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Can Uttar Pradesh Gambling Laws Ban Online Gambling? Guess not!

By Anthony

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The online gaming business in India is expanding fast. It is anticipated to be worth 3.1 billion USD in the next two years. Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India. It is also a state where gambling is illegal. Gambling laws in Uttar Pradesh are very strict. Both gambling in classic casino games and sports betting is illegal. However, online gambling is allowed, because Uttar Pradesh Gambling Laws make no mention of online casinos located outside India’s territory. But, is this about to change?

The Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission decided to propose banning gambling online. The law ties in together the real world and online gambling.

The websites and apps could be defined as physical gaming houses. The report draft was submitted to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on June, 15.

The Gambling Games Report Draft

The report mentions the prohibition of public gambling, all forms of betting, including online gambling. It refers to transaction, competition, contest or scheme of wagering, putting them in the category of non-bailable offences. The State Law Commission has classified internet gambling and other kinds of betting as non-bailable offences.

The draft leaves a door open for games that are more skill-dependent. Card games played under a Game of Skill will not be punishable. Rummy, for example, could be legal, but not games such as kat patta. Games in which the bettor is completely reliant on chance would constitute a criminal offence. But if a family plays cards in their home, and there is no outsider present, it is not a criminal offence.

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The Central Government Wants to Repeal the Public Gambling Act

The central government tries to repeal the Public Gambling Act. The state follows the Public Gambling Act, 1867. This document dictates the gambling laws in Uttar Pradesh. The Act was amended in 1976 with stricter penalties for rules violation. However, the Public Gambling Act does not have a direct impact on online gambling. The central government directed the states to enact their own legislation in this regard. Many states have already enacted legislation to this effect. The authorities will no longer have to rely on the India Penal Code sections. The IPC places bets worth crores of rupees on cricket matches or other sports.

New Penalties for Gambling Laws in Uttar Pradesh

Penalties for breaking this law can get to 5000 rupees in fines or three years imprisonment. Currently, The Public Gambling Act only provides for one-year imprisonment and 1000 rupees fine. The officials consider these punitive provisions are not enough to check online gambling.


The commission has proposed a sentence of up to three years in prison for internet gambling, house gambling operations, and betting. The court has the authority to set the fine amount as it sees fit.

The draft also mentions it would be assumed that the money seized by the authorities in the gambling establishment is linked to gaming and that all of the individuals inside were gamblers.

How Can You Gamble Safely from Uttar Pradesh?

Gambling from Uttar Pradesh is easy if you do it online. All you need is a device to play from, like a computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet. Then, very important, a good internet connection. You will also need to set up a secure payment method. If you have all these, just pick one of the online casino sites. All the sites located outside of India mention this information on their page, so you know you are not bothered by Uttar Pradesh authorities. This way you won’t break the gambling laws in Uttar Pradesh.


Flush, poker, rummy are not allowed if there is money involved!

Some states in India, consider card games such as rummy and poker as skill games. Uttar Pradesh gambling laws consider card games like poker, rummy, and flush illegal if there is money involved. The new report considers card games illegal if they are chance reliant.

However, online games are an option. Uttar Pradesh Gambling Laws make no mention of online casinos located outside India’s territory.

Can Uttar Pradesh Gambling Laws Punish What They Can’t Control?

The Uttar Pradesh State Law Commission toughens the laws because underground gambling venues have been a challenge for authorities. They can not control all the illegal casinos. But if gambling venues are a challenge at the moment, how can they control the online gaming business that is expanding fast? They are all located outside India`s territory. When you play online you can find a lot of information on how to gamble safely, as to avoid gambling laws in Uttar Pradesh.


At the moment, lottery, sports betting and card games are only available online. Uttar Pradesh citizens can only bet on horse racing, if they are physically present to place their bet. You can bet on international horse racing, via online betting sites. Also, cricket lovers can place on offshore online betting sites.

September 14, 2021