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Casumo VIP Club: Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

By Anthony

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With its 2012 launch, Casumo has brought a brand new concept to the gambling market and that’s the Casumo Casino Adventure, a new approach to a Casumo VIP club. It’s basically a loyalty program that constantly rewards the casino players for their actions and their gambling habits with trophies, free spins and bonus cash rewards.

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The Casumo Casino Adventure is a truly unique concept as it gamifies the whole gambling process and turns it into a type of RolePlaying game in which you assume the identity of a little Casumo and level up, earning different coloured belts depending on your status.

How To Become a Member of the Casumo VIP Club

At Casumo, you get rewarded while you play. You get points while playing your favourite casino games, level up and get better rewards as you go. This Casumo VIP club is their way of thanking you for your business and your reward for choosing to play at Casumo.

Ok, that sounds nice but how do you get started? Well, first of all, you might want to have a look over the list of Casumo bonuses and then see how to create your account and log inf. When you’re done creating your account, you will be assigned a little Casumo dude with a rope around its waist. This rope symbolizes the beginner level, the level all Casumo VIP club members start at. With each new level that you reach, you will get better rewards (free cash, free spins, and many more).

If you keep playing, you’ll open new planets for your little Casumo dude to explore and win even better prizes. You can see now why this Casumo VIP club is such an exciting and fun ride – everyone’s a VIP and everyone can win amazing prizes, provided they keep playing. We can’t possibly think of a better loyalty reward system.

How Does the VIP Progress Bar Work?

With every Casumo VIP adventure, you will collect some points that will add to your total and will eventually open up new levels for your little Casumo dude to continue his adventure. This progress is displayed on a progress bar and it’s not yet very clear how fast it fills up but naturally, your very first level will be the easiest to get.

The more you advance in your Casumo VIP quest, the harder it gets for the bar to get filled up. So you’ll have to make Casumo your number one casino if you want to advance faster. There are two ways in which you can speed up the process a little – taking part in slot tournaments and earning trophies.

What are the VIP Belts?

We briefly mentioned this aspect of the Casumo VIP club but we’ll elaborate on that here. When you create your Casumo account and start playing, you will be assigned an adorable Casumo dude with a rope around his waist. This means you’re at the beginner level and you’ll have to earn more XP to level up and get your next belt. The very last belt you can get is the black one and this will earn you, besides bragging rights, the best bonuses the Casumo VIP club has to offer.

The best thing about this Casumo Adventure is that there’s no way you can lose belts or XP points. You can play at your own pace, without feeling stressed about how you’ll lose your level if you didn’t play a certain video slot or didn’t bet enough in video poker. After the rope, you’ll get a white belt, followed by a yellow one, a red one, purple and finally, the black belt.

How to Earn the Casumo VIP Thropies?

Besides leveling up and getting new casino bonuses, the Casumo VIP adventure comes with a series of trophies that you can earn as well. They’re more like badges that earn you some neat bragging rights. You can earn these at any point of your Casumo VIP adventure and they range from logging into your account for three days in a row, or earning a particularly big win at a specific slot, for example.

If you’re a completionist, you will be disappointed to find out that not all trophies are available in all the countries, as not all games are not available for all the countries. At the same time, you can choose whether to display your trophies or keep them just for you. They’re not an essential part of your Casumo VIP journey but they do make it more enjoyable.


We really love what Casumo has done with this loyalty program because it’s not often you see online casinos reinventing themselves and gamifying their experiences. We’re sure your Casumo VIP adventure will be a great experience all around and that you’ll enjoy your adventure as much as we did. You will get rewards the more you play so who knows, you might level up your little Casumo dude just as you spin the reels of your favorite video slot or make a big win from your poker hand.

September 9, 2020