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Casumo Mobile Casino: Play on Your Phone!

By Anthony

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Picture this – you’re waiting in line at the local store. In front of you, there’s an old lady, a family with two kids and a couple and it seems like you’re going to be waiting for quite a while. So you take your phone, spin a few reels and the time flies in an instant. Now you can do that thanks to the Casumo mobile casino app – it allows you to take your favorite casino games everywhere you go.

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Award-Winning Mobile Casino

The Casumo casino has received several awards over the years, thanks to the quality of the experience they offer. But since we’re talking about mobile casinos here, we’ll only mention the 2015 EGR Operator Award for The Best Mobile Casino Product.

Keep in mind

This means the Casumo mobile casino experience will be top-notch and you’ll be able to bet on your favorite video poker game from the comfort of your sofa or even when you’re commuting for work.

As you might probably know, Casumo has always been about offering the best online casino experience in the world, offering its customers a dynamic and diverse environment, whether they play on PC or mobile. The Casumo mobile casino app is one of the fastest casino apps we’ve ever tried – everything is so smooth you’ll think you’re playing on a PC.

The Casumo Mobile Sign Up Process

The main concern when it comes to a casino app is the sign-up process. Given the limited size of a phone screen, there’s only so much information you can add without overwhelming the user and making the registration form look like a busy mess. While it’s possible to have everything on the same page when it comes to the desktop, you can’t quite do that on the mobile. For obvious reasons.

To solve that problem, the Casumo mobile casino sign-up experience has been streamlined, changing the way online casinos would have their users register. They kept the interactions with the pages to a bare minimum (each screen has its own functionality), turning the whole process into a linear experience that won’t overwhelm the user.

In this way, the Casumo mobile casino sign-up process is faster and more convenient than ever.

Your Casumo Mobile Casino Account

After you log in, you will be redirected to your personal dashboard, the place where you can see everything that goes on with your Casumo mobile casino account. This part of the app is tailored for you and as you keep playing and using the app, it will become more and more yours. You will be able to see customised information such as the latest games you’ve played, the latest Casumo offers and even customised game suggestions based on what you’ve been enjoying so far.

Of course, your Casumo Casino Adventure stats couldn’t miss from your dashboard either so you will be able to check on your progress, see what the current Challenge mission is and see what valuables you can claim. One tap and you’ve made the choice!

You will also receive push notifications on your phone that will let you know in real-time about your Casumo mobile casino account activity. You will instantly know when you received a new valuable (such as free spins or free cash) and you will be able to take immediate action and benefit from this bonus right away.

Casumo Deposits and Withdrawals

When it comes to Casumo withdrawals and deposits, this is usually where a great casino differentiates itself from an okay one. Luckily, the Casumo mobile casino took care of the whole process and turned it into a streamlined experience that will take you through the whole process of depositing and withdrawing money from your account, screen by screen.

You might not pay attention to this at first but the Casumo mobile casino also has its own keyboard, instead of going for a native one. This means they could go for a more intuitive and customised process instead of being limited by a preset design.

Casumo Mobile Casino – Gambling Improved

We found the game recommendations feature to be such a great one that we found ourselves hoping more online casinos would do that. Why? Because it’s now customised based on your gaming experience and preferences, instead of just suggesting you games that everyone plays. If you like movie-themed slots, you will get recommendations based on that and so on.

The Casumo mobile casino is fast and intuitive, working smoothly on your mobile device, no matter where you’re at. All the features are improved and tweaked until they’re perfectly optimized for mobile, decreasing loading times and allowing you to access your favourite casino games in an instant.


In conclusion, we can definitely see why the Casumo mobile casino has won all those awards. We loved experiencing everything this online casino had to offer, especially the custom dashboard and the personalised recommendations for new games.

You can download the Casumo mobile casino app straight from their website or you can find it on Google Play Store or App Store, available for both Android and iOS devices – you won’t have to worry about the size of your screen or the specs of your phone because the Casumo mobile casino app works perfectly on all types of devices.

September 8, 2020