Betway Responsible Gambling

Betway Responsible Gambling: Play Smart & Safe

By Peter

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Why do Indian gambling enthusiasts choose to spend their time and invest in casino games at Betway? The answer contains plenty of answers, varying from the rich entertaining offer to the trustworthy overall experience. Players love the attention this casino puts into creating the best gambling session for each of them, regardless of their preferences.

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At the same time, casino games fans appreciate the secure gameplay they have at Betway, where their identity and privacy are highly protected. And yes, with so many games, Live casino tables, and plenty of sports and events to wager on, you can have a blast every time. But a top casino like Betway knows how important a safe gambling environment is. The reason why the casino deeply encourages Betway responsible gambling, through many safety measures available on site. Allow us to show you all the important details of a successful and safe gambling session at Betway online casino. 

First Step of Betway Responsible Gambling – Identity Checks

The purpose of ensuring a Betway responsible gambling begins right from the Betway registration process. New members are required to provide personal information (name, date of birth, address, etc) to prove one major aspect – gambling legal age. In order to confirm their identity, and the fact that they are 18 years old or above, all members need to complete the account verification stage. 

Keep in Mind

The mandatory verification process implies submitting a copy of a photo ID (driver’s license, passport or government-issued ID) to verify their age and identity. This way, minors are fully protected against underage gambling.

Every Betway member, throughout their activity online, has access to some self-help tools when unsure about their safe gambling habits. The casino closely assists players to recognize unhealthy traits in their gaming activity, from the beginning.

When in doubt, take the NODS-SA Betway responsible gambling self-test. Available on the online platform of the casino, this is a self-assessment player test, designed to find worrisome traits into your gaming behaviour. Furthermore, if the problem persists, the casino recommends reaching out to one of the most renowned organizations –Gamblers Anonymous 

Full Control Over your Account for Betway Responsible Gambling

One very important aspect that puts a casino on the list of trustworthy gambling platforms comes from the freedom you have in controlling every aspect of your gameplay. And Betway takes all relevant safety measures seriously, deeply understanding their importance.

Proving a Betway responsible gambling, the online casino offers players the possibility to design their gameplay, as follows. 

Setting Deposit Limits

You are in control of your gaming account and the finances you choose to wager at casino games. Set the comfortable deposit limits, for the next desired periods of time:

  • Daily
  • Weekly (Monday to Sunday)
  • Monthly (calendar month)

Don’t forget that it is ok to change your mind. If you want to increase the deposit limits or to simply remove them, this change takes 24 hours to be implemented. Decreasing the deposit limits happens instantly and you can simply resume the gameplay. In case you need additional help with your deposit limits, don’t hesitate to contact Customer Service via email or Live Chat.

Self-Exclusion for up to 30 days

There are moments when players might consider taking a break from gambling, for their own sake. In this case, the Betway responsible gambling policy allows Self-Exclusion for a certain period of time, from 24 hours up to 30 days. During the selected exclusion time, you won’t be having access to your Betway account. 

Indefinite Self-Exclusion

When the problem persists, players have the chance to request an Indefinite Self-Exclusion. Just know that the Betway responsible gambling policy requires a minimum exclusion period of 6 months, during which your account remains closed. Furthermore, your access to any brands managed by Betway Limited is restricted as well. The casino engages in a fair settlement upon request, involving your balance funds, potential withdrawals or unresolved wagering requirements.

Once again, Betway casino allows a change of mind, during the indefinite self-exclusion period. If you decide on coming back and enjoy online gambling in a safe manner, you can contact the Customer Service and request the cancellation of the exclusion. A further analysis of your inquiry can lead to the re-activation of your player account, after a 7 day cooling-off period. 


Although the player is in control of their self-exclusion, please take note that the casino has decision making rights. This means that the casino can block a player’s access if it believes there is a gambling problem.

Activity Statement

Another important self-help tool offered by Betway casino is the Activity Statement. Basically, every player has access to information regarding their gambling activity over a period of 6 months. This contains every detail about their gaming sessions – duration, bet amounts, winnings, losses, the deposits made and all the other financial transactions. Based on this analysis, every player can easily understand the nuance of their gambling behaviour. Nonetheless, this information can be extremely valuable in making the right decision for a safe and healthy gaming experience.


Gambling means fun and entertaining. Glamorous casino games, high stakes and thrilling jackpots waiting to be claimed. Betway knows the importance of such fun times spent on this online platform. Sometimes though, the thrill of betting can push players over the limits of Betway responsible gambling. Nonetheless, the casino promotes a safe gaming environment for every player, putting together all necessary details. 

Have full control over your account, set your deposit limits, take the needed breaks from gambling or request help from a professional organization. Betway is here to attend your every need and ensure the best, most secure and safe gambling platform. This way you can have a worry-free gaming session, from the comfort of your home, only focusing on having the best fun and winning in style.

March 16, 2021