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Guts Casino Responsible Gambling

By Peter

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Gambling is entertaining and fun but you should enjoy it responsibly. Guts Casino is committed to protect its players and provides tools and useful resources for combating gambling addiction. For that, they prepared a dedicated section on the website for Guts casino responsible gambling. Take a step back, analyze your behaviour when you play and be aware of the signs of gambling addiction.

Guts casino treats their customers fairly and transparently and protects them from playing irresponsibly. This is why they offer the ability to set deposit limitations, see the transaction history and more protection measures. You can benefit from all of them but first, please take time to read all the information provided on the Guts casino website. Contact the customer support staff if you have any concerns or questions.

Guts Casino Responsible Gambling Commitment

Guts casino is dedicated to promoting responsible behaviour among all the players and employees. Also, they offer lots of resources and invest in marketing initiatives. They want to prevent illegal activities and work on the creation of a secure, responsible, and reliable framework for online gambling.

Guts casino is preoccupied with creating a safe environment and is protecting your personal data since 2013 using intuitive and reliable software. Data protection is a topic that should not be neglected by any casino or player. With that being said let’s see what efficient measures Guts casino takes to build an environment where all the players are empowered to put responsible gaming first.

No Underage Gambling

If you want to gamble you need to be of legal age specified in your jurisdiction of residence or older. New players follow a validation process to confirm they are not minors and have the legal right for gambling. If your children have access to a computer, as a parent you might consider using one of the filtering software to prevent access to online gambling like Cyber Sitter or Net Nanny.

Transactions and Gaming History

The transaction history is available on your Guts casino account. Is useful for letting you know about your winnings and placed bets, as well as times, dates, and games played.

Also, the gaming history button will show your history for the last 6 months and your net position. If you want to change the 6 month time you can always contact the support team and ask for help via email or live chat.

Self-assessment Test

This test is only a screening instrument for discovering if you have any gambling addiction. Is very useful to identify the issue before becoming a real problem. It only takes a couple of minutes and you should answer with “yes” or “no” to each of the questions below, taking the last year into consideration:

  • Do you gamble with lots of money and for a longer time to get excited?
  • Do you feel bad-tempered or tense when you try to stop gambling?
  • Have you ever tried to moderate your playing or even stop gambling unsuccessfully?
  • Do you spend very much time thinking about online gambling?
  • When you feel lonely or stressed, you feel like you need to gamble?
  • Have you ever lied to people around you about how much time or money you spend gambling?
  • Your online gambling sessions affected your job or personal relationships?
  • Do you ever borrowed money from others or sold belongings because you lost your money because of gambling?
  • Do you ever think about suicide or self-harm because of my gambling?
  • Have you lost interest in your leisure activities or even family because of online gambling?
  • Do you frequently play casino games until you spend all your money?
  • Have you ever played under influence of alcohol or other substances?

If you completed the test with more than 4 positive answers, you may have gambling issues. We recommend applying the casino measures like limits to your Guts casino account, self-exclusion, speaking to someone close, or contact the customer support team available 24/7.

Reality Check Feature

The reality check feature is another tool you can use at Guts casino. This facility warns you how much time you spent gambling or the net position on that specific time. The message will also provide you some features you can select: the  “Continue” button, “Stop” button, or “Betting History” button. Remember that you have to accept cookies or use “incognito” on your laptop for the feature to work properly.


With Guts casino, you have the option to control your financial limits before you start playing your favorite games. These limits can be set daily, weekly, or monthly and changed whenever you want to. You can easily control your gamble with two types of limits as you will see below:

  • Deposit limits: will limit the amount of money you deposit into your account.
  • Sessions limits: will limit the amount of time you stay logged into your Guts casino account.

Time out

You can request a break from online gambling for 30 days, 7 days or 24 hours. Your Guts casino account will immediately become available once this period ends.


Self-exclusion lets you stop gambling for a period of time if you feel it becomes something other than pleasure and excitement. During that period, Guts casino will not send any marketing materials and cannot accept any deposits or bets.

Support & Help Resources from Guts Casino Responsible Gambling

If you experiencing problems with online gambling, don’t worry. Take a look at the helpful resources provided by Guts casino on their website and action against gambling addiction.

BeGambleAware is an independent charity that promotes safe gambling. They have the mission to keep people safe from gambling addiction and provide useful information to help and support them.

Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship of people who share their experiences with gambling issues, learn from each other and try to recover from compulsive gambling.


Responsible gambling is one of the most important aspects when you start thinking about playing casino games. Guts casino responsible gambling section is a very complete guide offering effective tools and resources. Use them wisely and if you choose to gamble, do it for entertainment purposes only.

November 19, 2020