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Euromillons Lottery — Review, Prizes and Tips 2022

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Euromillions is an international lottery game you can enjoy anywhere in the world. Now you can enjoy the rewards in India as well. What do you need to do to win? In this article, you will find helpful information on Euro Millions.

General Information

Euromillions is a transnational lottery game from Europe. It was released on February 7, 2004, and was originally played only in the United Kingdom, Spain, and France. The jackpot is often much higher than at state lotteries. Eight months later, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Portugal joined the game.

Since then, the Euromillions lottery has been played in these countries and has had over 1,000 draws to date. All you have to do is be the holder of a ticket with the correct seven numbers to win the lottery jackpot. But we’ll give you all the answers you need about the exact rules of the game and eligibility in this article.

What Is the Euro Millions Lottery?

Several state lottery companies are behind the Euromillions lottery. This makes this lottery one of the largest in Europe. The draws take place every Tuesday and Friday night. The minimum guaranteed jackpot is $ 17 million.

Are wondering why you should use this lottery option? The game method has been established online for many years and is widely used by many customers. Users in other parts of the world have the opportunity to participate in the jackpot online. 

But why choose this lottery over the others like Powerball? Here are the benefits of online Euromillions at a glance:

  • Newcomers find it easy to play;
  • Convenience and flexibility in games;
  • Huge jackpots;
  • Two draws a week;
  • Online access to the game and Euromillions results;
  • Access to statistics.

Euromillions Rules

First, you must be at least 18 years old. The same rule applies in almost all countries. You must have purchased the lottery ticket before 19:00 on the day of the draw to be eligible for the current draw.

As a player, you choose five main numbers between 1 and 50. In addition, you choose two-star numbers between 1 and 12. Like almost all major lotteries, it is played on two winning pitches.

The first draw is about choosing five out of 50 numbers. The choice of two numbers takes place in the second section of the tickets. You can choose out of twelve numbers. Payments are made in thirteen prize categories.

The rules of the Euromillions lottery game are quite simple. Here’s a brief overview:

  • When a person buys a bet, he selects five main numbers;
  • Their value can be anything from 1 to 50;
  • Then the other two numbers must be chosen for the player to play for the jackpot;
  • These two different numbers of lucky stars are chosen from a selection of 12 numbers;
  • Tuesday and Friday evenings, the Euromillions lottery results are published. You can find them shortly after the draw on the official pages of each country;
  • On the official website you can also check Euromillions results history;
  • You have the opportunity to play the Euromillions free lottery before you start playing with real money.

How to Play Euromillions?

It is very easy to take part in the game. If you are eager to try this international lottery we have prepared a little guide.

Buy a Euromillions superdraw ticket. It is possible to do it in the country where the extractions take place. There is also the possibility to buy on intermediate pages. In the latter case, we recommend that you carefully consider your choice and only buy from a trusted retailer. 

Once you’ve found a reputable online lottery provider, all you have to do is create an account there. This requires a variety of information, including address, name, and date of birth. Then select the desired numbers. If you don’t want to pick the winning numbers yourself, you can get seven random numbers generated.

How to play Euromillions in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a licensed and trusted lottery platform where you can buy tickets;
  2. Create a new account using your data;
  3. Go to the platform, select Euro Millions login;
  4. Select five numbers (1-50) and two Stars (1-12);
  5. Choose whether you want to participate in Tuesday’s draw, Friday’s draw or both;
  6. Decide in advance how many draws you want to participate in or choose a subscription;
  7. Wait for the draw and check the Euromillions results if you won. 

Euro Millions Payouts

The Euromillions game is now a well-known lottery variant that has found many fans. As mentioned above, anyone interested in the game should find a reputable provider. Each player has 6 betting fields on a betting slip that are completed with numbers from 1 to 50. Now 5 numbers can be selected from this collection.

Each user has the option to select additional numbers – known as Euromillions star numbers. Numbers 1 to 12 are available here. Draws for this lottery variant always take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. This lottery is defined by different prize levels, as you can see in the table below.

CategoryNumbersLucky StarsPrize fund

Euro Millions Prizes

Euromillions jackpots always start at 17 million euros. The maximum jackpot is 200 million euros. There are two draws a week. If the jackpot is not paid at the draw, the money will be added to the jackpot of the next Euromillions draw.

Overall, 50% of gaming revenue is distributed as winnings. If there are so many Euromillions winners, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at their prizes.

The main award guaranteed is 17 million euros. If there is no winning ticket in a certain draw, however, there is an accumulated prize of up to 190,000,000 euros. Any surplus of this amount is given to the lower levels of the game. Such a situation is a unique opportunity to earn large sums of money without even winning the main prize. 

