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Casumo Withdrawal Methods: Pick Your Favourite Payment Type

By Anthony

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If you’ve been playing at Casumo for a while, you might see your account balance increasing as the days pass. And at some point, you will even want to withdraw your winnings and put them to good use in real life because some of us are even paying bills with our casino money.

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Luckily for us Indian players, the Casumo withdrawal process is so fast and easy that even your nan could do it in a matter of minutes. But we know the whole Casumo withdrawal process might be a bit confusing for new players so we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that will show you how to withdraw money from your Casumo casino account.

When Can I Withdraw my Casumo Money?

Every time you log into your Casumo casino account, you will have a clear and concise view of the amount of money you can cash out at any given time. Before you attempt to do that, we recommend making sure you don’t have any bonus offers active because you will lose both your bonus money and your winnings from that offer if you choose to withdraw money before you meet the wagering requirements of that specific offer.

Besides that, you can cash out at any given time and you’ll also have to keep in mind that it will take a while before you receive your money, depending on the payment method you’ve chosen. Bank transfers tend to take a bit longer than e-wallets so don’t panic if you don’t receive your money within five minutes after you’ve made the request. If you want a bit more peace of mind, you can always contact Casumo customer support if you have any Casumo withdrawal problems.

Casumo Withdrawal – Terms and Conditions

These are not terms and conditions per se – they’re just some checkpoints you’ll have to meet before you can withdraw your money from the Casumo casino. First and foremost, you will be asked to verify your identity, a precaution that ensures both the casino and yourself are safe from any type of fraud. This might or might not happen but in case it does, we recommend you have a look at our Casumo signup and KYC guide for a detailed explanation.

There are no extra fees associated with the Casumo withdrawal process but try to keep in mind that your bank or card issuer might have some fees in place when it comes to such transactions. There is also a minimum withdrawal amount of ₹1,000 but this won’t be a problem given how often you’ll win. Also, keep in mind to always play responsibly with Casumo!

Casumo Withdrawal – How Long to Withdraw

The withdrawal process generally varies depending on the payment method you’ve chosen to use. That’s why we don’t really recommend comparing your cash out times to those of other players because they may greatly vary; while it might have taken three hours for a player, it might take thirteen for you. But as always, if you have any Casumo withdrawal problems, you can always contact their customer support, available 24/7.

As we previously mentioned, the withdrawal times will vary depending on what method you’ve chosen. And to make things easier for you, here’s a table that displays the cash out waiting times depending on the payment method:

MethodWhen you’ll get your money
AstroPay CardInstantly
NetBankingIn up to 3 working days

As you can see, if you’re using an e-wallet, you’re getting your money (almost) instantly. However, if you choose any banking method (bank transfer, card), you will have to wait for up to three working days to get your money. We think it’s a decent waiting time, especially when you’re not tight on cash.

Casumo Withdrawals – A Step by Step Guide

Because we want to make things even easier for you, we worked on a step by step guide that will show you how to withdraw money from your Casumo casino account. In the end, you’ll see that it’s a really easy process and we really appreciate Casumo for that – everything is streamlined and fast.

  • Step one

Go to your account and click on your balance. You will find this option right under your username.

  • Step two

On this page, you will have three options: Deposit, Withdrawal and History. Click on the second option.

  • Step three

Choose your withdrawal option. If you’re not happy with the default one, you can add more using the More alternatives button. Casumo will first notify you of your bonus money (if applicable) and will tell you how much money you’ve left to wager before you can freely withdraw anything.

  • Step four

Click on the To withdrawal button and enjoy your hard-earned money! Depending on the payment method, you might have to wait for up to three business days.

Casumo Withdrawal – Why Can’t I Get My Money?

Mistakes happen and while you can always contact their customer support, make sure all the information is correct on your part. If the amount you’re trying to withdraw exceeds your balance, it’s only natural that you won’t be able to withdraw it so make sure you got that right. Double check your bank account number, make sure you’re on the right page and that you don’t have any active bonus that needs to be wagered before withdrawal.

If you’re absolutely sure you’ve got all the information right and that you don’t have any active bonus, try reloading the page or even a different browser. If you still encounter any Casumo withdrawal problems after that, you can go ahead and contact their customer support on live chat. The Casumo customer service representatives are super friendly and will always be glad to help you with any issue you might encounter.


In conclusion, we have to praise Casumo for how fast and intuitive the whole withdrawal process is. In just a few clicks, you will have all your money into your bank account, ready to be put to good use. Indian players have a good multitude of withdrawal methods to use, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you carefully read them all before you choose one because the withdrawal time will vary depending on your chosen method. If you ever find yourself facing any Casumo withdrawal problems, we encourage you to contact their customer support – they’re available 24/7 and will always be glad to help you.

November 12, 2020