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Gambling Laws in Delhi 2021: Online and Offline Casinos

By Anthony

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Delhi, India’s capital is not only known for its breathtaking beauty or modern architecture as it has a fascinating history of gambling too. From the lost ages where sultans and kings ruled to nowadays, gambling has become more popular and a way to entertain lots of people. And, for the last few years, there have been many Indian players who would like to gamble on casino games.

Therefore, to be sure that this activity is legal and safe, they have to consult the official laws in Delhi. In the next article, we will discuss more about all the aspects a player should know before joining an online or offline casino.

You may ask, is gambling legal in Delhi? Unfortunately, is prohibited. During the years there were plenty of illegal gambling agencies or underground gambling places over there. Even if the police try to stop this activity, rumour has it that places like that still exist. Laws in Delhi are severe and very clear in regards to gambling.

People that don’t obey these rules will be punished according to the official law and they can even risk going to jail or paying fines. Note that some games of skill are legal in New Delhi.

But, players who want to try their luck on Indian casinos still have an option. That’s to play at foreign casinos that are licensed by international authorities such as MGA or UKGC.

Gambling Laws of New Delhi

The entire set of penalties and explanations about casinos are to be found in the Delhi Public Gambling act from 1955. For now, only horse races are accepted to be played while other casino games are 100% prohibited. As there are no restrictions or paragraphs about playing abroad, note that foreign casinos have nothing to do with Delhi laws.

Apart from that, laws in Delhi don’t apply everywhere in India. So, prohibited games from Delhi can be legal in other states like Goa – where slots and table games are 100% allowed. You’ll find different laws in many states that regulate gambling activities due to the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India.


Of course, the gambling websites you’ll access have to accept Indian players for you to create an account, make a deposit and then play casino games.

There is no legal casino in Delhi for the moment. But, as New Delhi is the largest city in India, it may want to boost up its economy. And, yes, gambling is a great opportunity although it’s not legal yet. In the future, there may be hope for Indian players to have flexible and convenient laws in New Delhi that are not outdated.

Only the Law Commission can allow that, as they are in charge of this entire niche in India. Until then, check out one of the online legal casinos that accept Indian players and step into a universe where luck and fun join together.

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Sports Betting in Delhi

As it’s illegal to play slots, lottery, bingo, or table games in a casino in Delhi, you may have a chance with horse racing. Only this sport is legal and you can bet on it without having any legal problems. One of the best places to put the bets is at Delhi Race Club. Apart from horse racing, other sports are banned for betting, even cricket, which is the most popular in India.

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As laws in Delhi aren’t too convenient for many gamblers, most Indians opt to be a part of a foreign online casino. In the future, we may see major changes in the laws made for the gambling sector, given that Delhi has the same rules from 1993.

August 29, 2021