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Gambling Laws in Assam 2023: Can YOU Bet Legally?

By Anthony

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Assam is a place of rich and diverse nature, amazing people and a textured culture. Indian people have evolved but one thing is constant, their love for gambling. There are many Indian players that love casino games in Assam. Let’s go on a trip for information and answer the question “Is gambling legal in Assam?” and “What are the gambling laws in Assam?”

Gambling laws in Assam have regulated casinos and gambling in any form you can think of. At its core, Assam applies the Public Gaming act of 1967 which it has moreover enforced with the Assam Game and Betting act of 1970.

This double whammy ban by gambling laws in Assam strictly mentions that you cannot own or run a betting house.


Needless to say, an individual cannot gamble in a group or in a club, not even for fun. The laws are strict and the police in Assam are known to raid the premises of underground betting houses.

Gambling Laws in Assam

Knowing that the people of Assam are part of the Hindu and Muslim religions will clear up any further questions about the gambling laws in Assam. These laws are directed by the beliefs of the people, and they dictate that gambling is bad for the community and it has the power to harm one’s spirit entirely.

The gambling laws in Assam were written in 1970 when online casinos weren’t on the radar of future tech. You can try and speculate, use your personal computer to play online gambling games. This is a grey area, as long as the online casino is based outside of India, you can play online as long as you want.


There’s nothing convenient about the gambling laws in Assam, there are many things that are illegal to do and there are few that are legal. It sure does sound like the only viable option is playing on the internet, doesn’t it?

Casinos in Guwahati, Assam 2023

The most populous city in Assam, Guwahati, is known for its underground casino network. Here is where the people have turned their collective force against the gambling laws in Assam and started their own illegal business with betting.

Looking for a casino in Guwahati, or even a small betting room can lead you to great trouble. The underworld present in this big city will bring you to a table with shady characters. If something regrettable happens you will have to call the local police department and, as a result, will get in trouble for taking part in an illegal gambling room.

Lottery in Assam

One form of gambling accepted by gambling laws in Assam is the lottery. Officials perceive lottery in Assam as being safe. Why, you ask? It is perhaps that this act is done in private, not in a group and may not be seen as serious as other gambling practices.

As a result, the lottery isn’t mentioned at all in the two acts that define gambling laws in Assam. Neither the Public Gaming Act of 1967 nor the Assam Game and Betting Act of 1970 stipulates any repercussions for playing the lottery.
It is very easy to purchase lottery tickets. The governing body runs the Bodoland Lottery in Assam and, as a result, tickets are cheap. Going at 2 Rupees per ticket, this small bet can earn you up to 1 million Rupees. The tickets for Bodoland Lottery are easy to find as there are multiple agencies throughout the territory of Assam, and throughout the territory of India – please note there are only 13 states and territories in India that have legalised the lottery.

Horse Racing in Assam

As per the gambling laws in Assam at the moment, horse racing in Assam is 100% legal. Going to the racecourse to watch horse racing in Assam is a pastime enjoyed by many Indians looking to bet money on live-action sports.
Horse racing is deeply embedded in the country’s culture, as many states have allowed the sport through the Amusement and Betting Tax Act of 1939. This is a pastime of Indians that doesn’t come across as wrong for either of the popular religions of India.

Should you want to check out a truly Indian gambling experience and go to the horse racing track, you definitely have to pay a visit to the Gymkhana Club at Jorhat in Assam. Here you’ll also find one of the best golf tracks in the world. This golf course attracts many high profile visits from golfers all over the world because of its rich history. The pure green 9-course field was built in 1876 and it is the oldest golf course in Asia and the third oldest course in the world.

How’s that for a bonus? You come for horse racing and stay for the golf course.

Sports Betting in Assam

Another gambling sector that’s not available, is sports betting in Assam. How strict are the rules? You will get in trouble even if you share information about odds, bets and gambling information in a public manner. Sports betting in Assam is serious business and nothing to try and partake in. Of course, when we say sports, we mean every kind of sport there is, even oddballs such as e-sports or fantasy teams.

So don’t try anything, the police are vigilant and the people around may help them get you. Your best-case scenario for gambling in Assam is online casino websites from outside of India.


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There’s nothing tricky about gambling laws in Assam. The rules are strict and we can tell you for sure that is true. Don’t take part in corner store gambling, there’s nothing legal about this and the police may be very well watching you from afar. Try and bet from inside your home, on the internet Remember your rights and exercise them accordingly, there are no regulations in place when it comes to internet gambling. Use your time wisely!

October 4, 2021