benefits of the Genesis casino VIP club

Genesis Casino VIP Club

By Anthony

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Genesis Casino is a beloved online casino that has achieved great popularity in just a couple of years of existence. It has recently won over the Indian market, by building a dedicated platform, complete with relevant cultural imagery, where Indian players can make deposits in rupees and get their own tailored bonuses and promotions.

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With its incredibly generous welcome bonuses and recurring promotions, with its wide selection of high-quality online games, Genesis Casino attracts more and more players every day. Once they become a part of the Genesis Casino universe, in addition to taking advantage of all the recurring promotions, frequent players can enjoy the benefits of the Genesis Casino VIP program and have their loyalty rewarded. Join us on a journey through the exclusive realm of Genesis Casino VIPs and find out how you can become one.

What is a Genesis Casino VIP?

We’ve all secretly dreamed of becoming VIPs, of getting the best seats, the exclusive offers, the preferential service. Genesis Casino is fully aware of this and rewards its loyal clients with the much-desired VIP status.

A Genesis Casino VIP is exactly what the name suggests: a very important person, who gets special treatment in return for being a loyal customer.

From the ability to skip lines when they have an urgent issue by having a dedicated account manager, to receiving personalized gifts for their birthday, Genesis Casino VIPs get to enjoy all kinds of perks in this cosmic game arena.

If your eyes are sparkling with curiosity and you are wondering how you might obtain the Genesis Casino VIP status, the answer is simple. Join Genesis Casino on their interstellar quest, visit regularly and you are bound to reap the rewards.

Genesis Casino VIP Benefits

The Genesis Casino website menu has an entire, easily accessible section dedicated to the VIP program and its benefits. With the click of a button, you can find out the many great perks that await should you wish to enroll.

Genesis Casino VIP players get to enjoy all the below advantages:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Exclusive bonus codes
  • Personalized birthday presents
  • Monthly VIP prize draw
  • Holiday packages
  • Flight tickets to Las Vegas
  • Personal withdrawal service
  • Exclusive VIP events

Now that we know what’s in store Genesis Casino VIPs, let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits.

Dedicated Account Manager

Genesis Casino has notoriously good customer service, available 24/7 via chat, phone, or email. There is even an Indian number you can reach, saving you from paying international fees.

All this is good enough, but how would you feel if you never had to wait in line again when you had a problem with your Genesis Casino account or platform?

Such a dream is completely achievable for Genesis Casino VIP members! They get their own account manager, dedicated exclusively to helping them, and never have to go through Customer Support again.

Exclusive Genesis Casino Bonus Codes

When you register with Genesis Casino, not only do you get your choice of incredible online games to play against a fun and colorful intergalactic background, but you become the receiver of many bonus offers and recurring promotions as well.

The Genesis Casino Welcome Bonus, the Live Casino Welcome Bonus, as well as recurring promotions such as Lightspeed Monday and 10% Cashback Tuesday, will increase your earnings and enhance your online gaming experience.

But what if we told you there are even more offers you can unlock by simply doing what you enjoy, which is playing your favorite games with Genesis Casino on a regular basis?

VIPs get access to exclusive Genesis Casino bonus codes that enable them to better capitalize on their earnings and dive deeper into this spinning galaxy of games.

With these exclusive bonus codes, Genesis Casino VIPs get access to a deeper level of the gaming cosmos, and if the everyday experience is this good, we can only imagine what amazing adventures await those who make the cut.

Monthly VIP Prize Draw

In addition to all the other wonderful perks, Genesis Casino VIPs get to take part in monthly prize draws dedicated exclusively to them.

What do they win? That’s for you to find out and be amazed by when you join.

Genesis Casino VIP Holiday Packages

As we’ve seen so far, the VIP status at Genesis Casino can get you some amazing benefits within the online gaming multiverse, such as exclusive bonus codes, promotions, and dedicated support.

Sometimes, however, Genesis Casino likes to reward its most loyal players with prizes that transcend the limits of the online gambling universe and send them on real-life journeys with the VIP holiday packages.

It looks like a very clever way of thanking players for embarking on an online interstellar quest with Genesis Casino, by giving them the possibility of a real-life adventure.

Flight Tickets to Las Vegas

As if the VIP holiday packages were not enough, Genesis Casino seems intent on making the VIP experience an epic one.

Loyal players who are part of the Genesis Casino VIP Club can win flight tickets to Las Vegas, where once again their gambling adventure can cross over into reality.

Exclusive VIP Events

At Genesis Casino, players can take advantage of several recurring promotions. On Tuesdays, they can get up to 10% of their losses back, on Mondays, they get free spins for games played between Thursday and Sunday, and with the Weekly Bonus Mission, they are eligible for up to ₹8,000 bonus on Fridays.

This all sounds incredible, but what if you could attend exclusive events, dedicated to the most loyal players?

It’s exactly what Genesis Casino VIPs get to enjoy and, with the every man experience being so glamorous, we are certainly curious to see how these events unfold and what amazing prizes they can bring.

VIP Personalized Birthday Presents

Without a doubt, Genesis Casino likes to look after its customers. It provides them with a highly responsive platform, a diversified selection of games, incredibly generous promotions, and amazing VIP perks.

That, however, is not enough. When you’re a Genesis Casino VIP, you become part of the family. And who in your family doesn’t know your birthday?

Genesis Casino not only knows and takes note of it, but it also offers its elite customers personalized birthday presents, so they can feel valued and properly looked after.

Genesis Casino VIPs are special, and their birthday is properly celebrated here.

VIP Personal Withdrawal Service

Even though Genesis Casino offers a wide selection of payment methods, as well as quick withdrawal options, we all know withdrawals can be a pain sometimes.

Genesis Casino VIPs will not have to worry about that anymore, because as part of their VIP perks they get a personal withdrawal service.


Rather new on the online gaming market, Genesis Casino has already built a name for itself and has become a strong contender. It doesn’t compromise on quality, it invests in the best quality games and, equally important, it understands the importance of customer service.

The everyday experience playing at Genesis Casino is already wonderful, but with its impressive VIP program, it exceeds any expectations.

If you play here but are not a Genesis Casino VIP yet, you will still get great service and the time of your life. But for those who embark on this epic interstellar journey and join the exclusive Genesis Casino VIP club, the sky is no longer the limit.

August 14, 2020