Euromillions Payment Methods

This lottery accepts euros for your bets. They do not have a bet scanning option and you can purchase bets online or at an authorized store. They offer a card payment method called a direct debit. Direct debit withdrawals depend on the country where this lottery is played, as each country has different requirements.

For prizes from € 500 to € 30,000, players receive their money by bank transfer to an account they have previously registered online. Prizes of EUR 30,000 or more must be claimed in person. All prizes must be claimed within 180 days, regardless of the money transfer method.

In short, withdrawals from Euromillions can be made through the following payment options:

  • VISA;
  • MasterCard;
  • Maestro;
  • Paypal;
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Paysafecard. 

The processing time depends on the method of payment you’ve chosen. The best part is that you can receive your money fast and safe with any of these methods. All you have to do is choose the most convenient one for you.

How to Win Euromillions?

If you are serious about winning the jackpot, the goal requires perseverance. As long as you are playing there is a chance to win. Additionally, as a player, you can rely on Euromillions predictions to choose the right lottery numbers. There are also some practical ways to get lucky in the next draw of your favourite European lottery.

Since we are talking about a game of chance, there is a variety of ways to choose your numbers. No matter how elaborate your way of choosing your “lucky numbers”, of course, it does not guarantee that you will make an optimal decision. Let’s see some of the original ways that could help you win at Euromillions:

  • Even or odd? – some people are dedicated to seeing which numbers come out the most in the win draws. They think that gives them a clue to bet. And since the trend seems to be that even numbers outnumber odd numbers, they bet more on those numbers;
  • “Matched” numbers – select a number from ten to fifty, because you think there is a better chance of winning. For example, one that is between 1 and 10, another that is between 10 and 20, and so on up to the number 50;
  • Constantly bet – if you choose to bet constantly, automatically, you will have more chances to win;
  • Let the inspiration guide you – if you don’t want to use any strategy, you can choose to let your intuition decide. 

Euromillions Tips 

Do you want to try your luck at the lotteries? If yes, you’re probably wondering what the best tips and tricks would be. Here are some tips from international lottery enthusiasts:

  1. Join an Euromillions union. These unions were created to play together, which increases your chances of winning. As in the case of the National Lottery, if one of the group members is successful, the prize will be distributed among all participants. Logically, the winnings are smaller but the probability of winning increases;
  2. Play with a multiple bet. This formula is more profitable than buying an individual ticket at each draw. Although in this case, the ticket price will be higher than the single bet price. Splitting the ticket this way you don’t spend as much money each time you place a bet.
  3. Rely on Probability and Winning Patterns. Many experts say that the most common winning combinations are three odd numbers and two even numbers. The other option is to choose two odd numbers and three even numbers. 

Euromillions With Real Money

The prizes in the Euromillions lottery game are much higher than in a normal state lottery. Although the total winnings are very high, the chances of winning seem lower. This is due to the sheer number of players. 

The biggest gain in 2016 was on September 30 at 130 million euros. Before that, such a big profit was made in 2008 and 2007. Compared to other lottery games in the world, the lottery is a solid win. The huge jackpots and prizes of up to 190 million euros or more contribute to the international status of the lottery.

The game is challenging, and the chances of winning are high for an international game. The estimated chance of winning is around 1 in 176 million. For such large amounts of jackpots, it is to be expected based on all the other reviews. 


The Euromillions lottery is now available to play online and can be played almost anywhere in the world through its official websites. As there are no restrictions on the nationality of players, both tourists and non-residents of the nine countries can participate in this lottery and check their Euromillions results online. Nothing is stopping you from trying out this internationally acclaimed lottery, so go for it and may your Euromillions results be winning!  


We have gathered the most important things about this lottery game in India in the form of frequently asked questions. Here you will find the basics of the game and where to get to the Euromillions results and other helpful information.

How do you win at Euromillions?

You must choose five main numbers out of 50 and two lucky stars out of 12, to match all seven to win the jackpot.

Can you play Euro Millions on a mobile device?

If you like to bet on your mobile phone, you can download the mobile application. This way you can make your Euromillions bets anywhere.

How many numbers do I have to match to win Euro Millions?

There are 13 categories of winners in Euro Millions, the smallest being the winners of 2 numbers. Match 2 numbers and you will receive a small prize.

What is the maximum award that can be won by playing Euro Millions?

The maximum jackpot that you can win is 250 million euros. This jackpot changes and increases over time, so it may continue to increase.

How to win the Euromillions lottery Grand Prize?

To win the main prize, you successfully guessed all five numbers and predicted both of the Lucky Stars numbers.

At what age can I play the Euromillions lottery?

You must be at least 18 years old to play the lottery. In most other Euromillions lottery countries, you must be 18 years old or older.

Where can I see the Euromillions results?

The easiest way to find out if you’ve won is to visit the site and check Euromillions results.

September 15, 2022