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22Bet Live Casino: Ideal Experience for Thrill Seekers

By Anthony

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22Bet is among the top online casinos which attract players with multiple irresistible features created for any gaming style. The 22Bet Live Casino is one of them, this immersive experience targets gambling fans who are seeking the atmosphere of a real-life casino.

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If you want to feel the thrill and excitement of stepping foot in a real casino, but don’t want to actually leave the comfort of your home, the live casino is the answer. We guarantee you that if you’ve never played a live casino online before, your first time will be unforgettable. Why? Because thanks to the most advanced technology and streaming equipment, you will step into the most immersive universe and be immediately transported into an actual casino. Although you are playing from home, you will take a (virtual) seat at the table next to real dealers in a real casino. 22Bet Live Casino is among the top casinos when it comes to this unique way of playing, and we are going to show you how to make the best of this experience.

22Bet Live Casino: How does it Work?

Modern live casinos use the most recent software technologies to deliver seamless live casino experiences to their players. The purpose of live casinos is to offer you the excitement of a real casino mixed with the advantage of not leaving your home. Live casinos are a quite new addition to the world of online casinos since technological advancement was vital for the development of live gambling. Apart from the 22Bet irresistible welcome bonus, this casino uses live casino to attract players.

22Bet Live Casino works like most other live casinos: they grant you access to a real-life casino through HD live streaming. Users get to see a real dealer filmed while dealing cards, or spinning the roulette wheel in an actual casino. The live stream is delivered with at least 3 HD cameras, each focusing on a unique aspect, the table, the dealer, and the backdrop. HD live streaming is enhanced by high-quality audio to create the perfect atmosphere.

Another important feature designed to recreate the experience of a real-life casino is the players’ ability to communicate live with the dealer and also the other players. Live casinos are interactive, so the dealer reacts to your choices and you can chat with him or her while gambling.

The 22Bet live casino can be accessed both on mobile and on desktop and just as you would in a real casino, you will follow the same rules and place bets and wagers depending on the live game you are playing.

22Bet Live Games

Live casino is a unique experience since it delivers a very immersive atmosphere, but it is just as accessible as a regular online casino. You create your 22Bet account, log in, make a deposit, and start gambling on your favourite casino game or sporting event. Speaking of which, let’s take a look at the most popular live casino games you can play on 22Bet!

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is probably the most popular live casino game and players from all over the world line up to enjoy it straight from home. You can also enjoy the excitement of the live version of Blackjack without leaving your home in India.

When you access the 22Bet live casino section, you will notice multiple live versions of Blackjack you can choose from. Some of them are produced by Netent, while others come from Evolution Gaming.

Both of these are internationally acclaimed gaming software providers.

Below you can see just a few of the live Blackjack titles available to you on 22Bet.

  • Blitz Blackjack
  • Blackjack Diamond
  • Blackjack Gold
  • Blackjack White Gold
  • Blackjack Bronze
  • Blackjack Silver
  • Blackjack VIP

Live Roulette

If you choose to try your luck at a live roulette table, you are going to have a lot of fun. Roulette is known as one of the most fast-paced casino games, so you can imagine how fast the live version will be! Keep in mind that there is a time limit for your bets each round, and once that time is up, the table dealer will spin the wheel.

Stay on your toes when you play live roulette on 22Bet to make sure you don’t miss your turn to bet. There are a few different versions of live roulette you can choose from, some of them produced by Netent and some of them created by Evolution GamingThese are a few of the titles you will find in the Live Casino section:

  • Auto Roulette
  • Roulette VIP
  • Auto Roulette VIP Rapid
  • Auto Roulette Live Classic

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a simple game that you can enjoy from home on the 22Bet Live Casino section. The customized platform allows you to explore multiple versions of the game, so you will certainly find the right version for you!

The several versions of Live Baccarat you can try on 22Bet are produced by the same game-software manufacturers: Netent and Evolution Gaming.

Hold’em Poker

You can play this classic poker game in the 22Bet Live Casino section to enjoy a high-quality experience. If you test your skill and luck with the Hold’em Poker available on 22Bet you will battle real dealers and real players for some amazing prizes.

The Casino Hold’em Poker is produced by Evolution Gaming and it delivers amazing features. The games produced by Evolution Gaming make your experience as real as it can be through live streams.

We suggest you try it yourself to see how amazing this simulation of a real-life casino can be.
Now you are sure to have a general idea of what to expect. However, note that you can only engage in live online casinos play for real money. Therefore, it’s better to set your budget beforehand and double-check that the internet connection is stable.

How to Play 22Bet Live Casino Online?

To make the best of this unique experience, you should know how to adapt your gaming style to the world of live casinos. Be aware that playing live is a bit more challenging and you may be overwhelmed by the immersive atmosphere and lose concentration. To prevent any issue, here are a few tips you should be aware of before starting your live casino adventure!

The first step is to have a valid 22Bet account, without being logged in you can’t access the live casino section. Once you have an account, you can start placing bets on your favourite live casino games.

22Bet offers its players an interactive chat box that allows them to communicate with the dealer and the other opponents. You can type in your comments or questions in the chat and the dealer will get back to you with an answer. Interactivity is one of the most attractive aspects of playing live, so make the best of this opportunity!

You will notice that live casino tables look exactly like the ones in a brick-and-mortar casino and they function the same way. Patiently wait for your turn to bet and don’t rush it.

Pay attention to the dealer and the cards he draws or how he spins the roulette wheel to see if you won. Other than these simple tips, all you need to know when you play live casino is to enjoy yourself. Have fun, enjoy the atmosphere, and make the best of your luck. Live casinos will

22Bet Live Dealer Mobile Casino

When you play live casinos online you are not required to use a laptop or computer. You can easily enjoy the 22Bet live casino directly on your smartphone. 22Bet is mobile-optimized so it offers a version of the site that automatically adjusts to the size of your screen.

This means you will enjoy the same high-quality gambling wherever you are. Indian players can safely access this casino on their phones or tablets and play live casino games. You can play any live casino game from home, even if you have an Android or iOS phone.

What’s more, you don’t need to do anything to get this flawless and convenient experience. Simply access the 22Bet site and the platform will automatically adjust to match your device. Try your hand with poker, roulette, baccarat, or Blackjack.


To enjoy the 22Bet Live casino experience, simply log into your account and select your favourite game from their diverse offer. You can explore the world of live poker, roulette, baccarat, or blackjack and experience the thrill of online gambling. Take your playing style to the next level and benefit from the amazing features from 22Bet!

September 10, 2020