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Gambling Laws in Manipur in 2024 – Is it Legal?

By Anthony

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The gambling laws in Manipur are quite simple and anyone can understand them. The clearest thing is that any casino in Manipur is illegal. The law prohibits any action involving gambling. Therefore, you will not be able to interact with any offline gambling house, casino or betting method in Manipur.

Gambling Laws in Manipur – Public Game Act

The Public Game Act is the official document that passes all the laws that confirm that no citizen of Manipur is allowed to participate in gambling. However, the Public Gaming Act, 1867 does not cover online gambling. The act was conceived in 1867, and at that time the Internet was not part of everyday life. With the advent of it, but especially with the launch of online gambling, things have changed quite a bit in Manipur.

From a region of India where no one could have fun gambling, now in Manipur you can only do this if you follow a few simple rules. If you read the law and follow our advice in this guide, you will never have a problem with the law in Manipur.


Remember that any form of online gambling is legal, and it is your responsibility to choose the right operator.

To make sure that you are betting properly and respecting the gambling laws in Manipur, you will need to make sure that you do two very important things. First, you will need to access an online casino To get in touch with an online gambling operator, you need to register on its platform.

Here is the second very important thing you need to do. Many people in India fall victim to those who create fake casinos to steal their money. We advise you to choose an online casino that is highly rated internationally. That way, you will know that your money is safe. These casinos must be licensed and have as many payment methods accepted as possible.


A casino that uses only one method of payment does not deserve to be trusted.

Most regions in India have similar laws. When a state like Manipur has a ban on all forms of gambling, there are a few exceptions. One of these exceptions is the state-organized lottery. Every Manipur citizen can participate, and the draws take place three times a day. Although the prizes are not very high, this is one of the few methods that the law in Manipur accepts.

You can only purchase lottery tickets physically. If you find out that the prizes offered by online lotteries are much higher, obviously you will be playing on the internet. The highest prize in the state lottery in Manipur can reach ₹ 6 lakh while the lowest prize is only ₹500.

Can you play poker in Manipur?

Games like Rummy, Poker or even Flush have been established as games of skill. Theoretically, they are not part of the gambling category, so it is legal to play these games. However, if players use real money bets or stakes when playing these games, this action will result in a penalty. If a game has a stake, it will not be allowed by law. Thus, you will also have to go online to be able to play card games in order to win money.

Betting and Horse Racing in Manipur

Gambling laws in Manipur are the same for every type of gambling or every activity loved by gamblers. Horse racing, which is quite popular in India and has even been legalized in some regions, is still illegal in Manipur. A citizen of Manipur should travel to the nearest place in India where participation in such races is legal.

But online casinos save us this time as well. A player who is passionate about sports betting, horse racing or any other sport where real money bets can be placed, can do so online. If you want to bet on all the sports in the world, choose a gambling operator in Europe and you will have tens of thousands of options.

The advantage in a country where the law has not yet banned online gambling is that you will be able to bet as much as you want using a simple smartphone. Other regions of India have even regulated online gambling, and this is an advantage for the citizens of Manipur. Even if you can’t find street casinos, the possibilities are still endless.

If you want to play slots, poker, Roulette or blackjack in Manipur and you have a phone with internet access, you will be able to do this from anywhere without being constrained by place or time. Online gambling helps you to be everywhere, at any game and at any time. Moreover, it can introduce you to communities with thousands of other players. If you wish to start playing using your mobile device, all you have to do is connect with your existing account. Most online casinos have platforms compatible with any mobile device.

In terms of security, your money and personal information should be safe as long as you are on a safe connection playing on a platform that has a legal license in its country. Also, if you are lucky enough, you might find a welcome bonus that will give you some free cash to use.


Gambling laws in Manipur are very strict. The difference is that they are strict about physical gambling. The laws do not even specify online gambling, and this gives people the opportunity to have access to the same global services as any other gambler. Do you want to bet online at the coolest casinos in the world? You can do so if you live in Manipur.

October 15, 2021