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Casino Planet Deposit Methods: Pick the Best Payment Option

By Peter

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Casino Planet is a new project that came out of the gates of Genesis Affiliates and quickly took the market by storm. It has a fast platform secured with an SSL encryption certificate, 24/7 support and over 1,400 online casino games ✅ to choose from. In addition, this online casino has some great bonuses & offers ? and it’s deemed trustworthy and secure by reputable independent authorities.

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With so much to offer, it’s easily understandable why Casino Planet is one of the most sought after casinos out there. If you are looking to open an account and play at this casino, you need to know a little bit about Casino Planet deposit methods available and how exactly they work. 

This website finds itself on the low side of minimum deposits with just around $10 across the board for most payment methods. This makes it great for beginners and casual players, especially if you are also determined to get a bonus from them. Make sure you play responsibly with Casino Planet!

Casino Planet Deposit Methods

Casino Planet offers a nice selection of payment methods. The selection is not huge, but it covers the most commonly used and popular ways to make deposits at an online casino, catering to all tastes and needs. Besides the most used credit/debit cards and e-wallets, Casino Planet deposit methods also include alternative systems like Paysafe cards.

Below, you will find a list of the deposit options available and a couple of vital information you need to know before deciding which one is the best for you. Also, each of these methods has a minimum deposit amount.

  • E-Wallets – This method is the second most popular at any online casino around the world so it was expected to also encounter it at Casino Planet. Players love e-wallets because the transactions are fast and anonymous. The most popular e-wallets used are Neteller, PayPal and Skrill. While the casino will take no fees for deposits using this method, some fees may occur at the financial operator. The minimum deposit requirement is $10. 
  • Credit/Debit Cards – Credit and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard or Maestro are hands-down the most popular choice when it comes to making deposits at a casino. There is a $10 minimum deposit requirement and there are no additional fees associated. The only con of credit and debit cards is that transactions can’t be made anonymously. This may affect some players from regions where gambling falls under a grey zone.  
  • Alternative Deposit Methods – If you don’t like any of the options above and you prefer an alternative banking method, Casino Planet also offers players the ability to use Paysafecard. You don’t need a credit card or a bank account to use this system and transactions are completely anonymous. Just like the rest of the deposit methods available, the minimum amount will be $10.  

The Best Casino Planet Deposit Method

All the methods described above can be considered great at any online casino not just at Casino Planet. However, not every one of them will be everybody’s cup of tea. Since players’ tastes and needs are different, you should always use the one that benefits you the most. 

If you are gambling from a region or a country where gambling is completely legal or Casino Planet operates in your jurisdiction, any method is fair game. You would probably prefer credit or debit cards since the transactions are fast and there are no fees involved. 

However, if on the contrary, you are playing from a territory where gambling falls under a grey zone or it’s under the state monopoly, you would probably prefer a more anonymous method like Paysafecard or other E-wallets. Even if the casino doesn’t take any fees for transactions made using these methods, some taxes may still occur at the financial operators. 

Casino Planet Deposits on Mobile

Nowadays our whole lives revolve around smartphones and we use mobile devices throughout the day for almost every single action. The gambling market adapted and almost all online casinos are perfectly optimized to run on both desktop platforms and through mobile apps

What this means is that there is absolutely no difference between making transactions or playing from a desktop computer or from a smartphone. You will be able to make deposits and withdrawals, play your favourite games or claim bonuses

Unfortunately, Casino Planet deposit methods don’t yet include e-wallets. However, this website is quite young and will probably introduce it at a later date. The good news is that players that use mobile wallets on a daily basis will be able to use e-wallets from a mobile device just as easily.

How to Make a Casino Planet Deposit

The process of making a Casino Planet deposit is very simple. In most cases, it can be completed in less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Here is the process step-by-step:

Step 1

Sign up for an account at Casino Planet. You will need to select a username and a password and also provide some information like your email.

Step 2

Log in with the selected user details into your player account.

Step 3

Go to the “Cashier” section from the menu.

Step 4

Check the available deposit methods and pick your preferred one.

Step 5

According to your selection, you will have to follow the instructions. A pop-up or a form of some sort may appear. Credit and debit cards transactions are a bit faster since the process takes place directly on the website. 

Step 6

Confirm your transaction. In less than 10 minutes, your account balance should be updated. If that doesn’t happen in a couple of hours, you can contact the support team and ask for help.

Source of Funds Check and other Events

Casino Planet is a reputable casino committed to offering its players the best possible experience and preventing any fraudulent or criminal activity. That’s why the source of your funds may sometimes be verified to ensure that they come from a legal source. In this process, some papers may be required.

This doesn’t always happen and it is targeted mostly at new accounts. Don’t panic if you are asked to provide proof of income. There is nothing wrong with your account and most likely you are a new player who never made transactions at this casino before.

While it may be annoying this process is very beneficial for everyone in the long run. Most reputable casinos do this and it ultimately provides a safer market for every single player. 

While the process of making a deposit it’s usually fast and simple, there are a couple of things that may happen. This should not panic you as we mention them as just a precaution.

Casino Planet offers quite a lot of currencies since it’s visited by players all around the world. However, it is simply impossible to provide every single currency out there. It’s a good idea to keep your account in one of the offered currencies to eliminate exchange fees. 


While the casino will never take a fee for a deposit, that’s not also true for third parties, which in this case are the banking operators. This is usually not the case for deposits and only occurs for withdrawals, but it’s always better to check twice.

Lastly, check out for bonuses if you know you can complete the wagering requirements. They will help you in the long run by allowing you to play with a bigger balance without actually spending your money.


Being a new player in the huge gambling world can be confusing sometimes, especially when there are so many terms used and so much to learn. Luckily, things are not as complicated as they may seem at first glance.

It’s not hard to make a Casino Planet deposit, claim a bonus and start playing right away. Always remember that if you have any sort of questions, you can contact the customer support team at any time. The Casino Planet team is formed by professionals who will quickly help you solve any problem that may arise. 

June 16, 2021