via cards can be made following the next steps:

  • Log into your Guts account
  • Click on the deposit icon found on the top right side of the page
  • Choose from the payment methods: VISA or Mastercard or click on their icons.
  • All you have to do now is choose the amount you want to deposit, and you are free to gamble.


Guts Casino does not ask for a deposit fee, however, if you choose to make your payment using VISA or Mastercard you will be charged ₹219.


This payment method is used independently of your bank account. They are vouchers based on a 16-digits PIN and can be purchased at local outlets. Unfortunately, this payment method is not eligible for deposit bonuses, so if you seek to get your “Welcome bonus”, or any other bonus you might want to try a different payment method.


EcoPayz is an online worldwide payment service used to transfer funds from anywhere in the world using only one account. To transfer money using EcoPayz you have to log in to your account and follow the steps found in the “Transfer money” section.


This is a payment solution that works with bank payments and has an instant deposit. The Zimpler transfer process is quite simple.
You have to connect to the app using your phone.

  • Choose the Guts deposits method: bill (Zimpler will send the bill through your phone or email) or card(you will use the card information already saved in the app).
  • Confirm your payment.


Skrill uses online payment and money transfer. It is a low-cost e-commerce transfer, very popular among casinos. However, if you are interested in any deposit bonuses, we recommend using a different payment method. Skrill payment methods are not eligible for deposit bonuses.


Similar to Skrill, Neteller is an international e-wallet used for money transfer and online payment. Like Skrill, it is easy to use, all you have to do is create an account, upload your funds and spend, spend, spend! Keep in mind that this method is not eligible for deposit bonuses.

Sofort Uberweisung

Online payment system, this method is commonly used in Germany, being secure and fast. Its process is similar to online banking systems, but not to be confused.
If you wish to choose this method there are four steps to follow:

  1. Select your country and the bank you want.
  2. Log in with your banking details.
  3. Confirm the transfer.
  4. Wait for the confirmation of your transfer.

Creating and Verifying an Account at Guts casino

To make a Guts deposit you have to create an account on their website by clicking the “sign up” icon found on the right side. After you complete the fields you will receive a confirmation email, so you can verify your account.
Once you’ve created your account you can choose the Guts deposit method found on the deposit column and pick the best one for you. However, before you try to deposit, there are a few identity confirmation methods you may need to go through, such as:

  • Identity (passport or national identity card)
  • Address (household insurance certificate)
  • Payment method (bank/credit card statement)
  • Employment contract (scan or photo of the required contract)

Guts casino needs, for each one of these, some official documents that prove your identity.

In case they need to do some identity and address verifications you will be asked to send some photos of you, or your ID, some receipts which include your address, and so on.

Regardless of your payment transfer method( bank, e-wallet, card) Guts casino needs to comply with the legal requirements.

They might ask for a bank statement in case your deposit method is accomplished through a bank.

You will have to provide a screenshot of your e-wallet application if you are using an e-commerce method. If you choose VISA/Mastercard as your payment method you will be asked for a photo of your card.


The Guts deposits come in various methods. No matter what you choose (a card, bank transfer, e-wallet) the payment transfer is reliable, secure, and easy to make. They value your time, so whatever the transfer (deposit or withdrawal) it goes quickly, without any inconvenience.

November 11, 2020