Gambling Laws in Himachal Pradesh

By Anthony

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Most forms of gambling are banned in Himachal Pradesh, that’s why you will not find a brick and mortar casino anywhere. All forms of physical gambling are prohibited in this state. Here are some more details about gambling laws in Himachal Pradesh.

Gambling Laws in Himachal Pradesh Explained

Unlike some cities in India where all the rules regarding gambling are very strict, gambling laws in Himachal Pradesh are a bit more permissive and there are some solutions to satisfy your gambling cravings. Although you will not find any brick and mortar casinos, you are allowed to practice certain games of skill, and you will also be able to place bets on horse racing.


Horse racing is a very popular sport in India, and in Himachal Pradesh, you will be able to earn money betting on it.

Unfortunately, according to gambling laws in Himachal Pradesh, the state lottery is not one of the solutions you can rely on. Lottery tickets cannot be purchased, no draws will be held, and you will not be allowed to gamble.

What type of gambling is illegal?

Every city in India has the right to interpret gambling laws as they wish and to ban or allow them as much as they consider. Some cities allow most forms of gambling, and most of them have chosen to ban this activity. The Public Gaming Act of 1976 is the law that now tells us everything we need to know about gambling in Himachal Pradesh.


Under this law, all forms of gambling are prohibited. The only exception is horse racing.

However, you should know that it is allowed to play certain games of skill. You can play, for example, Poker, but that means there should be no financial stakes in play. As long as none of the players has money to win or lose, the game falls under the game of skill category and is legal.


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Where can you engage in gambling activities?

Although according to gambling laws in Himachal Pradesh, 99% of the forms of gambling are illegal, the internet is practically infinite and online casinos are not specified at all as being banned. Basically, you will be able to create an account at any online casino and start betting. If you want to place a lottery ticket, you will be able to play at online lotteries. And this is true for any game of chance that can be played online.

The best way you can have a successful session while avoiding the gambling laws in Himachal Pradesh is to find a licensed casino that is well-known and has very good reviews. No matter what ads or articles you read, it is always good to be in the know about an online betting platform.

Horse racing is the only sport that has been exempted from the strict laws of Himachal Pradesh. It is somewhat understandable because this sport is very popular in India. You will only be able to place bets with licensed bookmakers, and all bets will be monitored.

All gambling activities in this sport are legal with the permission of the government. It’s the only way you can bet physically. This does not mean that you cannot go online to bet on dog races, virtual games, or other sports.


Gambling laws in Himachal Pradesh are tough, but the situation is worse in other parts of India. If you are a citizen of Himachal Pradesh, you should be satisfied because you have access to a form of gambling. And with the online environment, you will always find the games you love. Bet responsibly and don’t forget to have fun!

December 28, 2021